MCU Rumor Round-Up: X-MEN MCU Debut; Wong BRAVE NEW WORLD Cameo Update; SCARLET WITCH Movie, And More

MCU Rumor Round-Up: X-MEN MCU Debut; Wong BRAVE NEW WORLD Cameo Update; SCARLET WITCH Movie, And More MCU Rumor Round-Up: X-MEN MCU Debut; Wong BRAVE NEW WORLD Cameo Update; SCARLET WITCH Movie, And More

In this latest round-up of Marvel Cinematic Universe rumors, we have possible updates on projects such as Wonder Man, Captain America: Brave New World, X-Men, and more...

By MarkCassidy - Jun 10, 2024 11:06 PM EST
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We have another round of Marvel Cinematic Universe-related rumors here, with (possible) updates on the X-Men reboot, Disney+'s Wonder Man series, the still not officially-announced Scarlet Witch solo movie, and more.

We'll start with an update on a rumor that did the rounds last week after the Atlanta Filming Instagram page shared a photo of Doctor Strange actor Benedict Wong with the caption "why would a sorcerer be in Cap 4?"

As you might expect, this morphed into a rumor that Wong was set to make an appearance in Captain America: Brave New World, but it seems the 3 Body Problem actor was simply in town filming a different project while the MCU movie was undergoing reshoots.

"Yes, he is in town," the photographer clarified in a new post. "People have seen him walking around midtown. But, whether or not he sorcery-ing or not you will have to wait to find out. He is filming another project, but that doesn't mean he is or isn't filming for Cap4. If you want to imagine a plot with him or without him that's cool with me. But, I am not going to tell you you are right or... (you know this joke was coming)... wong."

Scooper MTTSH also weighed in with the following:

Next up, My Cosmic Circus has heard that the X-Men will not make their MCU debut until after Avengers: Secret Wars. If accurate, this would contradict previous reports that the mutant heroes would be a part of the massive event movie. The site adds that the reason the team will be introduced post-Secret Wars "will be explained in Deadpool and Wolverine."

There have been whispers of a Scarlet Witch movie for a while now, although we still haven't heard anything official. My Cosmic Circus believes the project is definitely happening, but is "still very early in the conceptual stage, since they’re trying to figure out the story."

Finally, in their report on Yahya Abdul-Mateen II starring in a new Man On Fire series, Deadline mentions that the planned Disney+ Wonder Man series - which is still very much in-development - will run for 10 episodes. Not exactly a rumor given the source, but a smaller update that didn't really warrant a full article!

What do you make of this latest round of MCU rumors? Be sure to drop us a comment down below.

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Malatrova15 - 6/11/2024, 12:13 AM
Jonathan majors bros we so back!
DocSpock - 6/11/2024, 12:36 AM
@Malatrova15 -

Do you pray to the dead ghost of O.J. Simpson before you go to bed?

Malatrova15 - 6/11/2024, 1:27 AM
@DocSpock - OJ is dead?!!!?
DocSpock - 6/11/2024, 10:16 AM
@Malatrova15 -

LOL! Yes. Deader than Jon Majors' career.
McMurdo - 6/11/2024, 12:32 AM
Dead franchise
WruceBayne - 6/11/2024, 12:51 AM
I know it says “Still in development” and we even have an episode count but I don’t think the Wonder Man series will ever see the light of day.
McMurdo - 6/11/2024, 1:09 AM
@WruceBayne - if it sees the light of day we all know it's going to be a miscarriage. Insensitive? Yes. True? Yes.
TheVisionary25 - 6/11/2024, 1:36 AM
@WruceBayne - they finished shooting it in April so unless they pull a WBD and scrap it for a tax write off , I think it’s happening.
WruceBayne - 6/11/2024, 10:47 AM
@TheVisionary25 - there’s just been zero advertising for it. But then again, there’s been zero advertising for Iron Heart and that’s still happening. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see if I’m wrong or not
TheRationalNerd - 6/11/2024, 1:30 AM
Totally fine with Wong sitting that one out. I feel like they've been going overboard with the Wong hype.
DarthOmega - 6/11/2024, 1:55 AM
@TheRationalNerd - He was a little on the "Fetch" side

User Comment Image

He wa aiight in small doses tho.
NathanielX - 6/11/2024, 2:17 AM
@TheRationalNerd - They tried too hard to avoid the manservant trope by The way of making him his equal, that he is just Doc Strange's Luigi, he just doesnt add something new.
grouch - 6/11/2024, 1:54 AM
taiki is a horrendous "director".
TheVisionary25 - 6/11/2024, 2:01 AM
As much as I like Wong , I’m glad he’s seemingly not in Brave New World since they have said it’s a relatively grounded action film akin to TWS (atleast as much as a movie with The Leader and Red Hulk can be) which is partly the reason I’m looking forward to it!!.

In regards to the X-Men , I’m fully expecting the MCU versions to be properly introduced post Secret Wars in which they soft reboot the universe so it looks like the FF and then have always been here.

Also Yahya doing a tv adaptation of Man on Fire is interesting , it’s a tough act to follow in Denzel’s footsteps but I think he could pull it off (I enjoyed the movie)…

User Comment Image

Plus , I think there’s 5 books in total so you can get some seasons out of it too.
Apophis71 - 6/11/2024, 10:03 AM
@TheVisionary25 - An end credit or small cameo of Wong could make sense for setting up Avengers 5 (warning Sam of what is coming in a conference call with others who will be part of the Avengers team for example) but truly being part of the narrative of Cap4 never sounded plausible unless only to bring abomination into the film alongside all the other Hulk type characters we were supposed to be getting.

The NEW recast Xmen team and other assorted rebooted mutants were never likely to turn up till the next saga, that doesn't negate a FoxMen one being in Secret Wars or an Xmen film with Fox mutants where Monica ended up before Avengers 6 but we'll see.
bkmeijer1 - 6/11/2024, 2:05 AM
Wong showing up everywhere as this Saga's Couldon has my stamp of approval. X-Men showing up before or in Secret Wars and a Scarlet Witch movie though? Not so much, since I don't think it's necessary
AnthonyVonGeek - 6/11/2024, 2:31 AM
I guess this will have to do until after Secret Wars is released.
User Comment Image
McMurdo - 6/11/2024, 4:09 AM
@AnthonyVonGeek - lol
ObserverIO - 6/11/2024, 5:19 AM
What if the Scarlet Witch movie is a reboot?
CorndogBurglar - 6/11/2024, 6:39 AM
There was already a Scarlet Witch movie. It's called Dr Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness.
clintthahamster - 6/11/2024, 8:32 AM
Just putting potential spoilers right there in the headline, eh? Cool cool cool.

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