THOR And PUNISHER: WAR ZONE Star Ray Stevenson Has Died Aged 58

THOR And PUNISHER: WAR ZONE Star Ray Stevenson Has Died Aged 58

We have some devastating news to share with you as it's been confirmed that Thor star Ray Stevenson has passed away at the age of only 58. This story is still developing, but here's everything we know so far.

By JoshWilding - May 22, 2023 01:05 PM EST
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Source: Variety

Variety is reporting that Irish actor Ray Stevenson has passed away at the age of 58. The news was confirmed by his publicist, though no information about his cause of death has been officially released at this time. 

However, the Italian newspaper La Repubblica claims he had been hospitalized on the island of Ischia while in production on the film Cassino in Ischia, directed by Frank Ciota. It's unclear whether Stevenson suffered an accident while working or if his death was a result of illness. 

Many of you will, of course, know him best for his contributions to the Marvel Universe. The actor played Frank Castle in 2008's Punisher: War Zone before joining the MCU as Volstagg. The latter is a role he took on in Thor, Thor: The Dark World and, briefly, in Thor: Ragnarok. Stevenson won a legion of fans thanks to those projects and was easily the standout member of The Warriors Three. 

He also took a trip into a Galaxy Far, Far Away as Gar Saxon in Star Wars Rebels and The Clone Wars before landing a live-action role in this August's Ahsoka. In that series, Stevenson plays a mysterious lightsaber-wielding villain called Baylon and he was at Star Wars Celebration last month to hype the show up alongside his fellow cast members.

Stevenson began his career in the 1990s and broke into Hollywood in the 2000s.

His first major movie role was in King Arthur, though we're sure you'll also remember him from memorable turns in G.I. Joe: Retaliation, the Divergent franchise, and RRR. On the small screen, Stevenson starred in Rome, Dexter, and Black Sails, among others.

In terms of upcoming projects, 1242: Gateway to the West is in post-production, while the aforementioned Cassino in Ischia is still shooting. 

A major talent has been lost with Stevenson's passing and our thoughts go out to his family at this difficult time. 

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santoanderson - 5/22/2023, 1:45 PM
Damn. That’s a shock. RIP.
LilJimmy - 5/22/2023, 1:47 PM
I wont believe it until it is on TMZ
Ha1frican - 5/22/2023, 1:47 PM
Damn that’s so sad, always seemed like a chill and passionate guy. Rest in peace
McGee - 5/22/2023, 1:49 PM
What the f*ck??? 😲

CorndogBurglar - 5/22/2023, 10:18 PM
@McGee - McGee??? What the [frick]!!! Where have you been?
ComicBandit - 5/24/2023, 8:30 AM
@McGee - That was my initial reaction.
THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 5/22/2023, 1:49 PM
3 days before his birthday. Very sad. Rest in peace.
GhostDog - 5/22/2023, 1:49 PM
Rest well. He was great in Vikings as well.
BR74 - 5/22/2023, 2:07 PM
@GhostDog - And Rome too. Terrible news. A talented guy. RIP.
TheNewYorker - 5/22/2023, 5:32 PM
@BR74 - he was great as Titus Pullo in Rome.
Kadara - 5/22/2023, 9:38 PM
@TheNewYorker - And in Dexter.
URCOMMENTSUCKS - 5/22/2023, 1:51 PM
RIP, great actor.
Godzilla2000Zer - 5/22/2023, 1:52 PM
[frick] that's horrible RIP
SouthernNeo - 5/22/2023, 1:52 PM
I was shocked & saddened to see this. I loved his Frank Castle/Punisher and he was great in his other roles. RIP.
AnthonyVonGeek - 5/22/2023, 1:52 PM
RIP good sir.
Condolences to his family and close friends.
This truly sucks I really liked him.
TheHumanSpider2 - 5/22/2023, 1:54 PM
Also, one of the few (maybe the only one) highlights of Dexter post-season 4.

thedrudo - 5/22/2023, 2:10 PM
@TheHumanSpider2 - Yeah. Season 5 was mixed but the first half of the season with Ray is awesome.
Origame - 5/22/2023, 3:02 PM
@TheHumanSpider2 - he did really good there. RIP
Origame - 5/22/2023, 3:02 PM
@thedrudo - ray was in season 7.
Doomsday8888 - 5/22/2023, 1:54 PM
Oh my God...

So young!

I was really looking forward to watch him in Ahsoka, was so hyped, hoped that would give him the kinda break i think he deserved, always enjoyed him as an actor.
DocSpock - 5/22/2023, 1:57 PM

This really sucks. he was a very good actor.

My condolences to his family. No one should die so young.


CoHost - 5/22/2023, 1:58 PM
I never get sad over celebrity deaths like so many people do.

But this... this is horrible. RIP
ThePott - 5/22/2023, 1:59 PM
I know it's not the popular opinion but Punisher War Zone is the tits!

Jacory - 5/22/2023, 6:15 PM
@ThePott - Not my favorite punisher movie, but it was entertaining, and he was great as Punisher.
CorndogBurglar - 5/22/2023, 10:21 PM
@ThePott - So, I thought Warzone was awful. It was gory, but it was the wrong kind of gore. It was funny gore.

But I loved Stevenson as The Punisher. He looked perfect in the role. He's still my favorite Punisher actor.
Superspecialawesomeguy - 5/22/2023, 2:00 PM
Damn bro this came out of nowhere, he was such a fun actor to watch as well R.I.P.

dracula - 5/22/2023, 2:28 PM
@Superspecialawesomeguy - he has a decent amount of cool characters

problem is they are mostly in bad movies, or the movies waste him.

With some better projects he could have been a big character actor like Ron Perlman and Bruce Campbell

hell he would have been a good replacement for ron perlman as hellboy
TheWalkingCuban - 5/22/2023, 3:08 PM
@dracula - I was reading this comment and thinking he should have been in Sons of Anarchy and then you mentioned Ron Perlman, we definitely agree. His projects could’ve been better. I don’t think he was the problem so much, but I will still say, Tom Jane provided the best acting for a punisher, tho ray certainly had to look.
DrReedRichards - 5/22/2023, 2:02 PM
Rest in peace, Captain.

MaxPaint - 5/22/2023, 2:09 PM
@DrReedRichards - That's one of my favorite shows of all time, peace to his soul.
dracula - 5/22/2023, 2:30 PM
@DrReedRichards - whats that from?
DrReedRichards - 5/22/2023, 2:59 PM
@MaxPaint -

I absolutely adore it. Performances, set design, lore, plot, soundtrack... It got everything just right.
DrReedRichards - 5/22/2023, 2:59 PM
@dracula -

Black Sails, he played Blackbeard in the later seasons.
B89 - 5/22/2023, 8:00 PM
@DrReedRichards - Great show, and great actor. RIP
Rosraf - 5/22/2023, 8:11 PM
@MaxPaint - Never watched it. But just added to my list.
DrReedRichards - 5/22/2023, 8:13 PM
@B89 -

Kadara - 5/22/2023, 9:42 PM
@DrReedRichards - Black Sails is so underrated.
DrReedRichards - 5/22/2023, 9:59 PM
@Kadara -

Agreed, my friend. Good to see it getting so much love here, even if it is for such a sorrowful reason. Stevenson's Teach was one of the character's best portrayals on screen.

B89 - 5/22/2023, 10:21 PM
@DrReedRichards - Nicely done, brings back some memories.
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