HAVEN'S END Exclusive Interview: Lead Actress Catherine Taber Discusses The Apocalyptic Thriller

We recently spoke with prominent voice actress Catherine Taber about her expansive Star Wars career, and we also learned about her starring role in the live-action apocalyptic thriller Haven's End.

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Catherine Taber (Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Avengers Assemble) is an actress who has appeared in both animated and live-action projects. However, she is arguably best known known for her voice acting work, especially throughout her extensive Star Wars career as Padme and Leia in popular projects like The Force Unleashed, Clone Wars, Knights of the Old Republic.

Taber is looking to balance her voice acting and live-action work a bit more, and recently lead a cast in an apocalyptic sci-fi thriller called Haven's End. In the film, she plays a trauma doctor who leaves Atlanta when the world ends to escape to her family's property, leading to more mayhem.

The actress spoke with us about many things, but she seems to be very excited about the film, and she admits that it is indeed her biggest role yet. Catherine also talks about the stunt aspect of Haven's End's live-action work and makes multiple comparisons to The Walking Dead.

Listen to Taber speak exclusively with us using the podcast player below. We have also included the transcript of our discussion with the actress about Haven's End alongside our other recent chats.

"Haven's End is in the vein of the classic apocalyptic, the world is ending, something has happened, and what do you do? And it has taken on even more relevance with the stuff that's been happening within our world today. But in the sense of many the things that I've loved growing up, like The Walking Dead. The world is ending, where do you go? Who do you go with? What do you do? And my character is a trauma doctor in Atlanta and leaves the city when it becomes apparent that that's the best thing to do and goes to some land that her family has had. And then, while there, mayhem ensues.

I've been in a lot of stuff on camera wise, but I would say that, although this is not the biggest project, as far as Hollywood would be concerned, it's definitely my biggest role. And I got to do stunts and all that kind of stuff that I have dreamt about doing, and it's apocalyptic, so it was really cool. It's the first time that I've ever gotten to do something science fiction with the live-action. And that's my jam. I think the stunt aspect was new, but again, the kind of thing that I dreamt about when I was a little girl; running around, you're being chased by bad guys, and so to get to do that was amazing. But we did have really great stunt coordinators and weapon coordinators, and I've been shooting since I was a little kid, but I'm not that great. And I hadn't shot like the kind of guns we were using here. So the training that we had before the scenes, trying to get that stuff to look as natural as possible was definitely exciting for me, and leading the cast."

For those who enjoyed what Taber has to say, we have also included three more of our chats about her role as Padme in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, along with her comments on voicing Penelo in Final Fantasy XII and feelings about playing Mission in Knights of the Old Republic in the audio clips below.



Be sure to check out the trailer and synopsis for Taber's recently released film, Haven's End, a live-action sci-fi movie in which she leads the cast. And as always, be sure to share your thoughts in the usual spot!

Major cities across the globe are under attack. A surgeon and her friends flee Atlanta to her family property in the countryside of south Georgia. They arrive to discover her estranged brother and his girlfriend already holed up on the land. As they try to figure out how to work together to survive, strange lights and unusual activity in the surrounding forest lead them to believe they are not alone.

Haven's End is now available on DVD and Digital.

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