Bob Garlen Presents... My Pitch for "STAR TREK IV: THE UNKNOWN" Synopsis and Fancast

My take on the Fourth film of the Kelvin Timeline films developed by J.J. Abrams, featuring a revamped look at original Trek Characters that deserve a resurgence in the films

Fan Fic Opinion

During a Diplomatic Mission on the Federations Behalf on the planet Nimbus III, the Enterprise is attacked by Klingon Command – Commander Kruge, while his soldiers attack Kirk and Spock – who are brokering peace on Nimbus III. Kirk and Spock escape and are beamed aboard the enterprise – only for Chang to fire on the Enterprise resulting in the death of Chekov, something Kirk takes personally. The Enterprise escapes the conflict leaving behind a Photon Bomb that disables Chang’s Klingon War Bird marooning him on Nimbus III.

3 Months Later, Kirk drowns his sorrows in alcohol, causing Starfleet to lose faith with him. He’s approached by Carol Marcus attempting to help but also so she can tell him she’s pregnant – to which a Drunk Kirk passes out before hearing.

On Vulcan an Insurgent is captured in the temple of Sha-Ka-Ree and brought before the High Council, he then takes the Council, and its leader – Selek, Hostage. The Insurgent forces Selek to give up a relic revealing coordinates to another temple. The Insurgent forces Selek to send a distress signal to Starfleet, attracting a Star Ship. Selek refuses until he sees a massive group of Insurgents following the leader holding him hostage. The Leader states refusal would be “Illogical.”

Starfleet command receives the distress signal, and requests that the Enterprise respond to the signal, while also being provided an additional Medical Officer with Carol Marcus, Ensign Jaylah, and a new Security chief in the from of Willard Decker. With all crew positions filled among the traditional Bridge Crew, the Enterprise leaps off for New Vulcan.

Arriving to New Vulcan they begin radio frequencies with the Insurgent who reveals himself as Sybok, an outcast Vulcan. The threat of facing Sybok worries Spock, when Kirk pushes Spock for an answer, Uhura questions if he was warned by Ambassador Spock of him, Spock replies “He did not have to.” And begins negotiations for a cease fire. Sybok forces Spock to beam down to the planet so they meet face to face, while Kirk, Deckard, and Bones lead an away mission to rescue the council.

During the away mission Spock and Sybok argue, philosophizing over Sha-Ka-Ree, Spock insists the hunting of such fables is dangerous and illogical, Sybok argues it’s the opposite. Meanwhile Kirk and the away team get captured by the Insurgents. Sybok uses their safety to leverage his terms and forces Spock to beam him aboard the Enterprise allowing Sybok to take it over, by offering those suffering “Freedom from their pain”

Kirk, Spock, Bones, and Deckard are captured, while Jaylah escapes and with the help of Scotty jailbreak the captured crew. Kirk and company make their way back to the Bridge to face Sybok, who instead forces them to face their pain – Kirk battles his guilt over Chekov, refusing to confront it, as he “Needs his pain” so he never forgets his crew’s sacrifice – Spock battles the Guilt he has over losing his mother, but fights back saying he isn’t the angry child that lost his mother, but someone who’s lived on to honor her memory by being in Starfleet – Bones faces the death of his father and accepts the choice he made in ending his Father’s life despite a cure being found days later – Decker is forced to understand the shadows he chases in search for greatness and ignoring the role he plays in a team.

Upon their revelations Kirk is brought to Nimbus III per the coordinates of the Artifact. Sybok, along with Kirk and Spock beam down to the surface and search for a hidden temple, where Commander Kruge has re-established a new Klingon society on Nimbus III. The three Battle the Klingon forces, so that Sybok can extract an Amulet of the Sha-Ka-Ree priest – a device that allows one to channel the greater power of Sha-Ka-Ree to whomever possess it. Kruge sends his soldiers after Kirk and the away party, leading to a firefight on Nimbus III, and seeing Kirk kill Kruge, avenging Chekov’s death, Kirk only feels worse for his actions and the away party are returned to the Enterprise.

Returning to the Enterprise Sybok instructs Sulu to take them to the great barrier. Kirk and crew are imprisoned again, this time under Sybok’s guidance. Sybok begins to feel annoyed at Spock’s rejection – forcing Spock to reveal their shared parentage. Spock explains the artifact Sybok used to find the amulet belonged to a Vulcan Princess, Sybok’s mother who willed it to Sarek and upon his passing it was willed to his brother Selek. The revelation taunts Sybok as he speaks highly of Spock’s mother and her encouragement for him to explore his feelings as he wished, rather than the nomadic way Vulcan insisted. They share an appreciation over Spock’s mother.

As they arrive to the great barrier, Spock please Sybok to listen to Logic, and allow himself to be turned in. Sybok refuses as they’re at the cusp of greater discovery, telling Spock they shall truly live up to the federation’s motto to “Boldly go where none have gone before.”

            They arrive to the great barrier, Sybok orders his insurgents to take the ship Beyond the barrier and as they pass it – they find a planet. Sybok readies himself to beam down – Kirk refuses. Insisting He, Spock, Bones, and Decker join the boarding party, Sybok agrees. They Arrive to the planet’s surface, Sybok places the amulet on his chest. They watch in astonishment as a temple forms in front of them.

            They journey down to discover a frail Old Man, whom Sybok mistakes for Sha-Ka-Ree. The Old Man questions how they made it, Sybok approaches him explaining his journey and how he came beyond the barrier, Sybok closes the distance, the Old Man backs up once he notices the Roden-Amulet. Sybok grabs the Old Man killing him and absorbing his power into the Amulet. Kirk and Spock attempt to dissuade Sybok. Sybok attacks them for ‘Not believing in a real God.’

Kirk and company escape the temple, Sybok pursues them, toying with them. They fire phasers at Sybok as they rise to the surface, with no effect. Sybok sends bolts of energy through Kirk and Bones. Decker leaps in front of Spock taking a bolt of energy. Bones helps Kirk up, they help Deckar. Spock looks to Kirk, communicates with the Enterprise, ordering them to beam Kirk, Decker, and Bones aboard. Spock approaches Sybok attempting to reason with him. They mind meld with each other, the power shoots Spock back, injuring him. Spock communes with the Enterprise, telling them to stop Sybok they must destroy the Roden Amulet.

Kirk orders the Enterprise to focus phasers and weapons on the Roden Amulet, Spock takes cover, and the Enterprise blasts Sybok – Sybok retaliates by shooting energy at the Enterprise. Spock uses the Nerve Pinch to break Sybok’s focus, the Amulet shatters, Energy waves echo – injuring both Sybok and Spock. Spock stands, in better shape. Sybok sits unable to stop. He attempts to strangle his Spock. Spock disarms him and apologizes. Spock tells Sybok he loves him and breaks his neck. Spock collapses.

Spock wakes in the infirmary surrounded by the Crew. Kirk asks Spock how he’s doing. Spock comments he needs to visit New Vulcan. On New Vulcan, Spock carries the body of his brother to the Katric Arc, insisting on a proper burial. Spock leaves – Selek watches over him as he leaves.

In Kirk’s quarters, Carol tells Kirk she is pregnant with his child. Kirk asks if she knows what it is, and she tells him it’s a boy. Kirk insists he wants to be apart of the child’s life. Kirk asks’ Carol if she thought of any names for the baby, Carol responds with the name David, Kirk asks if he can suggest a middle name, and it’s decided their child will be named “David Pavel Kirk.”

The crew assembles in full, Marcus and Decker now apart of the crew. The Enterprise sets out on her continuing mission to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and civilizations, going where no one has gone before.

Returning Crew Members

Michael Giacchino – Composer

Simon Pegg – Screenwriter

Doug Jung – Screenwriter

Justin Lin - Director

JJ Abrams – Producer

Alex Kurtzman – Producer

Roberto Orci – Producer

            Having this crew return for a fourth Trek Film is Logical. Together they’ve crafted the Kelvin Timeline Films and have really redefined Star Trek. After Beyond, there’s really no other director I want than Justin Lin, he took the best of classic Trek and New Trek to craft a perfectly exciting, entertaining, and overall thrilling film. With a story dealing with both Chekov’s death and the looming personal threat of Sybok would allow Lin to tell a much deeper and emotional story fitting of a more Classic Trek Edge. There’s no doubt this crew can continue to redefine and continue the thrilling adventures of the Enterprise Crew.

Returning Cast Members

Chris Pine – Captain James T. Kirk

Zachary Quinto – Spock

Karl Urban – Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy

Zoe Saldana – Nyota Uhura

Simon Pegg – Montgomery “Scotty” Scott

Alice Eve – Carol Marcus

John Cho – Hikaru Sulu

Deep Roy - Keenser

Sofia Boutella - Jaylah

            This cast is a perfect modern rendition of the Enterprise. Not one performer would I switch out. They are in-tune with their roles and are all perfectly fun. Pine continues to become an exceptional Captain Kirk, and as always Quinto was born to play Spock. All together for a Fourth Trek Film, this cast is absolutely necessary, and while it is unfortunate Anton Yelchin can’t be a part of this cast, adding his character’s demise absolutely serves his absence in a meaningful and honorable way. 

Lt. Will Decker [Height: 6’ 0”, Age: Early 30’s]: A new recruit to the enterprise, taking over Mr. Chekov’s position. He’s an admirer of Captain Kirk, and has been inspired by Kirk to Join Starfleet and hopes to one day become Captain of the Enterprise.

            Nicholas Hoult [Height: 6’ 3”, Age: 30, Notable Works: Warm Bodies, X-Men {Franchise}, Tolkien]: Hoult is one of the few truly rising stars in Hollywood, and after his lengthy reign as Beast in Fox’s X-Men films, it’s time to see him explore new and interesting roles. A role like Decker is a loosely defined role, but with some footing in existing Star Trek lore, perfect for an actor as dynamic and intense as Hoult. With the benefit of the Kelvin timeline it allows an actor like Hoult to step into the role and make is something wholly unique and fitting of the rebooted Star Trek Franchise. 

Selek [Height: 6’ 0”, Age: 100’s]: Brother of Sarek, Uncle to both Spock and Sybok. Upon Sarek’s death he inherited a Vulcan artifact that once belonged to a Vulcan Princess, as well as serving his brother’s place on the High Council on New Vulcan. (Note: The image used for Selek is an image of Sarek from Star Trek The Original Series, as The only known image of Selek – which was an alias used by Spock in the Animated Series – was a cartoon image and didn’t fit the tone of this cast)

            Stephen Dillane [Height: 6’ 0”, Age: 63, Notable Works: The Greatest Game Ever Played, Game of Thrones, Darkest Hour]: Dillane is a wonderful actor and is someone who’s rise to prominence through Game of Thrones hasn’t really been explored. He’s proven to be an intense and versatile actor fitting for the Star Trek Franchise. Taking a new role like this would give him some room to make it his own but also work within the tradition of Star Trek’s characters. 

Commander Kruge [Height: 5’ 10”, Age: N/A]: A Klingon Commander intent on seeing a war spark between the Federation and the Klingon Empire. He takes an opportunity to attack Kirk, which results in his marooning and the death of Pavel Chekov.

            Michael Shannon [Height: 6’ 3”, Age: 46, Notable Works: Man of Steel, The Shape of Water, Knives Out]: Michael Shannon is an unparralled actor, his work is strong and fueled by tension and intensity. Putting him in a role like Kruge is entirely fitting of Shannon’s talent. Look no further than his rendition of General Zod for why he works so excellently in the role. He’s got the right voice and screen presence to match the power brought by Christopher Lloyd’s rendition. 

Sybok [Height: 6’ 1”, Age: Mid 40’s]: Spock’s elder brother. A Full-Blooded Vulcan who was shunned after refusing to complete Kulinar and sought out knowledge based on emotion rather than logic. He was obsessed with an ancient Vulcan deity Sha-Ka-Ree, whom he believed represented all gods. After Vulcan’s destruction a hole formed in Sybok’s heart, causing him to seek out Sha-Ka-Ree to restore what was once destroyed by the war criminal Romulan: Nero.

            Lee Pace [Height: 6’ 5”, Age: 41, Notable Works: The Hobbit {Trilogy}, Guardians of the Galaxy, Halt and Catch Fire]: To be Perfectly honest, I love Lee as an actor and when it came to casting Sybok he was the only choice. He is a wonderful actor and his work has perfectly demonstrated why he fits this role so well. He has that level of intensity, strength, and emotion to do everything Lawrence Luckinbill did with Sybok and fit it in the Kelvin timeline. He has so much of that energy that Quinto carries as Spock that to cast anyone else in the role of Sybok would be Illogical. 

The Elder/Sha-Ka-Ree [Height: N/A, Age: N/A]: An Ancient being of immense power, desperate to break free of the great barrier and wreak havoc across the galaxy. His rage is particularly potent for anyone of the “Collective” the Powerful interdimensional beings responsible for his imprisonment. Once he is greeted by Sybok he is excited then terrified once he sees the device Sybok wields, a “Roden Amulet” capable of drawing out his abilities, leaving him fragile and mortal.

            Gary Oldman [Height: 5’ 9”, Age: 62, Notable Works: Bram Stoker’s Dracula, The Fifth Element, Darkest Hour]: Gary Oldman, the most versatile actor to ever grace the screen. Few actors have carried the dramatic portfolio with such expertise as Oldman. Any film or show to feature Oldman is instantly better because of it. He’s an actor who’s wanted by just about any film production, so putting him in Star Trek would be a no brainer. He could carry this role with the level of vulnerability and menace as I Imagine it. 

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