TRON: ARES Set Video Features First Look At MORBIUS Star Jared Leto Without His Helmet

TRON: ARES Set Video Features First Look At MORBIUS Star Jared Leto Without His Helmet TRON: ARES Set Video Features First Look At MORBIUS Star Jared Leto Without His Helmet

Disney's TRON: Ares is currently filming in Vancouver, and a video from the set gives us a first glimpse of star Jared Leto as the titular program without his helmet...

By MarkCassidy - Mar 12, 2024 09:03 AM EST
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A third TRON movie finally entered production last month after being in and out of development for almost a decade, and Disney recently unveiled an official promo image featuring the titular Program (Jared Leto) in his red light-suit.

Cameras are currently rolling in Vancouver, Canada, and a video from the sequel's set gives us a first glimpse of Leto preparing to shoot a scene without his helmet.

The Morbius and Blade Runner 2049 actor stars as "a highly sophisticated Program, Ares, who is sent from the digital world into the real world on a dangerous mission, marking humankind’s first encounter with A.I. beings."

This marks a major departure from the previous movies, which took place almost entirely in the digital world of the Tron arcade game known as The Grid.

Check out the footage at the link below.

TRON: Ares will also star Greta Lee, Evan Peters, Hasan Minhaj, Jodie Turner-Smith, Arturo Castro, Cameron Monaghan, with Gillian Anderson. No details on their characters were provided in the recent press release.

Leto will also produce along with Sean Bailey, Jeffrey Silver, Justin Springer, Emma Ludbrook and Steven Lisberger, with Russell Allen on board as executive producer.

“I’m excited to be part of the TRON franchise and bring this new film to fans around the world," director Joachim Rønning said in a statement. "TRON: Ares builds upon the legacy of cutting-edge design, technology and storytelling. Now more than ever, it feels like the right time to return to the Grid.”

Ares is being marketed as a follow-up to 2010's TRON: Legacy, but we don't know if it'll be a direct sequel or more of a relaunch of the franchise. Joseph Kosinski's movie was not particularly successful at the box office and drew mixed reviews from critics, but it developed a loyal following over the years, and fans have been clamouring for a third film for quite some time.

Previous reports have indicated that some or all of the cast of Legacy (Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde) might reprise their roles, but if any of them are involved, we've yet to hear anything official.

Rønning previously directed Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, and co-directed Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales with Espen Sandberg. He recently completed filming on the Daisy Ridley feature Young Woman and the Sea.

The movie hasn't been given an exact release date, but it is currently on track to hit theaters at some point next year.

Flynn Will Return For TRON: ARES As Jeff Bridges Confirms His Involvement In Franchise Continuation

Flynn Will Return For TRON: ARES As Jeff Bridges Confirms His Involvement In Franchise Continuation

TRON: ARES Set Video Reveals New Look At SUICIDE SQUAD Star Jared Leto In A Practical Light Suit
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TRON: ARES Set Video Reveals New Look At SUICIDE SQUAD Star Jared Leto In A Practical Light Suit

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AscendedExtra - 3/12/2024, 9:26 AM
No Jeff Bridges, no interest.
bobevanz - 3/12/2024, 9:28 AM
@AscendedExtra - there are many reasons to avoid this lol
Reginator - 3/12/2024, 9:27 AM
I watched the original Tron in the theater on opening weekend. Amazing for its time. Have not watched any of the later movies. Just couldn't bring my interest back.
AscendedExtra - 3/12/2024, 9:31 AM
@Reginator - IMO Tron Legacy was fun. Jeff Bridges as sort of zen master Obi-Wan figure was very fitting. Hedlund & Wilde did alright, too.
Matchesz - 3/12/2024, 9:29 AM
How does this guy keep getting roles
Amino - 3/12/2024, 9:35 AM
@Matchesz - I like to imagine he has the same type of dirt on higher-ups that Kathleen Kennedy has..
lazlodaytona - 3/12/2024, 9:46 AM
@Matchesz - Leto is a tremendous actor. It's sad that people think he's terrible just because of 2 films. Look at a lot of his low-key, indie-type flicks. He's really good.
SpiderParker - 3/12/2024, 9:52 AM
@Matchesz - Maybe cause a actor's career is not defined by 2 or 3 shitty projects they were attached with? I mean how does anyone associated with DCEU keep getting roles? Perhaps, its not the actors fault, huh?
mountainman - 3/12/2024, 10:38 AM
@lazlodaytona - It’s as if these people have not seen Requiem for a Dream, Dallas Buyers Club, Lord of War, or so many of his other movies where he is an absolutely amazing actor.

Sure he’s had some bad roles and projects. But to call him a bad actor is just silly.
bobevanz - 3/12/2024, 9:30 AM
They still haven't announced who's doing the score lol and on that day, I'll decide if it's time to endorse this or not. Hired hand director, hired hand writer, a washed up actor, no Daft Punk.... Joseph Kosinski had a sequel ready, but he moved on. We should all move on, and this is coming from a tron aficionado
ObserverIO - 3/12/2024, 9:53 AM
@bobevanz - I'd lean into a similar sound as the Daft Punk score for the last one rather than go off in a different direction or anything.

Get an old skool trance producer/DJ.

Armin Van Buuren maybe.
Origame - 3/12/2024, 9:32 AM
Wait, but he isn't the first. Did we just forget Olivia wilde in the last movie?

Not to mention both of the Flynn family entered the grid and interacted with the ai there.
UniqNo - 3/12/2024, 9:33 AM
@Origame - I think it's more of a soft reboot. They may still appear though.
SpiderParker - 3/12/2024, 9:57 AM
@Origame - Actually, its the first time the AI interacts with HUMANKIND, as in all the people of the world we live in. Its not "Family interacts with AI" like in the previous movies. I get it, hard for you to follow up. Glad to help.
Origame - 3/12/2024, 10:10 AM
@SpiderParker - sorry, but unless ares is personally meeting every single person, then by meeting the Flynn family did the ai from the previous movies means they made contact with humankind. Believe it or not, the Flynn family are all humans.

Most humans didn't land on the moon, but we still say that's an achievement of humankind. Get it?
SpiderParker - 3/12/2024, 11:50 AM
@Origame - When Zod interacted with Humankind, he didn't personally meet with every single person, right? And, it's called "Humankind's Greatest Achievement". Greatest achievement of humankind doesn't necessarily mean its been achieved by everyone but many contributed to it and nothing surpasses it. Talk to me when you consider going to space as a achievement of the "Dogkind".

Also, humankind doesn't mean a kind of human, AI never made contact with "humankind" which by definition means humans as a whole. In a more simpler but superfluous terms, if the whole humankind is unaware of the achievement, its not humankind's achievement. Time Travel might already be possible but if the whole humankind is unaware of it, well, you know, people like you can't brag about how its your achievement.
Origame - 3/12/2024, 12:24 PM
@SpiderParker - literally all of this just proves my point. Thanks.
SpiderParker - 3/12/2024, 2:46 PM
@Origame - Huh? Do you not understand the meaning of "literally" either? Are you saying thanks to Laika, the space dog, "Dogkind's" greatest achievement is going to space which is in fact done before humans so might as well be Animalkind's greatest achievement, is thanks to a dog? Cool logic, don't show your stupidity in public.
Origame - 3/12/2024, 2:49 PM
@SpiderParker - ...did you forget it was humanity who made the tech?

Ffs, it's AI. do I really need to explain what the A stands for?
SpiderParker - 3/12/2024, 11:09 PM
@Origame - We are not talking about AI creation though, are we? We are talking about encounter with AI. You forgot that or are you just incapable of a coherent conversation?
Origame - 3/13/2024, 4:53 AM
@SpiderParker - yes, and both Sam and Kevin encountered AI. In fact, in the first movie everyone in the company was directly talking with their respective AI creations. Hence why AI knows about the "users".
SpiderParker - 3/13/2024, 5:30 AM
@Origame - How about you actually look up what Humankind means?
Origame - 3/13/2024, 5:35 AM
@SpiderParker - again, landing on the moon was considered a feat of humankind despite only a very select few actually doing it.

And before you try that "dogkind" bs, Sam and Kevin are humans.
Origame - 3/13/2024, 5:36 AM
@SpiderParker - so again, unless ares is meeting literally every human, this is bs. Especially since Olivia wilde also entered the real world last movie.
SpiderParker - 3/13/2024, 10:35 AM
@Origame - Exactly, Sam and Kevin are humans, they are not "humankind". And, its considered humanity's greatest achievement, get it? Someone with poor grammar is trying hard to pick on others grammar.

And if your argument rests on Ares meeting every single person, even if that isn't what an encounter with humankind is supposed to entail, the counter to that is simple - do you know that it doesn't?

Olivia Wilde entered the real world, she never had an encounter with humankind as a AI. Superman was on Earth for 33 years, but which moment would you consider as an encounter? Drop it kiddo, realize that you are 100% wrong.
Origame - 3/13/2024, 11:14 AM
@SpiderParker - Neil Armstrong isn't humankind, yet landing on the moon is an accomplishment of mankind.

And unless you're telling me Olivia wilde just spent all her time with Sam and only Sam after all that sh!t about her being so important in terms of understanding the universe and AI, you're delusional.
Origame - 3/13/2024, 11:16 AM
@SpiderParker - and I'd say the moment he was picked up by ma and pa Kent. It's called first encounter.

Drop it and realize you are the one that's 100% wrong.
SpiderParker - 3/13/2024, 1:31 PM
@Origame - @Origame - How would anyone know Olivia is an AI? How is that Humankind's first encounter with Superman? That is Superman's first encounter with "Humans". Niel Armstrong didn't do it by himself. Can you attribute Newton's law of gravity to the humankind? Can you attribute Usain Bolt's speed to humankind?

And, moon landing as the greatest achievement has a different contextual meaning than the one you are sticking with. The meaning is - by the use of international collective effort and for the collective good of humankind. I should be paid to teach you these stuff. How about you spend a little more attention during your English lectures? You won't get anywhere with all your D-.
Origame - 3/13/2024, 1:48 PM
@SpiderParker - 1) why would they keep it a secret when the point of the movie was keeping her alive because of the possible scientific advancements she can lead to?

2) same way it was humankind's first step on the moon.

3) and guess what? All the tech used to get Kevin into that world was made by many different humans.

4) because of what Usain bolt did it proved humankind has a higher potential.

5) if you become a teacher you should be fired for not understanding we can't all collectively meet this AI. we'd use representatives. Like, say, Kevin Flynn.
SpiderParker - 3/13/2024, 6:15 PM
@Origame - 1) Why does any Superhero hide his identity?

3) We are talking about encounter with AI, not who created AI, you dimwit.

5) This is where you have proven you are inept at understanding the basics of your native language. Encounter doesn't ONLY mean MEET. And representatives are chosen, you can't just proclaim tomorrow that you represent USA with zero authority to do so.
Origame - 3/13/2024, 6:32 PM
@SpiderParker - 1) technically superman doesn't hide his true identity. He admits his origin, where he was raised, even shows his face. He just doesn't say he's Clark Kent by name. But every part of him relevant to the point is revealed.

3) ...the creators of the AI are shown talking to their AI in the first movie...dimwitted.

5) ffs, are you desperate. What definition of encounter are you using matches the concept of ares but not anything we've seen in the previous movies?

SpiderParker - 3/13/2024, 7:53 PM
@Origame - 1) Did you again miss the fact that I said Superhero? And he did hide his identity as Clark is his official name.

3) The creator as in Kevin? Cause that's the only person who has personally interacted with AI. And in case you mean non-physical, the description has clearly stated AI "beings".

5) Go figure, numbskull. Previous movies are moot as that's humans trapped in a program, specifically two which clearly had nothing to do with humankind as a whole. First encounter doesn't only mean meeting someone over coffee. Your first encounter with me could also be when I throw a rock at you from a mile away. Zod's first encounter was holding the whole planet as hostage.

Open a dictionary, read a book, use your brain to learn and understand rather than fighting over illogical and incorrect points. You are just making your own existence sub-par. You might be thinking you are trolling or saving face but all you are doing is instilling stupidity into the core of your being. Those who pretend to be stupid, usually are, if they aren't, they will become.
Origame - 3/13/2024, 8:08 PM
@SpiderParker - 1) my point was superman, the example you gave because he's an alien (meaning humankind being in contact with aliens). And him being specifically Clark Kent doesn't change the fact he encountered humankind while being completely upfront that he's not from earth.

3) you forgot about Sam. And so what if he's the creator of clu? Yeah, remember, he only created one of the AI. And physically seeing them is off due to the very nature of them being AI.

5) yes, humans trapped in the grid...where they encountered the AI. Of course you have to disregard those movies. They go against your arguments 🤣

And dude, first encounter can literally be anything that's them meeting for the first time. Because that's what first means...and encounter means.

Says I need to open a dictionary 🤣,first%20time%20you%20experienced%20something.
SpiderParker - 3/14/2024, 12:16 AM
@Origame - 3) You illiterate SOB, you specifically made a point about the first movie to which I replied Kevin since Sam was not in the first movie, have you even seen the movie?

5) Yes, humans were trapped, not the humankind, slowpoke. And apart from the usual meaning, encounter can also mean -

unexpectedly experience or be faced with (something difficult or hostile).
to meet as an adversary or enemy
to engage in conflict with
to come upon or experience especially unexpectedly
a confrontation or unpleasant struggle.
a particular kind of meeting or experience with another person
Origame - 3/14/2024, 4:56 AM
@SpiderParker - 3) it doesn't f@#$ing matter. Legacy is Canon dude. It happened.

5) sorry, I missed the part where humankind in its entirety went to the moon. Guess that's not an achievement of ours.
GhostDog - 3/12/2024, 9:42 AM
-based mostly in the real world and not the grid
-Jared Leto
-No Cillian Murphy
-Daft Punk not returning for the soundtrack
-Director of Maleficent 2 and Pirates of the Caribbean 5 at the helm

bkmeijer1 - 3/12/2024, 12:16 PM
@GhostDog - Cillian Murphy was supposed to be in this? That's a missed opportunity
J0RELLC00LJ - 3/12/2024, 7:32 PM
@GhostDog - No redemption arc (reboot?) for Tron (the character)
TheMetaMan - 3/12/2024, 9:53 AM
Tron legacy is a picturesque, sci-fi, neo-noir, flick with interesting ideas relating to solipsism, good performances from its lead and supporting cast. The franchise has potential to be great and with Leto on board for the next outing, I’m optimistic to see what they do.
bkmeijer1 - 3/12/2024, 12:17 PM
@TheMetaMan - wait, how did Legacy dive into solipsism?
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