Tron Legacy 3D - The Blu-Ray/DVD Review

Tron Legacy 3D - The Blu-Ray/DVD Review

Disney's return to the Tron well, in Tron Legacy, isn't just a bold, daring move. It's also one of the greatest sequels ever made, eclipsing the original in every possible way, to create what may be one of the most intelligent flicks ever made, with a lightning fast runtime that gets so much done that it's a shame the film has to end

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By Powergirl - Apr 05, 2011 12:04 AM EST
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We have so many user reviews on this site, I won't bore you with another for the Blu-ray/DVD other than to highlight some of those aspects which you get with this set.

Tron Legacy is not a constantly engaged 3D flick. It was not designed to be, and there is a disclaimer at the front of this film that tells viewers as much. It is, though, one of the best 3D titles on the market, an absolutely phenomenal visual masterpiece that has only a few minor flaws that pop up so intermittently that they may as well be called tetanus shots.

It also must be noted that this release of the film alternates its aspect ratio, similar to the way the IMAX Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen or The Dark Knight Blu-ray discs do, shifting from the film's natural 2.35:1 frame to 1.78:1 on a few occasions. Amazingly, there is no jarring after-effect, no distraction in these changes. I'd like to think that the design of the sequences themselves paid a big part to this, as the heavy blacks in the digital realm can shrink and expand so naturally that you don't even notice. Kudos, Disney, for making this as seamless as possible.

The Blu-ray 3D release is phenomenal for more than a few reasons. Take in the rich blacks, gorgeous neon colors, superb, unbeatable depth, in 2D and 3D sequences alike, along with the life-like textures that can easily fool you into thinking you're watching reality, on top of the most discrete, believable 3D on the market, that won't wow you as much as it will immerse you, and you have a winning disc. Tron Legacy does not disappoint in any way, proving that the Blu-ray 3D format is capable of great things, even if it is still not being utilized properly and as frequently as it should be. Grid sequences, holy hell, get ready for some of the most jaw-dropping video you'll ever see at home.

So why not a 2,000 out of 10 for this section? A few bits of aliasing on edges, a couple moments of bands (not counting those inherent in the design), and a couple bits of ghosting. It must be noted that ghosting on this release is so infrequent that it's an absolute non-factor. Do not hesitate. Even in listing why I can't give this release that mark of perfection, I can readily say that it's among the very best in video that Blu-ray has ever offered.

Disney came close to perfection with the audio for Tron Legacy, skirting so close with the idea of unbeatable that it's hard to not wish this DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 track had that little bit extra, that final push to help me crown it supreme ruler of all Blu-ray audio tracks.

I doubt anyone will complain about the work done here, even if it's not THE best. Consider this the hand grenade that beats the horseshoe, in the saying as to when close truly counts. Dialogue is both superb, with ideal dynamics, and the lone flaw in this release, as a few scenes get lost in the shuffle of the extremely deep audio track. Ambient effects and the rocking Daft Punk soundtrack just can be a little overwhelming, making a few lines become just an unintelligible blur. Let's forget about that, though, and focus on the superb localization and movement effects, the constant 360 degree sound atmosphere, the bass levels that will start an earthquake, rocking the country rather than the house or neighborhood, or the fact that, for chrissakes, Daft Punk's work here is pure genius. Simply put, there's no way to complain about this one. Anyone who does, I demand they get their ears checked...or confiscated due to being defective.

Rating: 10/10 (video score: 9.7/10, audio score: 9.7/10)

The Extras:
The best bonus features on this release are the inclusion of the 2D Blu-ray, a DVD disc, and a Digital Copy disc, making this a four disc set.

Traditional extras include:

The Next Day: Flynn Lives Revealed
Disney Second Screen viewing mode
First Look at Tron Uprising, a Disney XD animated series
Launching the Legacy
Visualizing Tron
Installing the Cast
Disc Roars
Music Video: Derezzed by Daft Punk
Disney 3D and Digital Copy promos

Sneak Peeks: Just the same stuff found before the main menu, the same two trailers. That said, it would have been nice to have a Tron: Legacy 3D trailer.

3D Notes:
PMT: Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (in 3D), Cars 2 (in 3D).
Menu: Full 3D menu, with audio loop
Rating: 7/10

Call me what you will, but I truly found Tron Legacy to be something out of this world, a beautiful mix of intelligence and braun, special effects and finally a good story to match cutting edge visuals. And Daft Punk absolutely tear it up, even if not on the same level Trent Reznor did for The Social Network. Disney's 3D release of the film is a must own, with splendid video, beautiful audio, and a ton of extras. Buy it.
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