SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME Has Lowest Opening Of Re-Releases; Includes Deleted Scene

SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME Has Lowest Opening Of Re-Releases; Includes Deleted Scene SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME Has Lowest Opening Of Re-Releases; Includes Deleted Scene

The latest Spider-Man movie to swing back into theaters in 2019's Spider-Man: Far From Home, but Tom Holland's second solo outing hasn't fared very well so far...

By MarkCassidy - May 28, 2024 07:05 PM EST
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As Sony Pictures continues to re-release all eight live-action Spider-Man movies in theaters, the latest Spidey adventure to swing back on to the big screen is 2019's Spider-Man: Far From Home.

While the first few films performed pretty well, it seems these more recent instalments in the franchise are simply too fresh in a lot of people's minds, as Tom Holland's second solo outing as the Webhead took in just $265K on Monday for the lowest opening day of the re-releases so far.

Interestingly, this version of Far From Home includes a scene that didn't feature from the original theatrical cut of the movie, with Spidey taking out some goons in his Iron Spider suit.

As for the next time we'll see the Wall-Crawler on the big screen in a new adventure, we know that a fourth Spider-Man movie is in the early stages of development, but the project has yet to be officially announced.

Holland and Zendaya will be back as Peter Parker and MJ, and rumor has it that this movie will be the first instalment in a brand-new trilogy - although Holland hasn't sounded particularly enthusiastic about staying on as the character for too much longer.

During a recent interview, the actor said he feels that he's become too used to the "safety blanket of Spider-Man."

"I want to do things that scare me, things that make me uncomfortable. When you do what we do, you have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. This show is a perfect example of that. Ben is consistently telling me, if you don’t commit, they won’t believe you. The reason I wasn’t committing is because I was afraid. I’ve never done anything like this before. I got so used to the Marvel machine and the safety blanket of Spider-Man, feeling like I was protected. So, doing something like this was incredibly scary, but because it was so scary, it was so fulfilling and so rewarding. Going forward, if there’s something that I feel like I can’t do, I want to do that one. Playing a sort of stupid English doofus is not what I want to do because that’s my life, right?"

No Way Home scribes Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers are currently working on the script, but we still don't know which of the Wall-Crawler's fearsome foes will be causing problems for Peter and co.

Most of Spidey's major bad guys have already been utilized in previous films (Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, etc), but a recent rumor claimed that the still untitled sequel will feature a villain we haven't seen in live-action yet.

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SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME's Disney+ Premiere Date In The U.S. Has Been Revealed

A New-Unused Poster For SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME Has Been Unveiled!
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A New-Unused Poster For SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME Has Been Unveiled!

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ModHaterSLADE - 5/28/2024, 7:10 PM
Probably the weakest in the trilogy despite Gyllenhaal killing it as Mysterio.
Tonic24k - 5/28/2024, 8:11 PM
@ModHaterSLADE - It goes 1, 3, 2 for me. But I still very much enjoyed FFH. And although NWH has the whole spider-verse bit to it -- which was executed splendidly -- it still just doesn't beat out HC for me. The first film was just plain wholesome and friendly and neighborhoodly.
dragon316 - 5/28/2024, 8:16 PM
@ModHaterSLADE - it’s competition is if and Garfield what to expect from that
ModHaterSLADE - 5/28/2024, 8:28 PM
@Tonic24k - Yeah, don't think I would've liked the first film as much without Keaton, but damn did he kill it as Vulture. NWH was just great at balancing the usual MCU superhero comedy with some actually good dramatic material.
TheLobster - 5/28/2024, 8:39 PM
@ModHaterSLADE - could not agree more. The whole Europe trip angle didn’t work at all and most of the humor fell flat.

Jake G did kill it though!
ModHaterSLADE - 5/28/2024, 8:48 PM
@TheLobster - Yeah, it came off like an MCU take on National Lampoon.
Slotherin - 5/28/2024, 8:57 PM
@ModHaterSLADE - while I liked much of it and thought there was plenty that landed, I can see this.

Slotherin - 5/28/2024, 9:02 PM
@TheLobster - I'll admit I actually liked the concept of taking him out of his familiar turf to help throw him off to what Mysterio was up to (in NY he would probably catch on sooner) and they had some cute moments in trying to show Peter and Michelle begin to be a thing.

Some of the humor was definitely hit or miss.
Gabimaru - 5/28/2024, 9:26 PM
@ModHaterSLADE - completely agree. FFH gave me a slapstick almost teen tv show vibe in the first act. With mj as love interest is just abrupt. It wasn't working for me. Thank god mysterio elevated the movie for me. And spidey wasn't in new york where he is supposed to be. I actually liked the prague carnival scene
ModHaterSLADE - 5/28/2024, 9:47 PM
@Gabimaru - Yeah, Prague is beautiful but Spidey is at his best defending NY.
incredibleTalk - 5/28/2024, 10:33 PM
@ModHaterSLADE - What Spiderman feels about his re-release....

User Comment Image
Gabimaru - 5/29/2024, 6:53 AM
@ModHaterSLADE - Preach! It doesn't feel like a spider-man movie when he is not in NY
harryba11zack - 5/28/2024, 7:11 PM
It doesn't surprise me that the tom's spider doesn't have much replay value, 6 movies to become spiderman was complete bullsh1t.
Tonic24k - 5/28/2024, 7:47 PM
@harryba11zack - This is much more indicative of Sony being horrible at Marvel decisions like rereleasing a film into theaters with little-to-no marketing and for no apparent reason.

As for taking 6 films to become Spider-Man... we actually saw him become Spider-Man one film before his own. So your complaining is not only valid, it's consistently devoid of any amount of thinking.

But hey, what should we really expect from a small hairy ball zack?...
roboticJohnson - 5/28/2024, 7:52 PM
@harryba11zack - nah he was spider-man from day 1. The way he fought the vulture wearing a sweater and no armor simply because it was his responsibility, the way he sacrificed a shot at a normal life for that, how he tried to save the vulture during the final fight despite everything he had done (like trying to bury him under all that rubble earlier in the movie...), these all scream spider-man to me. But people complained because the one live-action spider-man who lived in a world full of superheroes somehow was involved with the other heroes, so disney came up with that "6 movies to have him become spider-man" excuse to stop their tears
Origame - 5/28/2024, 8:23 PM
@roboticJohnson - you're not spiderman without the dead relative and the lesson of great power comes great responsibility.
Slotherin - 5/28/2024, 9:12 PM
@roboticJohnson - This...
He defeats Beck because he's learned to trust and connect better with his Spider sense.
It's weird how much this and other threads are increasing my appreciation for Holland's first two solo films more.
Slotherin - 5/28/2024, 9:14 PM
@Origame - haha, if it's not shown and rehashed again it must not have happened
0mega140 - 5/28/2024, 10:18 PM
@roboticJohnson - aunt may in NWH: with great power with great "With great power comes great responsibility" yeah, but is true,6 movies for a story of origins.
IAmAHoot - 5/29/2024, 1:15 AM
@harryba11zack - His movies are the freshest on everyone’s minds, and the one’s most likely to have been seen by all in theaters or otherwise. They’re the ones that least needed a re-release right now, especially after No Way Home is released. They have plenty replay value; you not liking them a different story.
roboticJohnson - 5/29/2024, 3:39 AM
@Slotherin - yeah, they aren't as bad as some would have you believe. Maybe they aren't as good as movies like into the spider-verse or spider-man 2, but they are still great movies and capture the essence of spider-man really well (homecoming in particular is the best one of the trilogy imo)
roboticJohnson - 5/29/2024, 3:41 AM
@0mega140 - with great power comes also a great stroke apparently, because I can't understand your comment
Origame - 5/29/2024, 4:49 AM
@Slotherin - well, yeah. That was the explanation. But as the series went on its clear the uncle Ben incident either didn't happen or uncle Ben simply isn't someone peter cared much about in the mcu. Ffs, he didn't even bat an eyelash when his uncle's suitcase bearing his initials was destroyed. Then aunt may gives the great power great responsibilities line and it's clear peter never heard it before.

Not to mention homecoming isn't happening if he has that lesson already.
IAmAHoot - 5/29/2024, 4:51 AM
@roboticJohnson - With great stroke comes... (pants party)

User Comment Image
ObserverIO - 5/29/2024, 5:43 AM
@Origame - "Then aunt may gives the great power great responsibilities line and it's clear peter never heard it before."

He says "I know" in response. He might have well have said "Well, duh".

User Comment Image
Origame - 5/29/2024, 5:53 AM
@ObserverIO - he didn't say I know. He just stared at her then goblin showed up.


And that was in civil war where that was clearly the intention. Clearly that has been retconned.
HOTSHOT - 5/29/2024, 7:17 AM
@ObserverIO - I don't mind if Ben didn't give the speech. Wouldn't be the first time.
ObserverIO - 5/29/2024, 7:20 AM
@Origame - He says "Yeah, I know" one second after that clip. It's in the actual film.

It's kinda ridiculous that MCU Peter had 3 Uncle Bens. The actual Uncle Ben (that his performance suggests there was in Civil War), Tony Stark and Aunt May.

Aunt May should have been his Gwen Stacy moment, not his Uncle Ben moment. It's not the origin of Spider-Man, it's Amazing Spider-Man #121-122, it's the thing that makes him so angry that he almost kills Green Goblin.
Origame - 5/29/2024, 7:42 AM
@ObserverIO - I mean, not true. Doesn't even make sense in context since he was specifically talking about it being a mistake to help the villains and he should've just sent them back.

Also, interesting to say that considering Peter fully went through with killing goblin. Only got stopped because peter 2 caught the glider.

And what you're missing is the part of him recognizing the killer as the guy he let go, something completely absent from this story. But no, you think spiderman isn't spiderman until like a hundred issues after he put the mask on and saved people as spiderman. 🙄
Slotherin - 5/29/2024, 9:19 AM
@Origame - to be fair, the line wasn't originally from Ben anyway.

Can you remind me what happened with the suitcase? I do remember Ben's initials on a suitcase.

I actually do agree they could have done a bit more like at least reference him in a talk between May and Peter in Homecoming when it would have been closer in range to his passing, but I think by Civil War he said he'd been Spidey already for 6 months so I was willing to take what he said in it as referring to Ben and that he's had that time to process and grieve
Slotherin - 5/29/2024, 9:23 AM
@ObserverIO - yeah, I took what he said in Civil War as a not so subtle shout out to Ben's passing as well.
Not sure how that's ever been retconned just because it hasn't been addressed since (even if I agree with @Origame that at least they could have done more to acknowledge it)

This seems pretty on point to me; never thought of it that way!

"It's not the origin of Spider-Man, it's Amazing Spider-Man #121-122, it's the thing that makes him so angry that he almost kills Green Goblin."
Slotherin - 5/29/2024, 9:26 AM
@Origame - I dunno, I've lost a few people and while it was devastating (especially when I felt I could have helped prevent a death) I feel like at 6 months in and then continuing on it became gradually easier to bear. Like it still had impact but it wasn't something I would still actively be devastated by; by then I had adjusted more as people do.
Slotherin - 5/29/2024, 9:26 AM
Slotherin - 5/29/2024, 9:28 AM
@Origame - I think you're misrepresenting the point made by @ObserverIO
Origame - 5/29/2024, 9:29 AM
@Slotherin - the suit case blew up during the drone attack on the bridge. It's specifically pointed out by may, but not in a way like "oh no, your uncle's engraved suit case was blown up". It's as a joke, being like, "where's your luggage? Oh right, it got blown up by drones".

And yeah. I believe superior spiderman handled that better. He's at a low point after losing his job when saving lizard, and is about to drink the gene cleanser that'll remove his powers. But then he sees a picture of uncle Ben, remembers Connors can now go home to his family because of what he did, puts on the mask and continues being spiderman.
Origame - 5/29/2024, 9:31 AM
@Slotherin - ...not when you're literally risking your life because of that death.
Origame - 5/29/2024, 9:32 AM
@Slotherin - I mean, he misrepresented the movie.
Slotherin - 5/29/2024, 9:34 AM
@Origame - oh, yeah, they mishandled that for sure. And that comic example you gave was a good example of how to pull off a reference in a more impactful way.

They had 3 perfect moments IMO to make reference to Ben without lingering on it too heavily.
*Homecoming: Peter and May talking in the restaurant (mostly just wasted on fluff)
*Far From Home: your luggage example.
*No Way Home: May's gravesite
Origame - 5/29/2024, 9:40 AM
@Slotherin - the gravestone convinced me there was no Ben in the mcu. There's no reason he wouldn't have a gravestone right next to hers.
Slotherin - 5/29/2024, 9:50 AM
@Origame - gotcha. Honestly that's hard to argue with.

And not for lack of trying! ;p
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