THE SUICIDE SQUAD Star Margot Robbie Is Done Taking A Break Playing Harley Quinn; Hopes For BATGIRL Team-Up

THE SUICIDE SQUAD Star Margot Robbie Is Done Taking A Break Playing Harley Quinn; Hopes For BATGIRL Team-Up

The Suicide Squad star Margot Robbie debunks reports she's planning to take a break from playing Harley Quinn, all while sharing her excitement for a possible team-up with Leslie Grace's Batgirl...

By JoshWilding - Aug 04, 2021 03:08 AM EST
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Source: Entertainment Tonight

Not too long ago, it was reported that Margot Robbie was looking to take a break from playing Harley Quinn after returning as the character in both Birds of Prey and James Gunn's The Suicide Squad.

There's been no word on what Warner Bros. actually has planned for the fan-favourite anti-hero following her reunion with Task Force X, though it's fair to say the vast majority of fans are hoping for a Gotham City Sirens movie. David Ayer was developing that project once upon a time, though it was sidelined after the negative reaction to Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey became a priority instead.

Talking to Entertainment Tonight, Robbie debunked reports that she's planning to take a break from Harley, teasing her DCEU future. "No, I've had enough of a break. I'm ready to do her again," she admitted. "I did Birds of Prey and The Suicide Squad back-to-back, so that was a lot of Harley all in a one year period, but that was a while ago now. I'm always ready for more Harley!"

In the same interview, the site mentioned that In The Heights star Leslie Grace was recently cast as Barbara Gordon in HBO Max's Batgirl movie. "I didn't know that! Oh, how cool! That's wicked. She's amazing," Robbie enthused before jokingly adding, "Yeah, I'm calling-- Warner Bros, can you put me through to DC? Yeah, thank you. I'm on it. Don't worry."

A Harley Quinn/Batgirl team-up? Sign us up.

That was something fans hoped to see in Birds of Prey, of course, and while we're not banking on Harley showing up in the Caped Crusader's small screen solo outing, they could cross paths eventually. For now, the majority are surely hoping Warner Bros. chooses to explore Harley's romantic relationship with Poison Ivy (something Robbie has expressed interest in many times in the past). 

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SnideCut - 8/4/2021, 3:14 AM
Always good to see actors excited about the roles they play.
KWilly - 8/4/2021, 3:26 AM

Can you reconsider that Margot? I know that DC money makes those Bermuda trips possible but...
OptimusCrime - 8/4/2021, 3:33 AM
When did she take a break?
CorndogBurglar - 8/4/2021, 4:02 AM
@OptimusCrime - Uh, read the article? She said they filmed Birds of Prey and Suicide Squad back to back, which was a lot. But a lot of time has passed since then and now she's ready for more.

She also said she's always ready for more Harley, which means those rumors of her taking a break were pretty much eexaggerated.
mastakilla39 - 8/4/2021, 6:04 AM
@OptimusCrime - Actor/Actresses do hundreds of interviews a day for these movies. Sometimes they slip up, get misinterpretted, or give bullshit answers,etc. it all depends on their mood.

Maybe she was considering a break before but regretted it making it sound like she was going to retire.
Mugens - 8/4/2021, 3:46 AM
I have the feeling that the WB execs will do whatever it takes to keep Margot happy and in their camp, good ideas or not.
Cap1 - 8/4/2021, 4:03 AM
What break? She's played her in 3 movies in 5 years
bkmeijer2 - 8/4/2021, 4:09 AM
Well that headline is kinda misleading, since I see nowhere in the article that she hopes for a team-up. Just talks about appearing on screen together. And that is something I do wanna see too.

I'm still kinda hoping for the Gotham City Sirens vs. Birds of Prey movie. And preferably something that is not a sequel, and its own thing like The Suicide Squad.
Fares - 8/4/2021, 4:29 AM
More Margot Harley is something I welcome
GhostDog - 8/4/2021, 4:48 AM
I’m good
TheMandalorian - 8/4/2021, 5:39 AM
James Gunn's writing appears so far to be the truest comic version of the character, at least from a dialog perspective.

The first Suicide Squad and the birds of prey, the character was not the same... the writing was vastly different. And they missed the mark, she looked good, but was not acting like Harley from the comics.

Animated TV show Harley, is still the perfect blend after her original debut on Batman the Animated series.
dagenspear - 8/4/2021, 6:01 AM
Did she push for Barbara to be in Birds Of Prey?
Super12 - 8/4/2021, 6:27 AM
Should've done a Gotham City Sirens instead of that awful BOP movie...which didn't even have most of the BOP. But still I'm enjoying her take on Harley, glad to see she's still passionate about the character.
soberchimera - 8/4/2021, 6:43 AM
Soooooo, I guess she survives the movie?
Godzilla2000Zer - 8/4/2021, 9:34 AM
No and I've been very vocal about getting tired of this version of Harley Quinn enough to the point that I hope she is killed out in Suicide Squad most likely won't happen but I'm over this version of the character and I certainly don't want a Batgirl/Harley team up movie. Fortunately who know maybe Suicide Squad will reinvigorate my interest in Harley like Loki did for Loki who while not on the same degree was a character that I also wanted to movie on from and Im considering watching Suicide Squad in theaters because I love James Gunn.
4thMaster - 8/4/2021, 3:15 PM
Make it Gotham City Sirens movie where the 3 of them are equals. Harley works better in an ensemble rather than a lead.
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