DC Studios Boss James Gunn Reveals New Details About SUPERMAN Reboot And Meeting With Henry Cavill

After confirming he will write a new Superman movie sans Henry Cavill, James Gunn has shared a few new details about the upcoming reboot, while also detailing his conversation with the ousted actor...

By JoshWilding - Dec 16, 2022 07:12 AM EST
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There's a lot of intrigue surrounding what James Gunn has planned for his Superman reboot, though the trades have reported that the movie will follow a younger Clark Kent as a cub reporter arriving in Metropolis and meeting Lois Lane, among others. Beyond that, however, we're (mostly) in the dark. 

The filmmaker has already confirmed we're not getting yet another origin story for the Man of Steel, and has now clarified that, in the new DCU, Superman will already be familiar with his fellow heroes. This suggests he has, in fact, already crossed paths with Lois and the likes of Batman and Wonder Woman. 

While nothing is entirely official quite yet, skipping origin stories and first meetings means we can be thrown into a DCU where the heroes already have something of a shared history. That means we can just enjoy their team-ups and adventures without the need for overly convoluted stories explaining how they met. 

Gunn also responded to a fan upset that Henry Cavill will no longer play the Man of Tomorrow, making it clear their conversation was a positive one. They've also spoken since and it doesn't sound like there are any lingering issues here. 

DC Studios' DCU is quickly beginning to take shape, and the filmmaker has previously hinted that news on his and Peter Safran's plans will drop early next year. 

What are your hopes for this upcoming Superman movie? 

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