Looking back at the 1st BEST Superman

Looking back at the 1st BEST Superman

Looking Back at the original Superman of what we see today click for the jump...

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By Batmanhulkbadass - Apr 20, 2011 07:04 PM EST
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Source: Christopher Reeve wiki

Hey guys now that we know Henry Cavill is going to pose as Superman. We are going look back at the Superman before him. Im not talking about the Brandon Routh Superman im talking about the main (BADASS!)Superman,Im talking about Christopher Reeve the man that started it all. We look back at his first time being Superman he posed a very well perfromance as not only Superman but also Clark Kent. He gave out an very inspirational performance as Superman as a symbol for justice. We also look at his very exiting perfomence everybodys favorite geek Clark Kent which he potrays as a humerous clumsy worker for the Daily Planet that we always admire. We hope to see Henry Cavill with the same performance we see with Christopher Reeve.

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Batmanhulkbadass - 4/20/2011, 7:47 PM
let me know what u guys think
Batmanhulkbadass - 4/20/2011, 8:06 PM
By the way let me get some movie info about graphic novels that are hitting the big screen
Batmanhulkbadass - 4/20/2011, 8:42 PM
well i agree to that we are looking at a modern era and try to see his version of his own way of being superman/also clark kent
LP4 - 4/20/2011, 8:43 PM

I'm sorry man but come on shit Routh already copied Reeve. It is time for the franchise to go in a new direction, [frick]!!!

THIS IS THE REASON why I'm starting to really despise the Chris Reeve Superman, I used to love it as a kid but people put him on such a high [frick]ing pedestal non-stop that it starts to really gripe me.

@Superguy- VERY nice suggestions there! Dean Cain was THE GREATEST Clark Kent in live-action- confident, cool, suave and smart. He wasn't a bumbling mess like Reeve's version.

George Reeves was the best Superman. He was confident, strong but not too 'showy' like Reeve.

Batmanhulkbadass - 4/20/2011, 8:43 PM
nice thinking by the way
Batmanhulkbadass - 4/20/2011, 8:46 PM
look let me explain im trying to say that that he should get inspiration from this guy.In his own Way
Batmanhulkbadass - 4/20/2011, 8:46 PM
Better 4 ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Batmanhulkbadass - 4/20/2011, 8:46 PM
Better 4 ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LP4 - 4/20/2011, 8:48 PM
@Batmanhulkbadass- Sorry dude I'm taking your article the way it sounds. You are like Singer. You just want another Reeve rehash rather than something NEW for a change.

Rehashing the Chris Reeve version is what nearly re-destroyed Superman on film (Superman Returns anyone?)

Batmanhulkbadass - 4/20/2011, 8:49 PM
i guesss so anyone else cares to share their opinion.
Batmanhulkbadass - 4/20/2011, 8:52 PM
okay letme get a good refresh here we are looking back at how we see chris reeve now an what henry cavills thoughts should give . to state an example 4 henry cavill
Batmanhulkbadass - 4/20/2011, 8:54 PM
so what do still think about this.
LP4 - 4/20/2011, 8:54 PM
Yeah my opinion is that Reeve needs to stay the [frick] out of this movie. Any influence about him needs to be absent from the movie.

Sorry and no offense but I'm tired of the Chris Reeve Superman.

I agree with you though that it's good for us to look back on him and respect him for what he did for the character. But I hated your suggestion that Cavill should imitate his Superman in the reboot. I'm sorry dude but that was a baaad suggestion especially after what Superman has gone through.

It's like they keep the Superman character trapped to Chris Reeve by a ball and chain. It is time they freed Superman from Chris Reeve once and for all.

Reeve and Donner got their little homage film that nearly re-destroyed Superman. IF I see just one homage to Reeve, I'm boycotting this new [frick]ing film.
yankeemanf - 4/20/2011, 9:00 PM
if superman from back then came out today it would be viewed as crap it was soo campy and badly written the only great part of any of the movies was terrence stamp as general zod
Batmanhulkbadass - 4/20/2011, 9:01 PM
i jus looked up george reevs version and it suked balls sorry because hes that type of superman thatll bark orders and demands.
LP4 - 4/20/2011, 9:01 PM
@yankeemanf- Thank you!!! Terence Stamp really was the best thing about the old Donner flicks.

But yeah like i said, NO MORE REEVE DAMMIT!!!!
Batmanhulkbadass - 4/20/2011, 9:02 PM
by the way i do agree with LP4 that it is time to set the bird(plan) free.
get it
Batmanhulkbadass - 4/20/2011, 9:05 PM
any ways who has a feeling that they should change costume style.
Batmanhulkbadass - 4/20/2011, 9:06 PM
I didnt like the kingdom come suit looked too weird
LP4 - 4/20/2011, 9:08 PM
"by the way i do agree with LP4 that it is time to set the bird(plan) free.
get it
Batmanhulkbadass - 4/20/2011, 9:02 PM"

Thank you for understanding my point. I speak a lot of [frick]ing truth on this site, I speak my mind, I defend the Superman character from getting re-destroyed by routhbootists and reeve-bootists. But I constantly get slammed. Very few people can see that I'm actually speaking a lot of sense here.


These have always been my main points. Some people get that I'm speaking loads of sense but [frick], I am just sick and tired of the same shit being rehashed, rehashed and rehashed for Superman.

Batmanhulkbadass - 4/20/2011, 9:17 PM
any suggestions?
Batmanhulkbadass - 4/20/2011, 9:25 PM
well what should be about next.
Batmanhulkbadass - 4/20/2011, 9:27 PM
i mean what shouly next article should b or editorial what should be my next top thing here
LP4 - 4/20/2011, 9:35 PM
Your next editorial definitely shouldn't be about Reeve homages in the new re-reboot of Superman, that's for damn sure.

No offense dude i just can't get over the fact you made that suggestion.

Make an editorial about Lex Luthor and how he might be portrayed in the new film, idk...
Batmanhulkbadass - 4/20/2011, 9:46 PM
Nice for which lex luthor actor or should comic character should set a goal 4 him
Batmanhulkbadass - 4/20/2011, 9:47 PM
by the way who should play luthor
Batmanhulkbadass - 4/20/2011, 9:49 PM
im also going to do an editorial of the crow reboot
LP4 - 4/20/2011, 9:49 PM
Well apparently Adam Harris might play him. I'm fine with that.

Just so long as he doesn't copy the Hackman/Spacey version, I'm fine with him as Lex.

Give us the evil billionaire tycoon version. STAS CLANCY BROWN VERSION FTW!!!!!!!!!!!
Batmanhulkbadass - 4/20/2011, 9:50 PM
im ondering wo should play the crow
Batmanhulkbadass - 4/20/2011, 9:52 PM
yeah they should because come on zods going to be the main villain.
Batmanhulkbadass - 4/20/2011, 9:54 PM
wats ur part with brandly cooper as trying to get the lead as the crow
Batmanhulkbadass - 4/20/2011, 9:56 PM
good responses by the way
blackcelebration - 4/21/2011, 4:40 AM
All the people bashing the first two Superman films. I have to ask, HAVE YOU EVER SEEN THE FILMS??? Or seen them in the last 10-20 years. Because, yes there's been others since (Batman Begins, Dark Knight) but The first two Superman Films (Especially Superman I) are the standard in which Super hero films are based today.

Also, to whoever said that Superman I was poorly written, I have to strongly disagree. Superman I is a blueprint as to how Superhero films should be written. Christopher Nolan influenced Batman Begins on it.

Also, these aren't just good films of their time, otherwise we wouldn't still be talking about them?? Anyone talk about Dick Tracey or Tim Burton's Batman??? Not really, why, because although they were good for their time apart from their style of film making, their method of story telling didn't influence anyone, Superman I did.

Also, I'm not saying that Man of Steel should be a Superman I rehash, but it would be crazy for the makers of this film not to understand what made that film work in the first place.

And what it was was great characterisation, combined with excellent action, surrounded ultimately by an epic plot.

Superman I has withstood the test of time, and is looked upon by many as not only one of the greatest comic book movies off all time but one of the best films.

Whether or not Nolan's Batman films will have the same respect 20-30 years from now is yet to be seen.

By the way, if Man of Steel is in the same league as Superman I, then that would be an amazing achievement, not failure.

But I'll remind everyone, that I'm all for a modern Superman retelling, but not for bashing a classic film, that has withstood the test of time.
Knightstalker - 4/21/2011, 6:09 AM
I'll tell you what I think, since you asked. Get over the Donner-verse already. Chris Reeve played a very noble and forthright Superman. Kudos to him for that. His portrayal (or rather Donner's version of) Clark Kent was difficult to watch even when I was a kid and saw the movie in the theater for the first time. I hope I never see a CK that's just a stupid doofus, knocking things over and falling down all of the time. That is a terrible way to conceal that fact that CK is Superman. Anyone who knows CK, knows that he grew up on a farm in Kansas. If you've ever been anywhere near a farm, you know that a bumbling oaf gets seriously injured or killed working on a farm. Dean Cain's version of CK is my favorite, very easy to believe.

Superman 1 is not the end-all blueprint for how CB movies should be written. It's way too campy and predictable. The characters are two dimensional and difficult to embrace. Superman 1 was a landmark motion picture bringing a popular CBM to the theater. I appreciate it for what it is, but I'm not going to place it on a pedestal as the only credible version of the Kal-El/Clark Kent/Superman mythos.

Every live action version has brought something new and fresh to the mythology, even Smallville (although not lately). I can't wait to see what MOS brings to the table.
CorndogBurglar - 4/21/2011, 7:26 AM
Christopher Reeve is not the 1st Superman, and he is not the one that "started it all".

Superman was played by numerous people before Reeve, and without them, Reeve probably never would have gotten the role.
kriswone - 4/21/2011, 9:29 AM
@CorndogBurglar he wrote 1st "best" Superman.

Check out my Multiplayer review of COD:BLOPS

LordHuck - 4/21/2011, 10:42 AM
Cavil should just read the last 5 years of superman comics. In addition he should read some select story arcs from the past 20 years. That should be his inspiration, not Reeve or Cain or anyone else.
Batmanhulkbadass - 4/21/2011, 11:34 AM
I agree with lord huck here because superman is been very detailed in the comics as for his actions.
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