EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Ryan Carnes on Playing The Phantom

Earth's Mightiest has scored a one-on-one interview with actor Ryan Carnes who plays The Phantom in Syfy's four-hour event which is airing this Sunday night.

Among the subjects discussed in the interview, was whether or not he felt there were characteristic differences between the Phantom and his costume-less alter ego, Kit Walker (who has actually spent part of life thinking of himself as Chris Moore).

"What I found is that once the costume went on, I was The Phantom and Kit had to check his doubts and his insecurities and fears at the door," muses Carnes. "Like any human being, Kit has doubts and insecurities and fears, whether it relates to fear of being uprooted from the life he knew and losing every single semblance of that life, including his friends and his girlfriend; or whether it be fear for his own safety and life. Once the Phantom costume is on, it became all about action. It’s instinct. It’s intuition. There’s no time for anything else, and I think in a way, that was a cool realization for me, because in life, as a person, I think when I’m functioning at my best, and at my greatest potential, it’s the times when I am relying on my intuition and my instinct and I’m really present in the moment. As opposed to entertaining any doubts or fears. It’s like three versions of the same guy, but as The Phantom he gets to be that most functional part."

For the rest of the interview, just click below and please feel free to share your feelings about the conversation over at Earth's Mightiest.

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