EDITORIAL: Xenix Lists: Top Seven Things I'm Looking Forward to in Thor!

The things I'm looking forward to seeing in Thor...

Editorial Opinion

Number 7:

Asgard looks simply, utterly, perfectly beautiful. Iridescent, godlike, and emenates power and energy, Asgard looks wonderful. I can't wait to see more of it as the film goes on.

Number 6:
The Destroyer

Like everyone here, when the first shot of the Destroyer leaked, I was awestruck. It was a literal, complete, absolute adaptation of the comic version, the only difference being a slight change in color from light silver to black-silver, a totally logical change to make it look more dynamic. It looks awesome.

Number 5:
Anthony Hopkins as Odin

Anthony. [Frick]ing. Hopkins.
OSCAR-WINNING Anthony Hopkins.

This man is an incredible actor, who, from the little we've seen of him, has already convinced me that he has completely mastered Odin. He's simply a phenomenal actor, who I cannot wait to see in action.

Number 4:
The Infinity Gauntlet

This is mainly because: A, it' [frick]ing awesome, and B: It's a sign that Marvel really intends to go far with the MCU, and this is a great way to set up tension for eagle-eyed fans, and perhaps in such a way non-fans will be interested.

Number 3:
Jotunheim and the Frost Giants

The costumes and sets of the Frost Giants and their realm are simply fantastic. The red eyes are very, very, very creepy, and contrast stunningly with the deathly, ice-cold blue and white of their skin. Although being only 7-8 feet tall, the 100 foot ones would be hard to portray in the manner they did here, as well as it would be much, much harder to make the general audience buy the 'Loki is a runt Frost Giant' plot point.

Number 2:
Chris Hemsworth as Thor

I don't doubt there will be some sort of troll stating that it's a sign the film will fail if this isn't Number 1. However, once you see my Number 1, you'll see why.

Anywho, Hemsworth looks like a phenomenal actor. I absolutely, positively cannot wait to see him portray the God of Thunder. He seems to really have the idea of Thor being a pompous, arrogant, and prideful person, and humbled when he arrives on Earth for his actions because of his personality. He then surpasses his previous strength, as a noble hero. I can't wait to see him on screen.

Number 1:
Tom Hiddleston as Loki

This is the absolute, positive, single thing I am looking forward to in this movie. From his interviews, Tom Hiddleston has essentially embodied Loki with every single atom of his existence.

Here are a few sections from an interview at Joblo:

As soon as I got the part I had nine months to prepare. I read all the comics.

He read the entire run of Thor. The ENTIRE. RUN. That's [frick]ing dedication. And it shows!

It’s been fascinating actually. And one of the first things I did when I came on board was that we started with stunt training. And we thought like what is... it’ll be boring if Thor was a tank. It’d be boring if Loki was another tank and they were just running into each other. So we thought if Thor is thunder and power and muscle and brawn and he’s got his hammer, Loki should be like... he should be so quick he’s like the wind. So if Thor is heavy, Loki is light. We thought what would be the weapon that Loki would be fighting with? So we thought throwing knives... because I think Loki doesn’t like to get his hands dirty in a fight. He likes to be quick, efficient and lethal. It’s like one blow - slam. So we thought it would be throwing knives. And I thought if there was a way... if Loki could fight in a way that was as impressive as Thor’s, but was completely different so in a way Loki is too quick and Thor can’t catch him, you know? I kind of conceived of Loki as a kind martial artist with these throwing knives. Someone who’s like a dancer. He dances his way out of combat and these knives are his way of keeping his foes at arm's length but it’s lethal. When you get one of those knives in, you’re gone. I had a great time actually, we were shooting on another set shooting a bit battle sequence. And the set was made of this stuff. It looked hard but it was soft. It was foam. And my stunt knives were rubber so they didn’t like take out the grip or the camera operator. But we found like... I’d always throw them and Russell Bobbitt, the Props Master, would always go and retrieve them for me for the next take. And he couldn’t find one of the daggers and we were like looking all over the set for this dagger. And I’m like where the hell did it go? And like about half an hour later we’d thought we lost it somewhere in the green screen. And he said, Tom, and he pointed up and this rubber knife was stuck clean into the set, so I knew I was throwing them with some kind of velocity.

He was so into the role, he threw a rubber, stunt knife so hard it stuck into the set wall.

So. Much. Awesome.

The rest of his interview's here:


And that's my list. Comment below!
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