SPOILERS: THOR: RAGNAROK - 6 Scenes In The Trailers And TV Spots Missing From The Marvel Movie

There's been a lot of talk about about Justice League's reshoots but Thor: Ragnarok also went through some big changes and that was clear from the fact that the movie was missing scenes from the trailers.

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While some fans were unable to get on board with the humour in Thor: Ragnarok, the vast majority agree that it's yet another winner from Marvel Studios. The "A" CinemaScore and huge box office returns this weekend reinforce that but like most big-budget tentpoles these days, reshoots had a significant impact here and that's evident from the fact many scenes in the trailers were M.I.A.

We're not just talking about the odd shot or two either (a lot of those almost always undergo some changes in the post-production process) as there were actually entire sequences changed or missing! 

What you'll find here then is an in-depth look at Thor: Ragnarok's missing scenes along with explanations as to why they were cut and what we know so far about whether they'll show up as deleted scenes or will remain on the cutting room floor. How many of those did you realise vanished?

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6. Revengers Assemble

Perhaps the coolest shot in the trailers and TV spots for Thor: Ragnarok was getting to see Thor, The Hulk, Valkyrie, and Loki assembled as The Revengers. Well, the four heroes (if you can realistically call Loki that) lining up side by side isn't actually in the movie as the Jade Giant is busy squaring off with the Fenris Wolf when these three stand together to confront Hela and enact a plan to stop the Goddess of Death once and for all.

It's easy to see why Marvel edited this moment for the trailers as it's one they've used multiple times since and really emphasises the idea of the God of Thunder putting together a brand new team of "Revengers" to save the world. It is a shame that The Hulk spends most of the final battle doing his own thing but pitting him against Hela would have made for an odd mix and there's no denying that the hero's battle with her wolf was fun to see play out.

5. Loki's Hero Moment

Near the end of Thor: Ragnarok, Loki finally decides to do the right thing and returns to Asgard to help his brother defeat Hela. The climax takes place on the Rainbow Bridge but this shot shows Loki - doing some awesome slow-motion moves with his two knives - in a very different sort of setting with the Asgardian people seemingly behind him. This could be something thrown in because Marvel thought it looked cool but more likely comes from an earlier cut of the movie.

After all, this looks like it could be where Heimdall led everyone after moving them from the mountains and so it's possible that where Loki originally returned before meeting up with Thor, Valkyrie, and the rest on the Rainbow Bridge. Either way, his "Your Saviour Is Here!" entrance was much cooler and he still got plenty to do in the final act as he fought side by side with the God of Thunder.

4. Mjolnir's Destruction

One of the most surprising changes made to Thor: Ragnarok since the first couple of trailers debuted was the location of Mjolnir's destruction. That was initially set to take place in a New York alleyway but the decision was made during reshoots to have the scene actually take place in a field in Norway, a far more serene locale. 

Director Taika Waititi has explained that the decision was made because an alleyway in the Big Apple simply wasn't the best place for this (and Odin's demise) to happen. It simply didn't do such a huge moment justice and that's why things changed so significantly. Unfortunately, that robbed us of another really cool sequence...

3. Odin's Return

Ok, so this was something not actually included in the trailers for Thor: Ragnarok but bear with me a second. Set photos for the movie (from when it was shooting in Australia) revealed that the God of Thunder and Loki spend a fair bit of time on Midgard and that after meeting with Doctor Strange, they'd find Odin wandering the streets as a hobo.

Since being banished to Earth by Loki, Odin would have spent months raving about the coming apocalypse (read: Ragnarok) and taken on something of a dishevelled appearance. Instead, we got a far more serene Odin who was sitting in Norway waiting to die, and that's arguably a downgrade from Taika Waititi's original plan for the former King of Asgard.

2. Thor's Missing Eye

Many fans were worried that Marvel had spoiled Thor: Ragnarok's conclusion by showing Thor leaping through the air minus Mjolnir while being powered up by thunder. That was admittedly a huge moment to show there but a clever bit of editing ensured that an even bigger one wasn't spoiled. At this point in time, the hero had lost his eye and choosing not to show that - despite how much discussion it would have generated - was a smart move.

This isn't the only movie responsible for some clever editing when it comes to Thor's new look, though. The Avengers: Infinity War teaser shown at Comic-Con featured a God of Thunder with both eyes and while it's feasible Marvel shot a second version of that scene without the eyepatch, it could just be that it will be CGI'd in to save Chris Hemsworth having to wear it. Either way, it's been confirmed his eye won't be healed at any point.

1. Thor Vs. The Hulk Gets Electrified

This is another scene which was in both the trailers and movie but not without undergoing some significant changes first. While the version we've seen online showed the God of Thunder is his gladiatorial gear leaping into battle against The Hulk, the actual scene features Thor having lost his helmet and leaping at The Hulk while powered by the same thunder which he used to channel through Mjolnir. 

It's interesting that Marvel chose to conceal this when they revealed that it happens in the final act but enough of the fight between these two was shown off without it being spoiled even further. Thor gaining this surprising ability at this stage was definitely a shock because of that, so it's easy to see why the decision was made to make these changes while promoting the movie over the past few months. 

Are you guys disappointed about these scenes being cut from Thor: Ragnarok? Were there any others you noticed that we missed? As always, share your thoughts in the comments section below.
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