DC UNIVERSE: 10 TV Shows Perfect For The Ambitious Streaming Platform

DC UNIVERSE: 10 TV Shows Perfect For The Ambitious Streaming Platform

Can WB Entertainment's DC Universe streaming platform carve out its own niche while maneuvering around the DC Films Universe, Arrowverse and the other film and televisions shows that already exist?

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By MarkJulian - May 25, 2018 03:05 PM EST
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After months and months of speculation, the name of the streaming platform coming from DC Entertainment later this year has finally been revealed.  DC Universe is expected to roll out in late-2018 with the live-action Titans and the third season of Young Justice as its flagship programs.

In addition, an adult animated series centered on Harley Quinn is expected to follow shortly thereafter.  Live-action series based on Swamp Thing, Doom Patrol and Metropolis are also in development.

However, if DC Universe wants to compete with the Netflix's and Hulu's of the world (along with Disney's own upcoming streaming platform), they'll always need to look to the future for their next groundbreaking program.  We've got some ideas on that front. 

Check out 10 new and resurrected programs that would make great additions to an already ambitious DC Universe lineup.
10. Expand DC All Access

Image result for dc all access

DC Entertainment's DC ALL Access YouTube segments are fun, engaging and informative videos covering all the latest news and developments across the company's many films, television shows and comic book series.  There's only one problem, it's too short!  For the online streaming platform, expanding DC All Access to a full-blown half-hour program should really be a no-brainer. 

Want to find out what's happening with your favorite comic book creators? Turn to DC All Access. Itching to know what the cast and crew for Arrow thought about the latest episode? Check out DC All Access.  Anxious for news on Wonder Woman 2? You get the idea.
09. Bring Back Beware the Batman

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Fair warning, bringing back canceled DC animated shows is going to be something of a theme.  But to be fair, the resurrection of Young Justice means this unlikely development is a real possibility for the platform. 

Premiering in the Summer of 2013 as the replacement for Batman: The Brave and the Bold, the series started out behind the 8-ball as fans struggled with viewing the angular style of Bruce Timm rendered in CG.  The series was pulled from its Saturday morning time slot just 4 months after airing but eventually concluded its run a year later on Cartoon Network's late-night Adult Swim programming block.
08. Jonah Hex TV series

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With Josh Brolin back in the spotlight for his portrayal of Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War and Cable in Deadpool 2, there have actually been renewed discussions about his previous comic book film, Jonah Hex. 

When asked to compare his experience with DC and Marvel films, Brolin eloquently put it that one was a "complete failure while the others are a massive success." Ouch.  Though he's not wrong about the Jonah Hex film, there's still plenty of interesting stories to tell about a time-traveling bounty hunter from the Wild Wild West. However, his convoluted origin and adventures are probably better suited for the long-form storytelling medium of television.
07. Bring Back Green Lantern: The Animated Series

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Similar to Beware the Batman, Green Lantern: The Animated Series struggled out of the gate due to the unusualness of Bruce Timm's art style depicted using CG.  However, the show was able to actually develop a devoted fan base due to its strong story.

Sadly, poor toy sales and the box office failure of Ryan Reynolds' live-action Green Lantern film resulted in WB Animation pulling the plug.    The series finale definitely left things unfinished and a new season (even a truncated one) would be most welcome.   
06. Bring Back The Original Teen Titans Animated Series

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Teen Titans GO! gets a lot of hate.  That's partly because the original version of the show that it's derived from had a strong following and a surprisingly mature storyline.  You'd think that after 5 seasons, 65 episodes and a direct-to-video animated feature film, there'd be no plotlines left to explore in the series but you'd be dead wrong. 
05. Live-Action Red Hood Series

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There are rumors that in addition to the Doom Patrol appearing in Titans, Jason Todd aka Red Hood will also appear in the show.  In what capacity remains to be seen.  Will it show Jason's brief time as a Titan? Will it touch on his death and how that created a source of tension between Dick and Bruce? Even if that rumor ultimately proves untrue, Red Hood is a character whose origins and motivations are screaming for interaction with a wider audience. 
04. Live-Action Gotham By Gaslight Series

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General audiences might be thinking that they've seen and read all there is to offer on The Dark Knight.  However, chances are they know nothing of the stellar one-shot graphic novel from y Brian Augustyn and Mike Mignola.  Just like the proceeding entry, Red Hood, Gotham by Gaslight was also the recent subject of a DC Animated Universe direct-to-video film.  A steampunk, Victorian era Batman who's one-part Sherlock Holmes and one-part Allan Quatermain could be just odd enough to capture a massive audience.
03. Live-Action Mister Miracle And Big Barda Series

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Two DC characters who don't get enough love outside of the comics are Scott Free aka Mister Miracle and Big Barda.  Their story literally has everything from an heir-swapping peace treaty to a love strong enough to overcome years of brainwashing. 

Comic readers themselves sometimes forget that Barda is just as strong as Superman and Wonder Woman and that Scott Free is a better escape artist than Batman.  With both Apokolips and New Genesis filled with allies and enemies, recounting their love story in a live-action adaptation would be something wholly unexpected and refreshing. (Note: There's also a chance that one or both of the characters turn up in Ava DuVarney's New Gods film.)
02. Live-Action Wildcat Series

No, not the poor rendition that showed up in Arrow season three to be a punching bag for Brick.  Let's discuss the real Wildcat, heavyweight boxing champ, Ted Grant.  A key member of the Justice Society of America, Grant is literally Batman without the gadgets and the Eastern martial arts influence. That probably sounds like someone who more often than not gets their hat handed to them considering some of the heavyweights that the JSA come up against.  Sometimes that's the case but Grant usually comes out better than his opponents thanks to his scrap and unquestioned toughness.   In his twilight years, Grant would train several prominent DC Heroes including the second Black Canary, Batman and even Superman.
01. Bring Back Justice League Unlimited

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Sure.  It's great that Young Justice is coming back and everything but given the choice, most comic book fans would choose a continuation of the Bruce Timm animated universe rather than a third season of Young Justice.  And with that era of DC animation ending with Justice League Unlimited, there's no question that news of its continuation would have fans signing up for the platform in droves.  Timm is still very active in the direct-to-video side of the company so the possibility of a new season or JLU film is not out of the realm of possibility.  Sadly, the show would have to continue without longtime DCAU voice director Andrea Roman, who retired last July.

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Repian - 5/25/2018, 3:52 PM
I want to see an animated series of Justice League gods and monsters.
GhostDog - 5/25/2018, 3:54 PM
@Repian - YUP! Yes x1000
marvel72 - 5/25/2018, 3:59 PM
@Repian - One of my favorite DC Animated Movies,would make a great animated series.
RocknRolla - 5/25/2018, 4:14 PM
@Repian - Can't wait to spend $100/mo. to watch all the shows I want to
E4Nigma - 5/25/2018, 4:46 PM
@Repian -

Hell yeah. I loved Gods and Monsters.
PrimitiveMan - 5/25/2018, 4:47 PM
@Repian - Now this is something I can get behind!

I enjoyed the movie when it came out, and thought it was a neat concept (especially enjoyed their version of Batman). Shame we never got a sequel, but a tv series of this would be a fun watch.
99OPTIMISTPRIME - 5/25/2018, 5:49 PM
@RocknRolla -
regularmovieguy - 5/25/2018, 7:39 PM

LOL yeah...watching all the shows you want to sounds great. But spending $100 a month on that would be both an exaggeration and it would suck.

Imfunnyhow - 5/25/2018, 11:56 PM
Yeah... Well... A tv show called Metropolis should be a sequel/follow up to a TV
show called Smallville. I mean come on, it would write itself.
blitzburgh - 5/26/2018, 4:45 AM
@RocknRolla - $100 a month?
GhostDog - 5/25/2018, 3:54 PM
09. Bring Back Beware the Batman

06. Bring Back The Original Teen Titans Animated Series

There was a rumor that this may be happening according to one of the producers of the old show.
Darkknight2149 - 5/25/2018, 7:39 PM
@BlackBeltJones -
Yes to both, especially Beware the Batman (the best Batman animated series since The Animated Series).
PrimitiveMan - 5/26/2018, 8:03 PM
@BlackBeltJones -

I'm hoping the rumors for a Teen Titans revival are true because I would absolutely love to have more of the Teen Titans. Especially with such a great cast from the original run now currently in TTG. I'm hoping they could come back, and reprise their roles for a proper Teen Titans continuation =D
marvel72 - 5/25/2018, 4:00 PM
New Gods Animated Series.
Repian - 5/25/2018, 4:47 PM
@marvel72 - With art by Bruce Timm.
marvel72 - 5/26/2018, 9:14 AM
@Repian - Yeah mate,I would like it to look like Jack Kirby's classic run.
PrimitiveMan - 5/27/2018, 2:44 PM
@marvel72 - I'm confused how this show would work though?

Would they be on earth, or on their own world? Also what gods would we be focusing on for this new series?
marvel72 - 5/27/2018, 3:12 PM
@PrimitiveMan - This my good man.The Fourth world Omnibus.....

The worlds would be New Genesis & Apocklips,maybe a little bit of time spent on Earth,I think you could do a whole animated show just using the first two worlds I mentioned.

CaptainBing - 5/25/2018, 4:15 PM
For some reason, I just realized that Marvel didn't release a BluRay/DVD combo for Black Panther. Kind of bummed.
Nightwing1015 - 5/25/2018, 4:18 PM
Does anyone actually want Beware the Batman back? I know it didn't get much of a chance to shine but it just seemed really generic to me.
madhombre - 5/25/2018, 7:02 PM
@Nightwing1015 - I’m a huge Batman fan, but that series left me cold. A Lex Luthor Looking Alfred was just weird as hell too.
Darkknight2149 - 5/25/2018, 8:06 PM
@Nightwing1015 -
Hell yes. That show got really good midway through the first half of the season. I'd call it the second best animated Batman show, after The Animated Series. I'll go a step further, and say that it had the best fight choreography out of any Batman show.

The problem is that, because of the shitty marketing and admittedly bad character models, most fans (who are used to the Bruce Timm stuff) weren't willing to give it a chance.
SWelch - 5/26/2018, 6:02 AM
@Darkknight2149 - I rather enjoyed Beware the Batman. Not as much as the Bruce Timm series or Brave and The Bold. I had a problem with how Anarky looked. When I saw him I kept thinking Moon Knight.
Darkknight2149 - 5/26/2018, 2:13 PM
@SWelch -
Yeah, the character models were probably the show's biggest weakness.

With Anarky, he had an all-white costume, he acted more Joker-esque than previous versions, and he was one of the main villains of the first season. They were probably setting up that The Joker is his father for future seasons.

The comics actually introduced this concept in pre-New 52 continuity. It was never confirmed or debunked.

PrimitiveMan - 5/26/2018, 8:07 PM
@Darkknight2149 - The shows version of Anarky also made him look like a re-purposed model for a rejected Green Goblin/Hobgoblin Spider-Man project that never took off.
Menks123 - 5/25/2018, 4:20 PM
I'd love to see Batman Beyond again.
Darriann - 5/25/2018, 5:31 PM
@Menks123 - Yes please!!!
PrimitiveMan - 5/26/2018, 8:08 PM
@Darriann @Menks123 - I third this...

With so much more material they could pull from the comics, it would be great to see what they would do with a continuation.
Battabing - 5/25/2018, 4:34 PM
So, a bunch of Batman stuff and retreads.
We got Young Justice back, now let's move on.
Darkknight2149 - 5/25/2018, 8:12 PM
@Battabing -
Eh. Even so, if they brought back Batman: The Animated Series, Beware the Batman, or Batman Beyond, I'd be hyped. My only concern for a T.A.S. or Beyond revival is the poor quality of recent Bruce Timm projects, such as Batman and Harley Quinn and The Killing Joke.
PrimitiveMan - 5/27/2018, 2:51 PM
@Battabing - Other than the JLU, a lot of these show revivals didn't get a proper ending to them. Teen Titans was cut short, and replaced by TTG (which everyone, including myself, doesn't like). While the Green Lantern, and Beware the Batman shows were just cut short without any closure.

As others have pointed out, I think it would be cool to have more Superman content. I've been craving an animated series that adapts the current arc of his story in his comics. With Clark Kent married to Lois Lane, and them raising a son named Jonathan. A half-breed who is also coming into his powers, and eventually becomes Superboy.
Binker - 5/25/2018, 4:34 PM
No Superman show?
Kevwebsz - 5/25/2018, 6:33 PM
@Binker - That would be great.
Darkknight2149 - 5/25/2018, 8:15 PM
@Binker -
He needs a new animated series, to be honest. It's a crime that, in a sea of Batman and Spider-Man shows, the only proper one that Superman received was the 1990s series.

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