IRON FIST: All Of The Biggest Reveals And Announcements From Last Night's Season 2 SDCC Panel

We shared some of the juicy details of last night's SDCC Iron Fist panel with the teaser, but there's a lot of stuff that we didn't cover. Steel Serpent? Daughters of The Dragon? The Mask? Right this way!

Last night's SDCC Iron Fist panel seemed to go down very well, and managed to generate a lot of hype for Danny Rand's return to Netflix after a first season that's been generally deemed underwhelming.

The footage that was shown and the details shared by Marvel TV head Jeph Loeb and co. went a long way towards assuring fans that many of season 1's problems have been addressed, and after Danny's impressive cameo in Luke Cage's sophomore run, it's safe to say that most of us are... looking forward to Iron Fist season 2?

Below, you'll find video of the panel and a rundown of all the biggest reveals and announcements, along with a recap of some of the stuff we covered last night.

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Premiere Date

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The first order of business for Jeph Loeb and the Iron Fist crew at last night's panel was to officially announce that Danny Rand (Finn Jones) would return for his second solo adventure on September 7.

Yes, Iron Fist season 2 will be available to stream on Netflix in less than 2 months time.

Can The Immortal One's sophomore outing live up to the strong second runs of Daredevil, Luke Cage and, to a lesser extent, Jessica Jones? Well, it's definitely on the right track...

Better Fight Scenes

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Although it did have some impressive action sequences, one of the biggest criticisms of Iron Fist season 1 was its somewhat sloppy fight scenes, but things seem to have improved significantly on that front for season 2.

Enlisting a new fight choreographer in Clayton Barber clearly paid off, because, by all accounts, the combat scenes that screened for those in attendance were incredible.

The Mask!

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Yes, we will see Danny Rand - and Davos, for that matter - don the comic-accurate Iron Fist mask that we briefly glimpsed in season 1 - however, this will also be during a flashback.

One of the scenes that screened featured Danny and Davos battling for the right to the dragon Shao-Lao and gain the power of the Iron Fist, and both of 'em are wearing the masks.

Whether Rand will sport the yellow head-wrap in present day remains to be seen, but after this tease it's probably a decent bet!

Steel Serpent

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Speaking of Davos (Sacha Dhawan), following the motion poster tease from a couple of days ago, we have confirmation that Danny's former friend will be returning as The Steel Serpent.

One of the scenes featured the K'un-Lunan warrior preparing to take on a Triad leader, and before he rushes into action, we see that he has the signature neon hand of The Iron Fist - only it's glowing red, not gold!

Misty Knight

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As we revealed in our previous report, Simone Missick will reprise the role of Misty Knight for Iron Fist season 2.

In the comics, Misty and Danny become lovers, but it remains to be seen if the show goes down the route. One thing we do know for sure is that Misty will be reuniting with an old friend to form a certain fan-favorite, ass-kicking duo!

Daughters Of The Dragon

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We got a little taste of Misty Knight and Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick) teaming up to wreck some fools in Luke Cage season 2, but last night's panel confirmed that The Daughters of The Dragon will play a major role in this upcoming season of Iron Fist.

According to Henwick, "Colleen and Misty bring out a side of each other that we don’t often see."

Typhoid Mary

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Arguably the biggest news to come out of the Iron Fist panel was that Alice Eve will be playing a villain most commonly associated with Daredevil, Typhoid Mary.

We still don't know exactly how the character will be introduced or what role she'll play in the story, but we do know that she's going to be very formidable!

In one scene, Mary takes down both Misty and Colleen at the same time while wielding her signature dual-machetes. So, how do you guys think Iron Fist season 2 is shaping up so far? You can check out the panel in full yourselves below.

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