Marvel's RUNAWAYS And STAR TREK: PICARD Actress Annie Wersching Passes Away Aged 45

Marvel's RUNAWAYS And STAR TREK: PICARD Actress Annie Wersching Passes Away Aged 45 Marvel's RUNAWAYS And STAR TREK: PICARD Actress Annie Wersching Passes Away Aged 45

Very sad news to report tonight, as Annie Wersching (Runaways, 24, Star Trek: Picard) has passed away at the age of 45 after a private battle with cancer...

By MarkCassidy - Jan 29, 2023 09:01 PM EST
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Reports are coming in that actress Annie Wersching has died at the age of 45.

According to Deadline, Wersching was diagnosed with cancer back in 2020 and chose to continue to work right up until her death. Her husband, actor Stephen Full, issued the following statement on his wife's passing.

"There is a cavernous hole in the soul of this family today. But she left us the tools to fill it. She found wonder in the simplest moment. She didn't require music to dance. She taught us not to wait for adventure to find you. 'Go find it. It’s everywhere.' And find it we shall. As I drove our boys, the true loves of her life, down the winding driveway and street, she would yell BYE! until we were out of earshot and into the world. I can still hear it ringing. Bye my Buddie. 'I love you little family...'"

Wersching will probably be best known to Marvel fans as Leslie Dean on the short-lived Runaways series, but she has appeared in numerous projects over the years, including 24, Bosch, Star Trek: Picard, and Timeless. She also provided the voice and motion-capture for Tess in The Last of Us video game.

Wersching s survived by her husband and their three sons Freddie, Ozzie and Archie. A GoFundMe page has been set up to support her family.

All our thoughts go out to Wersching's family and friends. You can check out some of the tributes that have been pouring in from those who worked closely with Annie below.

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TheUnworthyThor - 1/29/2023, 9:34 PM
TheVandalore - 1/29/2023, 9:38 PM
RiP 🙏
TheVandalore - 1/29/2023, 9:43 PM
I think it was 2016 or 2019... it was a few years ago when we had a year that was absolutely devastating when it came to celebrity deaths, seemed like every other day a celebrity died and it kept going all year.

It feels like since then we now live in a world where almost every week we are now hearing about someone dying. Is it that we are just hyper vigilant these days with modern technology that we report every death now, or did we just not report in them as often back in the day? It just seems like we can't get a stretch without death these days.
CorndogBurglar - 1/29/2023, 9:50 PM
@TheVandalore - 2020 was a big year for celebrity deaths also. I think itsnjust that we're reaching that time where a lot of legendary and big name actors are getting to an ahe that they can pass away at any time. It's sad, but we're all getting older all the time, ya know?
jst5 - 1/30/2023, 9:49 AM
@TheVandalore - Welcome to reality...
CorndogBurglar - 1/29/2023, 9:51 PM
"Bye my buddie." Man that's heart breaking. That's what I call my wife too, so that hits home.
FusionWarrior - 1/29/2023, 10:20 PM
Awe and a week after Tess's big episode.
LukeCage2155 - 1/29/2023, 10:21 PM
Rest In Power.
ModHaterSLADE - 1/29/2023, 10:24 PM
Thought she was great on Bosch and especially The Rookie.
DocSpock - 1/29/2023, 10:27 PM

I loved her in several TV shows.

This is such a tragedy for her family.

May this wonderful young lady rest in peace.

MyCoolYoung - 1/29/2023, 10:51 PM
Sad news. Rest well
GeneralZod - 1/29/2023, 11:26 PM
[frick] you, cancer.
THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 1/30/2023, 12:01 AM
I had such a huge crush on her when I watched 24 back in the day. This is really sad to hear : (
Spawnnn - 1/30/2023, 12:05 AM
[frick]ing hell. RIP :(
dracula - 1/30/2023, 2:12 AM
on another topic, we have lost the original wednesday addams

Spike101 - 1/30/2023, 2:30 AM
Very sad 😞
ObserverIO - 1/30/2023, 4:02 AM
Secret cancer and worked right up to her death. Just like Chadwick Boseman. Young too.

Methos5000 - 1/30/2023, 4:51 AM
She was far better known for 24 than for Runaways which barely anyone saw.
DocSpock - 1/30/2023, 4:59 AM

Both of my parents died of cancer in the 80s. people dying young from this scourge always hits me hard.

But this is about her family having to cope with their awful loss. I wish them the best in dealing with this.

Tasmaniac - 1/30/2023, 8:16 AM
Holy shit 😳

I loved her in pretty much everything I saw, especially 24. And she was downright evil as the Borg Queen - the one shining light in a very average show. This is a real loss.

And 45? Damn, I’m 43 and my older brother nearly died of bowel cancer last year. This hits uncomfortably close to home.
globaltravels - 1/30/2023, 9:18 AM
In my best Jack Bauer voice: DAMNIT!!!

This is such gutting news, urgh, she was awesome in everything she was in. She was fantastic as Renee on 24 and I loved her cameo on Supernatural… ugh. 45. That’s so young. Damnit.

RIP Annie.
Blastaar - 1/30/2023, 9:48 AM
Sometimes this stuff is genetic, but more often it is from exposure to certain things. Stuff in your food, being exposed to too much EMF, or even your thoughts.

We have way too many toxins and chemicals in our environment these days, I encourage everyone to fast(at least 3 days) & detox at least once a month.

Take chlorophyll & lime drink a glass of it with warm water everyday or at least once a week. Study about antioxidants, flush your system and engage in some type of energy work whether it be Reiki, yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Gong or something.

Encourage this to your family & friends.

Stay well everyone

RIP Annie Wersching.
SummersEssex - 1/30/2023, 9:54 AM
Great actress. Too soon.
johndawg - 1/30/2023, 2:30 PM
I worked with a soldier that happened to work as an extra in an episode she was in. He said she was such a cool person. Rest in Piece Annie.
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