WANDAVISION Spoiler Recap And Discussion For "Episode 5"

Today's episode of WandaVision was full of huge reveals, and a legit shocker of an ending. Here, we delve into everything that happened, and what it might mean for the Disney+ series moving forward...

We've finally reached the 1980s in WandaVision, and adjusting to being new parents isn't coming easy to Wanda and Vision. The Scarlet Witch's powers don't seem to work on the twins, but "Auntie" Agnes arrives to help out much to the relief of Wanda. Vision, however, isn't sure, and his nervousness about being a new father sees him express concern about Agnes holding Billy and Tommy. It seems he may have gone off script, because the nosy neighbour asks Wanda if she should take it from the top and try the scene again. Vision is baffled by this, and again questions why Wanda doesn't seem to realise that something is wrong. The babies suddenly stop crying, and with that, they're now five years old! 

In the real world, Monica meets with Jimmy and Darcy, and refuses to have her blood taken again, or another scan of her body, because the latter is showing up blank (weird, right?). At a S.W.O.R.D. briefing, Wanda's history is recapped, and we learn that her and Pietro's parents were called Irina and Oleg Maximoff...so, not Magneto then! It's also revealed that Wanda broke into S.W.O.R.D. headquarters nine days ago and stole The Vision's disassembled body. In his living will, the android made it clear he didn't want to be anyone's weapon, and Jimmy and Darcy can't figure out how she brought him back minus the Mind Stone. Back in Westview, the kids have found a puppy, Sparky, but Vision continues to be confused by his surroundings. He's not happy about Wanda using her powers in front of Agnes, and seems to be questioning his surroundings constantly. However, he's distracted when the twins age themselves up from five to ten. 

Darcy is now calling the anomaly the "Hex," and Monica explains that being trapped inside Westview was painful as she could feel her true self pushed down as Wanda controlled what she said and did. Monica doesn't seem to appreciate the mention of Captain Marvel, and quickly moves the conversation on to what she was wearing when she was thrown out of the town. Her 1970s clothes are bulletproof because Wanda is "rewriting reality" and changed what she was wearing - a Kevlar vest - when she went into the Hex. Vision, meanwhile, is at work talking to Norm, when an email somehow comes through from Darcy talking about the weirdness in the town. Vision uses his powers to turn the computer off, but touches Norm's temples and seemingly does the same to him. Suddenly, his true personality returns, and he tells Vision that "she" (Wanda?) is in his head and that it hurts. Vision touches him again, and he's back to being Norm. 

Talking to Billy and Tommy, Wanda strongly hints that she's the one who sent Vision to work because he needed a distraction (the boys point out it's Saturday, not Monday). Suddenly, a noise from outside distracts them; it's an 80s era drone that S.W.O.R.D. has sent in to communicate with Wanda. As her eyes glow red, Director Hayward orders a missile to be fired...and things then get seriously crazy. Wanda emerges from the Hex, with the same costume (and accent) from Avengers: Endgame. She warns them to say out of her home, and Monica attempts to reason with her. She asks what Wanda wants, but the Scarlet Witch says she has what she wants, and that no one will ever take it from her again. Controlling the minds of the S.W.O.R.D. agents, they all point their guns at Hayward as Wanda returns to Westview and the energy field surrounding the town glows red. 

This week's commercial promotes Lagos paper towels, a reference to the Nigerian city where Wanda inadvertently killed Crossbones and set off that explosion. 

In Westview, Agnes has found Sparky's body in her hedges, and Wanda makes it clear to Tommy and Billy that she can't reverse death because there are rules in life. Back at home, Vision reveals he spoke to Norm, and knows that his wife is controlling the people in the town. She attempts to deflect his questions, having the credits roll and hinting that she can control him too. Vision is furious, and reveals he doesn't know what's outside Westivew and that he's scared because he can't remember his life before moving to the town. He questions why there are no other children in the town, and Wanda admits she doesn't even know how all this started. Unfortunately, it's then the doorbell rings. It's Evan Peters as Pietro Maximoff. 

"She recast Pietro?" Darcy asks. Wanda and Pietro embrace, and she seems just as surprised as the rest of us. With that, the episode ends, but not before Pietro asks, "Who's the popsicle?" while pointing at Vision.

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