ANDOR Spoilers: Showrunner Tony Gilroy Breaks Down Season 1's Ending And The Post-Credits Scene

Andor showrunner Tony Gilroy has broken down the season one finale's ending and post-credits scene, explaining what Luthen Rael's smile meant and how season 2 will pick up with what we saw in the stinger.

In the second half of Andor's first season, we followed Cassian to Narkina 5, an Imperial prison planet that saw the future Rebel forced to build mystery machine parts for the Empire. We all immediately started speculating about what those could be, but we finally got an answer in the finale's post-credits scene. 

In that, droids were shown fixing those pieces to a massive satellite dish we eventually learned was the Death Star's laser cannon, confirming that Cassian had unknowingly contributed to creating the weapon he will one day help destroy. 

Talking to The Hollywood Reporter (via, Andor showrunner Tony Gilroy addressed the scene and revealed whether the Death Star's creation will have a larger presence in season 2.

"It’ll still be the looming threat. Rogue One is all about discovering what it is. [Season two is] about who picks up the final breadcrumbs that lead to the beginning of Rogue One. In Rogue One, Cassian goes to the Ring of Kafrene to meet Tivik, who is from Saw’s group, and he says, 'Oh my God, it’s a planet killer.'" 

"Cassian knows some shit, but he’s looking for answers. So we’ll [cover] the breadcrumbs that lead up to that, sure. But we have a situation where Cassian will never know that what he was building is actually the machine that’s going to kill him."

Before we reached that stinger, Cassian confronted Luthen Rael aboard his ship and offered the Rebel leader a choice: "Kill me...or take me in." The finale ends with Luthen smiling, seemingly pleased to have found a new loyal recruit to his cause.

"[It's] a big day for Luthen," Gilroy says. "When he’s listening to Maarva’s speech, it’s not pride of ownership on his part. It is and it isn’t, but it’s another corner of the farm he’s trying to grow."

"So he’s very proud when he hears that. And my God, to finish up the day and have this new asset walk in - who’s been through all this stuff and is still standing and you managed not to kill - and he is now basically saying, 'Alright, I’m in. Blood oath,' that’s a pretty good day, I think."

While it's already been confirmed that we won't see the conversation that followed between Cassian and Luthen, it was a fantastic note to end the season on. Cassian is now ready to fight the good fight, though there are plenty of plot threads to pick up in season 2...including why he was searching for his sister!

All twelve episodes of Andor are now streaming on Disney+.

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