OBI-WAN KENOBI Nearly Saw Darth Vader Take A Shot At Emperor Palpatine For Failing To Defeat Yoda

In Revenge of the Sith, Palpatine failed to kill Yoda after the Jedi Master escaped the villain's wrath. Now, it's been revealed that Darth Vader nearly reminded his Master of that in Obi-Wan Kenobi...

Obi-Wan Kenobi saved its two biggest cameos for the final episode, with Liam Neeson reprising the role of Qui-Gon Jinn and Ian McDiarmid returning as Emperor Palpatine. The latter made it clear to Darth Vader that it was time for his obsession with his former Master to end, explaining why the former Anakin Skywalker put his quest for revenge to one side. 

Talking to The Direct (via about his plans for the Disney+ series when it was going to be a movie, original writer Stuart Beattie said Palpatine was part of his script from the very start. 

"To me, Vader in this period is just so obsessed with Kenobi, so obsessed with revenge and what you [he] did to [him], he just wants to put a lightsaber to him. He wants to kill this guy," the writer explains. "In my film, he was under pressure from the Emperor from the beginning. 'Forget Kenobi. Forget Kenobi. That's Anakin, let that go. Focus on the present, we've got this problem and this problem, this problem,' you know, and Vader just can't let it go."

Beattie would go on to reveal that Palpatine had tasked Vader with stopping a Rebel uprising on a Moon somewhere, and even confirmed that the movie was going to open with the Sith Lord murdering a group of Jedi. Needless to say, Vader didn't want to hear his Master's objections and hit back at him with a line referencing one of Palpatine's biggest failings in Revenge of the Sith.

"I had this really funny line. It was Vader saying, 'Look, Kenobi is one of the two biggest threats in the Galaxy.' And the Emperor responds, 'Pity you didn't kill him when you had the chance.' And Vader responds, 'The other one is Yoda.' And the Emperor just gets really pissed off at him. 'You forget your place.' [Laughs] He's on him from the start, 'Let this go. That's Anakin. You're Darth now.'"

We would have loved to see this, though it may have been a bit too comedic for someone like Vader. Still, we'd have enjoyed seeing Yoda referenced, as the fact that he went into hiding on Dagobah has rarely been addressed. 

There's always room to explore his exile down the line, though, and we certainly wouldn't be against a future Disney+ TV series putting the spotlight on the iconic Jedi Master. After all, isn't it possible he also had some adventures during the time he spent in hiding prior to The Empire Strikes Back?

All episodes of Obi-Wan Kenobi are now streaming on Disney+!

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