THE ACOLYTE Falls Short Of AHSOKA's Five-Day Viewership Total But Is Still Disney+'s Biggest 2024 Launch

THE ACOLYTE Falls Short Of AHSOKA's Five-Day Viewership Total But Is Still Disney+'s Biggest 2024 Launch

Updated viewing numbers are in for The Acolyte and while it did score Disney+'s biggest launch of 2024 for a TV series, it's fallen short of Ahsoka's five-day viewership total. Read on for details...

By JoshWilding - Jun 10, 2024 04:06 PM EST
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Last week, we learned that The Acolyte had a bigger debut than 2023's Ahsoka with a whopping 4.8 million views on Disney+ during its first day on the streamer. 

That was the official word from Disney, anyway, though no first-day viewership numbers were ever officially announced for Ahsoka. Instead, we were told that it took the Star Wars Rebels follow-up five days to reach 14 million views, giving it a per-day average of 2.8 million. 

Whether or not The Acolyte really did beat Ahsoka during its first day of streaming is hard to say; either way, we've now discovered that it failed to top its fellow Star Wars series in its first five days on the platform. 

According to Variety (via, the show drew an impressive 11.1 million viewers, almost 3 million less than Ahsoka during the same period. 

There may be lots of reasons for this, including the fact Ahsoka featured a well-known character and setting. The Acolyte still managed to score Disney+'s biggest debut for a TV series, and these numbers put it in the same ballpark as last year's hit Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

We also can't help but wonder whether the review bombing put casual viewers off. 

In our review of The Acolyte's first four episodes, we concluded by saying, "Star Wars like you’ve never seen it before, The Acolyte soars thanks to its impressive cast, compelling setting, and a mystery which will keep you coming back for more. Now, we just need to hope the series sticks the landing."

Did you watch the first two episodes of The Acolyte on Disney+ last week?

In The Acolyte, an investigation into a shocking crime spree pits a respected Jedi Master (Lee Jung-jae) against a dangerous warrior from his past (Amandla Stenberg). As more clues emerge, they travel down a dark path where sinister forces reveal all is not what it seems...

The series stars Amandla Stenberg, Lee Jung-jae, Manny Jacinto, Dafne Keen, Charlie Barnett, Jodie Turner-Smith, Rebecca Henderson, Dean-Charles Chapman, Joonas Suotamo, and Carrie-Anne Moss.

The next Star Wars TV series comes from creator and showrunner Leslye Headland (Russian Doll), who also serves as executive producer alongside Kathleen Kennedy, Simon Emanuel, Jeff F. King, and Jason Micallef. Charmaine DeGraté and Kor Adana are the co-executive producers, and Rayne Roberts and Damian Anderson are producing.

The first two episodes of The Acolyte are now streaming on Disney+.

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Dabs - 6/10/2024, 4:06 PM
Falls "shot", eh, Josh? Lol typical Josh.
Malatrova15 - 6/10/2024, 4:19 PM
@Dabs - ok buddy thats enough
Origame - 6/10/2024, 4:12 PM
Still on the review bombing train, huh?

Considering how Gung ho rotten tomatoes was about the review bombing of captain marvel (and captain marvel had a higher audience score than this), the fact rotten tomatoes has made no claims of review bombing should make it clear this isn't the case.
Mrnorth1921 - 6/10/2024, 4:21 PM
@Origame - they released a bunch of fake reviews hours before the premiere. It’s doubtful that they were real and even had to briefly stop the critic scores.
Origame - 6/10/2024, 4:35 PM
@Mrnorth1921 - shows how much you don't know about rotten tomatoes. You can't post reviews until the show is available to watch. What you're talking about is the want to see score.
AvalonX - 6/10/2024, 4:41 PM
@Origame - Maybe if he says it enough, he can will it into existence. Disney is notorious for leaving the review window until the last minute anyway.
AvalonX - 6/10/2024, 4:43 PM
@Mrnorth1921 - Try again. Thats not how RT works.
Origame - 6/10/2024, 4:47 PM
@AvalonX - yeah. And of course they'll never say it if the score is way too high or anything. Because f@#$ the actual audience, what matters is making sure the show looks good to help the poor billion dollar studio.
AvalonX - 6/10/2024, 4:48 PM
@Origame - I actually think EP3 will have a high viewership because of all the drama around it. Its like watching a train wreck, can't take your eyes off it.
Mrnorth1921 - 6/10/2024, 4:50 PM
@Origame - you post stuff the day it comes out. Thousands of the audience scores members were made before the show was out. All of them saying it’s woke or it sucks. In a repeated fashion. Thousands were new accounts created the day before.
Mrnorth1921 - 6/10/2024, 4:51 PM
@AvalonX - yes it does. They allow for reviews to be made the day of. Not the hour it was made. Thousands of those review were once sentence reviews. Made by accounts that were created a day before. It was review bombed.
Origame - 6/10/2024, 4:59 PM
@AvalonX - oh definitely.
AvalonX - 6/10/2024, 5:02 PM
@Mrnorth1921 - Dude, please stop. How about the day it went from 26% to 32% in a few hours?

Or is positive review bombing ok? Its back down to 27%. You think people are really just sitting there all day review bombing?

How about IGN, who are shills gave it a 6
Angry Joe who is a progressive clown, gave it a 5 (then complained about it for an hour)

I know you'll say the YouTubers are all incels but you just accept the over 90% critic review? Like there isn't at least a small part of you going, maybe the access media is full of shit?

I asked you before what about Fallout, Blue Eye Samurai, Furiosa, One Piece, that all have high audience scores.

This is the LOWEST reviewed SW project ever. And btw, the Marvels which you guys also said was review bombed has an audience score of 82%. Even if you had bombing going on (in both directions) a 27 is a FN disaster. They got real quiet about season 2 didnt they...
Origame - 6/10/2024, 5:02 PM
@Mrnorth1921 - It's audiences saying if they liked it or not. You expect them to wait the next day?

And so what if a lot of them created the accounts the day of. What do you think that proves? That they decided then they were gonna review it?

Rotten tomatoes made one thing perfectly clear with captain marvel. They take review bombing f@#$ing seriously. If they aren't suspicious of this, there's nothing there. Get over it.
marvel72 - 6/10/2024, 5:06 PM
@Mrnorth1921 - What is the review percentage for The Acolyte 91%? If you click just Top Critics, it drops to 72% that is probably more like the percentage it should have.
Mrnorth1921 - 6/10/2024, 5:09 PM
@Origame - they don’t take it seriously. They wait for the day thag it came out. They should have waited the day after to allow for reviews. But that is their mistake. IMDb has it three hours after it premieres it shows on the east coast.
CorndogBurglar - 6/10/2024, 5:14 PM
@Origame - Why do they keep saying it's the highest release of 2024? What else released this year so far? X-Men 97? What else am I forgetting? Echo? Or did that come out last year?

I just don't get it. Ahsoka stomped the hell out of this show in viewership and it didn't even track well overall. I think Ahsoka had like 14 million or something? They are doing everything in their power to make this show sound like some huge success.
Mrnorth1921 - 6/10/2024, 5:17 PM
@marvel72 - the show isn’t the best show in the world. I’ll give you that. But it is not bad by any stretch of the imagination. It’s a slow but solid open. I like it. Andor was slower for me but I ended up loving it a lot. But it took a while. I saw all the other shows and for the most part I enjoyed them. I am not so harsh on Star Wars universe, I am big fan of them but I am not overly critical on them like I am with comic movies. However I don’t let politics behinds the scenes or in the movie bother me. If I have fun. I have fun.
marvel72 - 6/10/2024, 5:20 PM
@CorndogBurglar - I think Disney class

Star Wars:The Bad Batch
Star Wars:The Acolyte

As three of the big releases this year.

Don't worry we got Agatha and Star Wars:Skeleton Crew to come and compare it to.
CorndogBurglar - 6/10/2024, 5:24 PM
@Mrnorth1921 - Have you actually read the critic reviews? A lot of them feel like review bombs also. Just positive review bombs. It's ignorant to think review bombing only happens on one side of the argument. If you're going to accuse the viewer reviews of review bombing then you also have to accept that it could be happening on the critic side as well, to some extent. Especially when the gap between critic and audience scores are so massive. Because there are a LOT of valid criticisms to be had about this show. There's no way it should be sitting at the critic score it's at right now either.
Mrnorth1921 - 6/10/2024, 5:32 PM
@CorndogBurglar - there had been no record of a positive review bomb. Only negative. IMDb and rotten tomatoes have claimed this. The show is good but not perfect.
Origame - 6/10/2024, 5:38 PM
@Mrnorth1921 - what does it matter?

Origame - 6/10/2024, 5:41 PM
@CorndogBurglar - yeah it was just x men 97. And that was always gonna have a lower viewership for being an animated continuation of an old Saturday morning cartoon. Comparing that to a live action star wars show is like saying my Daewoo is comparable to your camaro.
Origame - 6/10/2024, 5:45 PM
@Mrnorth1921 - "no record of a positive review bomb"

That doesn't sound suspicious to you? You're telling me, with all the fan wars of marvel vs dc, xbox vs playstation, disney vs wb, there's never been one instance of a group using bots to inflate an audience score? And you just accept that from groups like rotten tomatoes, who are owned by a ticket selling company and have an active interest in getting people to the theaters?
Origame - 6/10/2024, 5:47 PM
@CorndogBurglar - also, just looked it up. Echo did come out. But it did like a fraction of the viewership of a show like secret invasion and she hulk. And that's when echo was spread across two streaming platforms instead of just disney+.
Mrnorth1921 - 6/10/2024, 5:49 PM
@Origame - these sites gave confirmed this. Only the negative ones have been a thing. If there have been positive bombs, it’s either so small and unnoticeable that no one has noticed it. Or it has made an effect. Most people who are happy or content about something don’t really talk about it. Unless it’s amazing but even then if it’s good. They just enjoy it
marvel72 - 6/10/2024, 6:12 PM
@Mrnorth1921 - I am glad you are enjoying it.
Origame - 6/10/2024, 6:14 PM
@Mrnorth1921 - again, not suspicious at all? Dude, people like you get your panties in a bunch anytime people don't like it. Your crowd is trying to cancel the critical drinker for not liking the acolytes ffs. You're really gonna tell me they'd try that and not try review bombing?

And again, why do you think rotten tomatoes is trustworthy here? They're owned by fandango meaning they have a vested interest in higher reviews as that's more tickets sold. Not to mention it's been proven they don't give a f@#$ about artificially inflated reviews because it's been proven outside agencies are being hired to bribe critics for good reviews and rotten tomatoes did...NOTHING.

Why do you think we can trust them when they say positive review bombing never happens after what I just pointed out here?
Mrnorth1921 - 6/10/2024, 6:20 PM
@Origame - sometimes the world isn’t what you think. To claim that negative review bombing isn’t real. But positive is. When there has been so many facts that go against this. Sometimes the world is black and white, in this case a bunch people with issues target a show that most likely did not watch all because of the supposed politics behind it. People are just that messed up. Going after something because they don’t like seeing people of other races or females gain prestige in an area long held by by white straight men. Makes them worry for their own sakes. Which is usually unfounded.
Origame - 6/10/2024, 6:25 PM
@Mrnorth1921 - I'm not the one saying there aren't negative review bombing. I'm saying there's no evidence that THIS is not one of those cases.

Oh and of course you gotta make it about white men. Ignore everything I've pointed out about rotten tomatoes ignoring the fact critics are bribed for positive reviews and just blindly trust them that there are no positive review bombs 🙄

This is next level corporate simping.
Origame - 6/10/2024, 6:26 PM
@Mrnorth1921 - also, how do you explain house of the dragon and fallout? Both are female led. Both have diverse casts. Both are beloved by audiences with high scores. Where are the evil white men for these shows?
Origame - 6/10/2024, 6:27 PM
@marvel72 - @AvalonX like clockwork, he blames white men for not liking women and minorities 🤣
MG0019 - 6/10/2024, 6:57 PM
@Origame - I’m sure the numbers are also inflated somehow.

There’s an asterisk with “biggest launch of 2024 on a Tuesday in Bolivia.” But still counts as the “biggest launch of 2024!”

No one in my circles is talking about it, good bad or “triggered.” It’s just not there. Heck, I play the Star Wars MMO, in the biggest guild which has a Watch Party channel on our discord. We’ve talked and memed about all the Disney shows. Acolyte isn’t there at all. No one cares.
Origame - 6/10/2024, 7:08 PM
@MG0019 - I mean, it's already inflated by talking about 2024 numbers on disney+. Let's not forget the whole site is going downhill. Echo did half of secret invasion while being on double the streaming platforms. And that and x men 97 (which if you're comparing a big budget star wars show to a continuation of a Saturday morning cartoon you've got problems), there really wasn't that much competition.

The viewership is much lower than ahsoka, and that really didn't do well.
Mrnorth1921 - 6/10/2024, 7:10 PM
@Origame - because both are white women and strongly sexualized women. Strong but very sexualized. Much easier to swallow for those crowds. And even then there was controversy behind both of them. The main girl in HOTD recognizes themselves as “they”. Non binary. And people were originally annoyed that Lucy was the main character and she is in love with a black man.
Mrnorth1921 - 6/10/2024, 7:11 PM
@Origame - there is strong evidence of negative bombings. It’s been stated in the news cycles many times. RT and IMDb even claimed this to be true.
Origame - 6/10/2024, 7:15 PM
@Mrnorth1921 - yet none of that effected the score. No review bombing there. Wonder why...🤔
Origame - 6/10/2024, 7:16 PM
@Mrnorth1921 - not for this show. Again, I don't know where you're getting I'm denying the existence of review bombing. I'm saying there's no evidence of it from THIS show.

If it's happening, why aren't rotten tomatoes saying or doing anything about it?
Mrnorth1921 - 6/10/2024, 7:18 PM
@Origame - there were review bombings just not at the level of acolyte. This show has been targeted the moment the trailer came out.
Mrnorth1921 - 6/10/2024, 7:20 PM
@Origame - IMDb and RT have already stated that they bombarded by reviews and briefly had to halt it.
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