VENOM: Breaking Down All The Biggest Moments, Easter Eggs, And Spoilers In The New Trailer

The new trailer for Venom is here and it's packed full of big reveals and, uh, terrible dialogue? Regardless, we're breaking down all the most noteworthy moments here, so check them out after the jump...

As expected, Sony Pictures released the first trailer for Venom earlier today and it's left fans with plenty to talk about. Featuring plenty of huge reveals and teases about what's in store for Eddie Brock in this standalone adventure for the symbiote, the three-minute sneak peek definitely makes it clear what sort of movie this is going to be and it may not be what a lot of fans were hoping for from the film. 

Regardless of the questionable special effects and Syfy level dialogue, it is good to know a little more about the direction Sony is taking Venom in, especially as it looks set to be the first of a number of spinoffs the studio is launching set in a Spider-Verse (minus Spider-Man, of course). So, to take a look at our breakdown of the footage, all you guys have to do is click on the "View List" button to check it out. 

Is This Ravencroft?

The trailer kicks off with Eddie Brock doing his reporter thing and visiting what looks like some sort of institute; could this be where he meets Cletus Kasady? I wouldn't be remotely surprised if this scene is actually from the end of the movie and it's where he inadvertently leaves a piece of his symbiote behind which ultimately bonds with the serial killer and transforms into the villainous Carnage.

Either way, it would definitely make sense for Venom to introduce this iconic location and if it is indeed
Ravencroft, then it could set the stage for more villains to be introduced in this Spider-Verse. 


After being thrown out of the Life Foundation in the first trailer, it appears as if the intrepid journalist breaks in to try and find out more and it's then that he crosses paths with a woman who has bonded with a symbiote (I'm guessing she's either Scream or Agony). It appears as if this is the moment Eddie becomes infected and what we see next is him coming to terms with his newfound "partner."

Human Experimentation

Carlton Drake is in charge of the Life Foundation and appears to be a complete lunatic as he believes that bonding unwilling human guinea pigs with these alien symbiotes will create a new, superior lifeform. It's your typical evil plan really but one which does make sense as he clearly believes that humanity is dying and that the only way to save them is by using symbiotes to create new lifeforms.

With any luck, it won't be as simple as that because it's pretty easy to predict that Eddie/Venom will probably be the only fully successful bonding and that a frustrated Carlton will then throw one on in a bid to stop him before ultimately being defeated. Fingers crossed for some surprises along the way! 


The Symbiote Is In Charge

The relationship between Eddie and his symbiote has always been pretty complicated but it's usually Brock who is in charge. However, there's a big difference here because he and Venom have completely separate personalities and it's the symbiote who is in charge and actually able to control Eddie's movements and actions. Whether or not this will remain the case from start to finish remains to be seen but they could end up working together by the time all is said and done as actual partners. 

Eddie Meets The Symbiote

Further driving home the fact that Eddie and Venom are two distinct personalities in this movie is the fact that the symbiote actually separates himself from his host at various points throughout this adventure so they can have a conversation. We see many examples of that here (usually in mirrored surfaces or mentally) but this is actually a pretty cool visual and one which works really well on screen. 

Once again, this does seem like something of a departure from what we're used to seeing in the comic books but there is a precedent for this happening so fans probably shouldn't be too upset or angry. 


Healing Factor

It looks like Eddie is going to be pretty much invulnerable once he's bonded with Venom as a nasty crash off his bike results in the symbiote repairing broken bones and various abrasions before essentially returning its host to life. While you may think this makes the anti-hero a little a too powerful, bear in mind that Venom does have some vulnerabilities but we'll get to those a little later.

Terrible Dialogue

"Eyes...lungs...pancreas. So many snacks, so little time." Yes, that's an actual piece of dialogue in Venom and it's one of many examples of terrible lines scattered throughout this lengthy trailer. 

Honestly, it's on the same level as what you'd expect to hear in a Syfy movie but based on Avi Arad's mentality and approach to comic book adaptations such as this one, that's no massive surprise.

Unfortunately, if these are the best lines Sony could pluck out of the movie for the trailer, that doesn't bode well for the movie itself and the quality of the screenplay is going to be very problematic.


Another Villain

I mentioned Agony and Scream earlier on in this feature and it definitely looks as if one of them will be a secondary antagonist in Venom. Whether she's working with or against Carlton Drake remains to be seen but it definitely appears like she's up to something sinister which will lead to Venom attempting to take her down. Interestingly, it looks like he's wielding the same knife/sword that she has later on in this trailer; could that be an alien weapon which is capable of killing a symbiote once and for all?


At one point in this preview, we get to see Venom plummetting into a fire and that has to be a nod to the fact that it's one of his few vulnerabilities. This bodes well for the movie adhering to the source material in at least some respects and it will be fun seeing what sort of impact the heat has on him. 

It's only a very brief shot, though, and Venom doesn't look too bothered so we'll have to wait and see.


Meet Riot

We knew that Riot would be making an appearance in this trailer and, well, he just looks like a silver version of Venom! However, it does look like he has some additional powers, including massive axes for arms. The trailer also confirms that Carlton Drake is in the "suit" as we see him try to tear the symbiote from Eddie and get a glimpse inside both of those as they engage in an admittedly epic looking battle. 

Riot obviously isn't the villain we wanted to see in this movie (that would be Carnage) but the symbiote on symbiote action does look pretty good and this is a pretty killer shot at the end of this trailer.


"We Are Venom"

Well, this is...unique. As Eddie threatens a random crook as Venom, the mask peels away to reveal his face below and he looks, well, a little vacant? I'm not really sure what the point of this is but it could be from nearer the end of the movie and an indication that he now has control over the symbiote (let's face it, it wouldn't be out of character for Sony to spoil a key moment like this in a freaking trailer). 


After comparing the limbless crook to a "turd" blowing in the wind, Venom seemingly chows down on the poor guy and has clearly retained his taste for brains from the comic books. That's a nice enough nod to the source material but does robbing a convenience store really warrant having your head chomped off? Apparently so and it seems this movie with put the "Lethal" in Lethal Protector.

Regardless, the visuals and dialogue here are not great and the signs are pointing to this being BAD.

What do you think about the new Venom trailer? Are you excited for the movie or did this awful preview kill your interest? As always, be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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