8 Awesome Video Game Franchises That Still Need To Be Adapted For Film Or Television

With the likes of Uncharted, Halo, and Super Mario all on the way, it feels like we're entering a new era of video game movies. There are still some major franchises we need to see on screen, though...

There was a time when we could all agree that, without fail, video game movies sucked. The likes of Doom, Prince of Persia, Hitman, and Warcraft all proved that point, but things have started looking up in recent years. We still get the odd disappointment, but Sonic the Hedgehog exceeded expectations and we're now looking forward to everything from Uncharted to Halo, The Last of Us, and more. 

Hollywood appears to have recognised this change in fortunes as a lot of different properties are being developed for the big and small screens, including Metal Gear Solid and Ghost of Tsushima

However, there are still lots of incredible IPs that could and should be adapted, and it's those we're taking a look at here. We're not just singling out the obvious candidates, so expect to be surprised by some of these suggestions. Oh, and while we have you, it's probably a good time to mention that if you're looking for more video game content, you should check out our sister site, GameFragger.com!

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8. Killzone


On the surface, Killzone may look like just another generic sci-fi shooter, but a solid movie adaptation of the hit PlayStation property could result in the best sci-fi actioner since Aliens

The main villains in the franchise are the Helghast, a faction of Nazi-like human descendants who despise humanity and require a gas mask to breathe on their polluted planet. Players are put in control of Interplanetary Strategic Alliance Captain Jan Templar, the leader of the force attempting to resist the invasion of one of Earth’s colonies from the Helghast.

A later instalment features the ISA taking the fight to the Helghast, and either of these would make a great basis for a big screen adaptation. As well as the unique setting and characters, the clear parallels between the Nazis and Helghast could result in this being a movie that's a lot deeper than your typical blockbuster with a compelling message about the world we live in today.

7. inFamous


The superhero genre is already crowded, especially as Marvel Studios expand not just in theaters, but also on Disney+. Warner Bros. is similarly expanding the DC Extended Universe, but The Boys and Invincible prove there's still room for a different type of superhero story. 

inFamous doesn’t initially bring anything new to the genre; Cole MacGrath is a bike courier who happens to be in the centre of an explosion which grants him electricity-based superpowers. However, it’s how he then uses those powers that could actually make a movie or even animated series based on this game a refreshing change of pace.

There are some really clever twists and turns scattered throughout, while Cole’s decision to use his powers for bad or good (and the way they’re affected as a result) could be very interesting to see.

6. Grand Theft Auto


Grand Theft Auto is one of the most successful video game franchises of all time, so why has it never properly been adapted for film or television? Well, Rockstar is incredibly protective of the amazing series and wouldn’t want to taint any one of their critically acclaimed releases with a mediocre adaptation.

Still, if the right filmmaker is found, we could be looking at something amazing here. While Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto IV both lend themselves to possible live-action adaptations, Grand Theft Auto V would, in some ways, be more suitable due to the fact that it features three fascinating lead protagonists and yet another thrilling, satirical and powerful story.

But just how much interest would there be in a direct adaptation of any one of these games? Instead, Rockstar might be much better off creating a wholly original story and overseeing the movie themselves.

5. Legend of Zelda


A movie based on Nintendo’s beloved Zelda franchise would work on a number of levels. It could be the next big animated franchise or even as sprawling and epic as The Lord of the Rings in live-action (talks of a Netflix TV series way back in 2015 sadly never went much further than that).

The creators of the franchise once suggested that the movie could be an interactive experience requiring moviegoers to bring along their 3DS handheld gaming devices to theaters. It was, without a doubt, a clever idea but one that would probably prove to be a huge turn off for anyone who a) doesn’t own one of a Switch or b) would rather not see a wave of screens lit up in front of them!

This stunning fantasy franchise would be something truly special in the right hands, but with Nintendo so notoriously protective of its IPs, we're not banking on any sort of movie, interactive or otherwise, just yet. We'd hope to see one down the line, though, as Link deserves a faithful adaptation. 

4. Battlefield: Bad Company


There are a lot of first-person shooters out there, and we're sure many of you may be surprised to see that Call of Duty hasn’t made it onto this list. Well, as impressive as that series may be, outside of a solid multiplayer mode, it's never really done much to stand out from the crowd.

We've seen a million war movies over the years, but Battlefield: Bad Company would be a little more unique. The characters above are a team of troublemakers whose use in the battlefield is limited to the role of cannon fodder. However, when they realise that they can get their hands on some gold and retire from the army that treats them so poorly, the foursome invade a neutral country in the midst of a war between the Russian Federation and United States.

Seeing these soldiers turn their back on a country that's abandoned them in a quest to get rich would be great fun in a movie or TV series, especially with the right cast. It would also be infinitely more interesting to watch than the generic sci-fi direction these games have since gone in.

3. Heavy Rain


Heavy Rain was a groundbreaking video game that put players in control of almost every action of four different characters, each of whom was on a quest for a child murderer known as the Origami Killer. 

The story follows Ethan (the father of the latest child to go missing), Scott (a private investigator partnered with the mother of one of the missing children), Norman (an FBI profiler sent from Washington to support the police with their investigation into the Origami Killer) and Madison (a photographer who finds herself also investigating the murders). It’s a fascinating story full of twists and turns, and the story has all the ingredients to be an incredible big screen thriller.

Someone like David Fincher adapting this PlayStation exclusive would be a dream come true as it's impossible to imagine a director better suited to bringing this video game to the big screen than the man responsible for the likes of Zodiac and Se7en.

2. God Of War


There are a lot of potential directions to take a franchise like this one in live-action. The latest instalments have picked up with an older Kratos heading into battle alongside his young son. Like The Last of Us, that's an idea with obvious appeal, and a nice departure from your typical action fantasy. 

However, after flops like Clash of the Titans and Warcraft, an epic blockbuster set during the lead character's heyday could result in a God of War franchise that brings those epic visuals from the PlayStation 2 to the big screen in a way that rivals Thor, for example. Either way, you've got something special here and the fact that it doesn't seem to be a priority for Sony honestly leaves us perplexed. 

Perhaps things will change when the series ends on video game consoles (similar to Uncharted), but providing enough care and time is put into a screenplay and you find the right director, this could be a must-see, great movie. After all, not every fantasy adventure has to be like Brett Ratner's Hercules!

1. Resistance: Fall Of Man


A PlayStation 3 launch title, Resistance: Fall of Man wasn't Insomniac's biggest hit, but it's an IP that's ripe for a film or television adaptation. Set in an alternate history 1951, the game followed Sergeant Nathan Hale as he and the human resistance forces attempt to drive a mysterious alien-like invasion out of the United Kingdom.

As well as battling aliens, Hale wielded some badass alien tech along the way that helped even the odds in intense and sometimes even frightening battles. Mixing aliens with World War II would be a blast, and while there's no denying that a Resistance movie could be downright terrible in the wrong hands, the core idea is one we'd like to see brought into live-action.

Alternate histories are always fun to explore, and we wouldn't be against this being a TV show that borrows elements from the likes of Bad of Brothers, War of the Worlds, and The Man in the High Castle. Add those together, and you'd arguably be left with appointment viewing. 

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