Gal Gadot Shares WONDER WOMAN 3 Update Along With New WW84 Behind-The-Scenes Photo

Gal Gadot Shares WONDER WOMAN 3 Update Along With New WW84 Behind-The-Scenes Photo

It sounds like there's finally been some movement on the third Wonder Woman movie, as star Gal Gadot and director Patty Jenkins have shared a positive update on the threequel's script.

By MarkCassidy - Apr 19, 2022 09:04 AM EST
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It's been a while since we had any news on Warner Bros.' plans for Wonder Woman 3, with speculation mounting that the studio may have put Diana Prince's third solo outing on the backburner following the tepid response (critically and commercially) to WW84.

Last we heard, director Patty Jenkins was working out some story details, but it sounds like there's finally been some movement on the script.

While chatting to Forbes about their new business venture, Jenkins and star Gal Gadot offered a positive update on the project, confirming that "the wheels are turning" on the third film inching closer to production.

“Thank you! So happy to hear that. I appreciate that," said Jenkins when congratulated on the success of the franchise. "We can’t wait to get the next movie out, too.” Gadot then added; “We’re talking! We’re actually in the mix of working on the script and getting the third one made, so it’s all wheels are working and turning and I’m super, super excited for the fans to come and watch Wonder Woman 3 once it’s made.”

Very little is known about Wonder Woman 3, but Lynda Carter is expected to return after making a brief appearance in the mid-credits scene of WW84 as legendary warrior Asteria, who was believed to have been killed when she sacrificed herself in order to allow her fellow Amazons to escape "the tide of man" and settle on the island of Themyscria. Diana donned her golden armor for the final battle against Cheetah.

Let us know what you hope to see from the threequel in the comments section. Gadot also shared a new behind-the-scenes photo from WW84, which you can check out below.

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OmegaDaGrodd - 4/19/2022, 9:44 AM
Every Wonder Woman 3 update feels like a threat
ElricReturns - 4/19/2022, 3:12 PM
@OmegaDaGrodd - well apparently they were smoking the pipe while making the last one. Hopefully they've gotten clean since then.
Darlene1974 - 4/19/2022, 9:50 AM
I just hope Patty Jenkins actually try to adapt one or two of the WW stories from the comics, there's plentiful there. I hope she won't create her own story BS. All we can do is hope for the 3rd one will be better than WW84
SerKurtWagner - 4/19/2022, 11:46 AM
@Darlene1974 - ... Almost every single superhero movie is an original story? Barely any are direct adaptations of any comic plotlines.
BigBoiJoe - 4/19/2022, 1:10 PM
@SerKurtWagner - very good point
TheWalkingCuban - 4/19/2022, 9:50 AM
Oh how the mighty have fallen
Kyos - 4/19/2022, 9:53 AM
I'll deal with the third one like I did with the second one: if Steve Trevor is back I'm likely not.
KWilly - 4/19/2022, 9:54 AM
Well, that's a suggestive thumbnail
Shivermetimbers - 4/19/2022, 3:28 PM
@KWilly - She can blow my horn anytime.
VileBlood - 4/19/2022, 9:55 AM
I hope she took a few more acting classes since the last film.
feedonatreefrog - 4/19/2022, 10:18 AM
@obredaan - she was really good in WW84
TheRose - 4/19/2022, 9:55 AM
Since they blew their shot with Cheetah, I'm hoping the next villain is Felix Faust. This would send Diana on a sort of Mythic Quest to outrace this sorcerer. She can meet any number of allies and enemies along the way, like Cassie or Troia and Silver Swan. I'm particularly interested in the potential Circe as a bigger bad later down the road (I would love to see her if the Injustice League is ever properly realized on film, with a new Cheetah avatar as her pet--sorry Kristin Wiig).
Forthas - 4/19/2022, 9:58 AM
Please God...not Wonder Woman 3...Don't tell me...Steve Trevor comes back as a cyborg... one of the MANY existing DC franchises that needs to be purged!
MrDandy - 4/19/2022, 9:58 AM
Really hoping Jenkins returns to form for this third one. Second was a massive disappointment compared to the first.
JonC - 4/19/2022, 10:37 AM
@MrDandy - From what i understand she had more input in WW84 that in WW, so be careful what you ask for.
TheRationalNerd - 4/19/2022, 11:51 AM
@JonC - facts. The story treatment for WW1 was great. Patty having too much control made it a MESS!
Fares - 4/19/2022, 9:58 AM
Hope it's more like the first rather than the second.

Sword and shield Diana is the superior Diana as far as I'm concerned, and those WW1 battle scenes in the first movie are just immaculate.
Inktown03 - 4/19/2022, 9:59 AM
Hey hey WW3 is looking pretty good so far!
GhostDog - 4/19/2022, 9:59 AM
Just imagine
bobevanz - 4/19/2022, 10:02 AM
Get someone else to write it
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