WONDER WOMAN 1984 Executive Producer Reveals The Sequel's Original Lead Villain Before Maxwell Lord

WONDER WOMAN 1984 Executive Producer Reveals The Sequel's Original Lead Villain Before Maxwell Lord

Wonder Woman 1984 writer and executive producer Geoff Johns has revealed who the sequel's lead villain was before Pedro Pascal was cast as the sinister Maxwell Lord. Find more details after the jump...

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Wonder Woman 1984 drew mostly positive reviews from critics (at first, anyway), but fans are definitely divided over the DC Comics sequel. The movie's villains weren't the best, with Cheetah proving to be a disappointment and Maxwell Lord...well, Pedro Pascal was great, but the character's plan was extremely hit-and-miss. 

Using a Dreamstone to grant wishes, Lord became increasingly more powerful and unhinged as the story progressed, ultimately throwing in the towel when his son was in danger. 

It wasn't particularly original, but CBR has now shared some comments from co-writer and executive producer Geoff Johns, taken from a "Making Of" featurette for Wonder Woman 1984, in which he reveals early plans for a lesser-known, though considerably more powerful big bad. 

"We had toyed around early on about using the Duke of Deception, but it felt like we had already done a god in the first one with the God of War. And we didn't want to be repetitive with another god," the comic book scribe revealed, referencing the trickster God who often teams with the villainous Circe.

Despite similarities to 2017's Wonder Woman, this might have worked a little better than giving Lord those over-the-top wish-granting abilities. 

Wonder Woman 3 is currently in the works from Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot, though fans are hoping for a slightly more badass take on Diana Prince when the Amazon Warrior returns to the DCEU.

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10. The "Bialyian Dynasty"


Maxwell Lord heads to Cairo, Egypt, and offers Emir Said Bin Abydos anything he wishes for...in exchange for his oil. We learn  that he wants nothing more than for the ancestral lands of the Bialyian dynasty to be returned to his family line, and this should mean a lot to fans of Black Adam. 

In the DC Universe, Bialya was introduced in 1987's Justice League #2 as a militaristic state which has suffered for years thanks to tyrannical leaders (like the villainous Queen Bee). 

Black Adam actually attacked Bialya when he was pursuing the man who murdered and wife and brother-in-law, and he killed millions during his mission. Needless to say, we wouldn't be remotely surprise if the upcoming movie starring Dwayne Johnson makes references to this fictional location!

9. The Original Steve Trevor

When Steve Trevor is brought back from the dead, he inhabits the body of a man played by Kristoffer Polaha. While both Diana Prince and the audience see Chris Pine's version of the character, his spirit is actually possessing someone else entirely (pretty weird when you think about it, right?).

Regardless, there's a good reason Polaha was chosen to play the other "Steve."

As director Patty Jenkins explains above, the actor's resemblance to Lyle Waggoner - who played Steve Trevor in the Wonder Woman TV series - was a deliberate inclusion for longtime fans. 

8. "Beautiful Lie"


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice remains something of a divisive movie, with the "Martha" scene one moment, in particular, that's still hotly debated online among those who loved and hated it.

During both that and a flashback to a young Bruce Wayne attending his parents' funeral, a beautiful piece of music title "Beautiful Lie" played in the background. Composed by Hans Zimmer, it was hard to fault the composer's work regardless of what you thought about that story beat.

Oddly, the exact same track returns in Wonder Woman 1984 when Diana Prince is delivering her emotional message to the world. Was Zimmer being lazy or did it just fit the scene? Who knows!

7. Gorilla Grodd?


When Steve Trevor's watch comes back to life in Diana Prince's apartment, a book can be seen on the same shelf which is titled "The Natural Life of the Gorilla." So what, right? 

Well, of all the books Wonder Woman could be reading, why that one? Honestly, we can't help but wonder (no pun intended) if the archaeologist has stumbled upon Gorilla City in her adventures, potentially crossing paths with Flash villain Gorilla Grodd and his occasional ally King Solovar. 

It would be pretty cool to pay a visit to that city in the now confirmed threequel, that's for sure. 

6. Simon Stagg


Upon gaining the powers of the Dreamstone, Maxwell Lord pays Simon Stagg and manages to exact his revenge on his former business associate. However, if the name rang a bell, it's because he's a recurring presence in the comics, most frequently as an antagonist to the heroic Metamorpho.

Stagg Industries managed to survive Lord's machinations because it was referenced in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and more specifically, the 2016 movie's marketing campaign. 

In that, we learn that the company is best known for its chemistry and genetics industries, though it has several military defence contracts, the third largest such developer after LexCorp and Kord Industries, spending $628,000,000 annually. Clearly, someone decided that oil wasn't the way to go!

5. Duke of Deception


When the true nature of the Dreamstone is revealed, Wonder Woman mentions that the "Duke of Deception" is responsible for its creations. We don't learn much more than that, but it's clear that the magical artefact is tied to the ancient Gods this Diana Prince's origin story is connected to. 

However, while the "Duke" is mentioned in a throwaway manner, he does have a comic book counterpart. A relatively minor villain, he's actually often been shown working with Ares and Circe.

The former obviously battled Wonder Woman in the 2017 movie, while Circe is a villain many fans are hoping will be part of Wonder Woman 3. Regardless, this is definitely a cool hidden detail.

4. Etta Candy


Lucy Davis did a great job playing Etta Candy in Wonder Woman. Unfortunately, the fact this sequel takes place so many decades after the events of that movie means she's no longer around.

On the plus side, one of the photographs in Diana Prince's apartment confirms that they stayed friends for years after Steve Trevor's demise, and even went on what appears to be a cruise together.

There are other nods there, with Chief Napi spotted at a wedding featuring everyone aside from Steve Trevor. Sadly, this also emphasises just how alone in the world Wonder Woman is now. 

3. The Dreamstone


On the surface, the Dreamstome seems like a pretty terrible MacGuffin...and, well, it kind of is!

However, the name alone appears to be a pretty deep dive nod to DC Comics history, and more specifically, Neil Gaiman's Sandman, Morpheus. Also known there as Materioptikon, the Dreamstone looked quite a bit different, but still turn the user's dreams into a reality.

That's pretty much where the similarities end, unfortunately, and the origin stories of both artefacts appear to be very different. However, as Geoff Johns worked on the screenplay, this may be his doing!

2. The Invisible Jet


In Wonder Woman 1984, the Invisible Jet is just a regular jet that Diana Prince is able to turn invisible. This is a far cry from the comic books where it's been revealed that it can fly at 144,000mph!

While you might think the hero using her powers to turn the jet piloted by Steve Trevor invisible is a little silly, this is actually pretty in line with the source material. Unfortunately, it feels like this might be a one-time deal, especially as Wonder Woman ultimately gains the ability to fly here. 

That likely means Diana won't be using her Invisible Jet to finally return home to Themyscira. 

1. Lynda Carter Returns


In the movie's mid-credits scene, it's revealed that Asteria - the original owner of the Golden Eagle armour - is alive and well. As Diana Prince reveals, she stayed behind to buy her fellow Amazons the time they needed to flee to Themyscira and hide themselves from the world. 

Sadly, that means she was forced to live a solitary life, though Wonder Woman appears to be under the impression she's died (especially as she only found her armour, and no sign of Asteria herself).

What this is teasing is hard to say, but the character is played by original Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter. Honestly, we just hope this is leading to her donning that Golden Eagle armour in Wonder Woman 3.

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L0RDbuckethead - 4/19/2021, 2:31 AM
UXASIS - 4/19/2021, 2:36 AM
He was mentioned during the description of the Wish-stone.
bkmeijer2 - 4/19/2021, 3:43 AM
The villain wasn't really the problem for me, just the logic of it all didn't make an awful lot of sense.
FrankieDedo - 4/19/2021, 3:57 AM
Yeah sure, they already used a god, that was the cause, it was absolutely not like "it would have felt like we put a bad copy of Loki, the God of Mischief".

SwampThing - 4/19/2021, 4:06 AM
What a horrible dumpster fire this movie was. It was worse than the worst MCU movie I can think of, and I'm not that huge of an MCU fan.
Captainhulk1 - 4/19/2021, 5:38 AM
@SwampThing - Yeah and it was about as good as the best DCEU movie I can think of.
dagenspear - 4/19/2021, 10:44 AM
@SwampThing - Was it?
marvel72 - 4/19/2021, 4:34 AM
After Wonder Woman 1984,I really couldn't
give a shit about another one from Patty.

I am quite happy with what we have already.

Batman V.Superman:Dawn Of Justice
Wonder Woman
Justice League The Snyder Cut
dagenspear - 4/19/2021, 10:43 AM
@marvel72 - I don't prefer the majority of that.
DoubleD - 4/19/2021, 4:36 AM
The Wish-Master was a terrible lead villain should have just made Cheetah the main bad and leave Steve dead. Make the year 2020 not 1984.
PrinceOfPersia - 4/19/2021, 7:11 AM
@DoubleD - Exactly.
MyBeard - 4/19/2021, 7:21 AM
@DoubleD - While I agree with what you've said here. One thing having Steve back and in the past did, was help explain why she was still so hung up on him in the present day. Otherwise, it seems pretty ridiculous that she was forever in love, and heartbroken, by losing a guy she knew for a week a hundred years ago. At least another adventure filled with their chemistry and ending with more noble sacrifice gave her additional material to believe he is her soulmate.

Otherwise the movie was much lamer than I had hoped for. Took me three times to get all the way through without falling asleep.
bobevanz - 4/19/2021, 5:13 AM
I'm so glad they used a magical rock instead, so creative lmao
valmic - 4/19/2021, 5:33 AM
They made a movie set in 1984, had a president be in a big part of it and DIDNT make that president Ronald Regan?!?! This movie was almost as bad as Dark Phoenix being set in the 90s and yet not having fun with it.
MyBeard - 4/19/2021, 7:23 AM
@micvalpro - The president was obviously meant to be a Ronald Reaganesque parody.

I doubt they want to run the risk of pissing off the political class on both sides by calling him Ronald Reagan.
dagenspear - 4/19/2021, 10:42 AM
@micvalpro - How is that bad? And who says it wasn't Reagan?
soberchimera - 4/19/2021, 6:21 AM
Geoff....why couldn't you just have stuck to writing comics?
feedonatreefrog - 4/19/2021, 6:51 AM
Great movie. Great villain
DarkDetective - 4/19/2021, 7:05 AM
@feedonatreefrog - lol
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