WONDER WOMAN 1984 Star Connie Nielsen Feels Delayed Release Contributed To Negative Reaction

WONDER WOMAN 1984 Star Connie Nielsen Feels Delayed Release Contributed To Negative Reaction

Wonder Woman 1984 received a decidedly mixed reaction from fans and critics, but Connie Nielsen (Hippolyta) has now defended Patty Jenkins' vision while weighing in on the sequel's detractors...

By MarkCassidy - Mar 30, 2021 09:03 AM EST
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Following some glowing first reactions, the critical response to Wonder Woman 1984 proved to be surprisingly divisive - and the fans were even less impressed. Many have also come out in defense of Patty Jenkins' heartfelt sequel, of course, and we can count star Connie Nielsen among those who feel the DC Comics movie was judged too harshly.

While speaking to Den of Geek, Nielsen said she thinks WW84 is a "beautiful film," and suggests that the delayed release and ultimate decision to debut the movie in theaters and on HBO max at the same time may have resulted in unrealistic expectations.

“I think that Patty has this extraordinary vision,” said Nielsen, who returns as Hippolyta in Zack Snyder’s Justice League. “And it must have been incredibly painful to not be able to have a normal release and to have your release shuffled over and over, feeling this enormous weight on your shoulders for a pretty big blockbuster film, that you’re supposed to be bringing the bacon back to the company, and you can’t because you can’t open the film.”

“I think that what happens psychologically is that a lot of movies like that then get into this insecure territory where they’re up for a judgment that would not normally have happened," she continues. "The fact that it was moved so many times, put it under scrutiny that it did not deserve. It also, as a sophomore film, will always be compared to the one before.”

What do you guys make of Nielsen's comments? Do you agree that WW84 got a bad rap? Let us know in the usual place, and find out where the movie placed in our DCEU ranking below.

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Aquaman tops billion-dollar benchmark thanks to international sales

You probably weren't expecting to see this at the bottom of the list! I'm completely aware that I'm in the minority here, but James Wan's hokey farce of an Aquaman movie did nothing for me at all.

Arthur Curry's first solo film almost falls over itself in an attempt to change the perception that the DCEU was too "dark and depressing." Wan's movie is bright, colorful (garish, really), and tries to inject a sense of fun and old-fashioned adventure into pretty much every scene. Unfortunately, it forgets to include little things like compelling characters and an engaging story along the way.

The script is perfunctory, the performances range from passable to outright egregious (seriously, where did they find the kid that played teenage Arthur?), and almost every line of dialogue is either exposition, an eye-rolling cliche or some brotastic, juvenile one-liner.

I did laugh several times during this movie, but it definitely wasn't at any of the "jokes."

On the plus side, Aquaman does feature some stunning visuals and brilliantly creative creature designs, all of which come together for a pretty damn bonkers finale - though by that stage I was on my second watch check.

Suicide Squad

Image result for suicude squad

I actually enjoyed David Ayer's Suicide Squad to an extent, but considering the movie we got was nowhere near as good as its awesome trailers promised, it has to be considered a major disappointment.

The film begins well enough, but as it goes on it just gets messier and messier until it pretty much loses all sense of cohesiveness. Add baffling character choices, bizarre needle drops, and a pair of laughable villains to the mix and it's not hard to see why so many fans and critics dismissed it entirely.

And yet, Suicide Squad does have its moments. Some individual scenes work very well (Batman's face-off with Deadshot, for example) and the cast is mostly on form, with Margot Robbie, Will Smith and Viola Davis, in particular, putting in great performances.

Not a complete washout, but this should have been so much more.

Justice League

Image result for justice league

Like a lot of its fellow DCEU entries, I believe Justice League gets a bit of a bad rap and is a far more entertaining movie than many give it credit for. That said, there's no denying that the first big-screen team-up of DC's best and brightest should have been a lot better.

What went wrong? It's probably quicker to list off what didn't, but it's clear that Zack Snyder being replaced by Joss Whedon had a major impact on the finished product. Would it have been a better movie if Snyder had been able to finish the job? Well, we now have our answer!

As it stands, this version of Justice League is loud, brash, campy, exciting, funny, and... kind of a mess. Most of the characters are well served, though, and there is fun to be had - it's just a shame this wasn't the cinematic event DC fans were hoping for.


Image result for shazam movie

Shazam! was envisioned as a more family-friendly DC movie with the focus placed on heart over grit, and in that respect, David F. Sandberg delivered. It's endearing, funny and engaging (at least until it overstays its welcome), but it's also overlong, a little too twee, and ultimately just not particularly memorable.

That said, it's never less than entertaining thanks to a terrific cast, a genuinely warm and funny script (take note, Aquaman) and some exciting, if slightly iffy CGI-heavy, action sequences.

At the end of the day, Kids seemed to love Shazam!, and that's really all that matters.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

Image result for batman vs superman

It really wouldn't be accurate to call the reviews for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice mixed, because the majority of critics hated the movie with a passion.

To be fair, Zack Snyder's follow up to Man of Steel does have a lot of problems. It's messy, disjointed, over-long by a good 20 minutes or so, and - most crucially for purists - offers radically different takes on the iconic DC heroes of its title. But despite all of this, I believe BVS is quite a bit better than its reputation would suggest.

I'm not one of these Snyder die-hards that thinks it's some kind of misunderstood masterpiece, but I do believe many critics - and fans - chose to focus on what the movie did wrong while completely disregarding everything it did right.

The first big-screen meeting of DC's Trinity was definitely not the cinematic event it could (or should) have been, and that "Martha" scene is probably destined to be ridiculed and misunderstood in equal measure for many years to come, but give it another watch some cold, rainy night and you might be surprised by how well it holds up.

Wonder Woman 1984

Wonder Woman 1984 Early Reactions Praise An Ambitious, Heartfelt Sequel

The initial reactions to Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman 1984 were overwhelmingly positive, but that soon changed when more critics were given the opportunity to see the DC Comics sequel, and it's since proved to be just as divisive with the fans.

I enjoyed the movie quite a bit, but it's hard to argue with a lot of the criticism, and it comes in just behind its predecessor on this list.

WW84 is fun, exciting, and even thought-provoking at times, but the script is all over the place. Most superhero movies require some suspension of disbelief, of course, but the logic lapses here make it difficult to stay engaged, and how invested you allow yourself to become may hinge on your willingness to buy into some tough to swallow plot points (we're looking at you, magic wish stone).

If you can get past the silliness, however, WW84 proves to be an emotional, uplifting superhero sequel with strong performances and some very exciting set pieces.

Wonder Woman

Image result for wonder woman

For many, Wonder Woman will take the top spot here, and that's completely understandable. Not only was it the first solo big screen outing for one of the most popular superheroes in history, but it was also the first female-led comic book movie from any major studio since Elektra back in 2005.

Oh yes, there was also the small matter of a lot of people pinning their hopes on Patty Jenkins' film to be the one that "saved" The DCEU. While I wasn't necessarily of the opinion that The DCEU needed saving, there's no denying that Jenkins knocked it out of the park.

If you were of the belief that WB desperately needed to inject a bit more heart into The DCEU, then Wonder Woman must have been a breath of fresh air. It's funny, engaging and action-packed, with a strong emotional core and a star-making turn from Gal Gadot. It does have some problems (the third act flounders a little and lays on the cheese), but overall, Jenkins' old-school adventure served as a terrific setup for Diana's cinematic future.

Birds of Prey

Image result for birds of prey and the fantabulous

Birds of Prey better than Wonder Woman? There wasn't much in it, but Cathy Yan's bonkers girl-gang flick is simply more my cup of tea. The movie struggled at the box office despite positive reviews, and that was a real shame because BOP is an absolute blast.

If you've seen the trailers, you'll have a pretty good idea how things play out. The film isn't really concerned with clever twists or major surprises and the plot is very straightforward, even a little cliched. That's not to say things ever get boring (one thing this movie definitely is not, is boring) or that there's no creativity on display, and the cornucopia of colorful characters are more than enough to keep us engaged.

Sure, it's a little uneven and maybe not quite as subversive as it'd like to be, but, for my money, The Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn is still the most purely entertaining movie on this list.

Man of Steel

Image result for man of steel

Just like many will scoff at Aquaman placing so low, Man of Steel coming in third (second if you don't count Joker as a DCEU film) is bound to be a controversial choice. But, I honestly believe Zack Snyder's Superman reboot remains one of the most underrated and underappreciated comic book movies of all time.

Highly divisive upon its release and panned by many critics, Snyder's take on the iconic DC hero was widely criticized for being too "grimdark," but look beyond the visual aesthetics and more somber tone (when compared to the Richard Donner movies, at least) and the brighter themes most closely associated with the character do shine through.

The movie also features some incredible action sequences, a career-best performance from Henry Cavill in the lead, and a stunning score from Hans Zimmer.

There are some problems, but, for the most part, Snyder succeeded in rebooting Superman for the modern era, and laid the groundwork for Warner Bros.' shared DC movie universe. Granted, things didn't quite work out moving forward, but Man of Steel was a stellar start.

Zack Snyder's Justice League

Zack Snyder's Justice League review: "A fascinating, flawed climax to  Snyder's grand DC experiment" | GamesRadar+

Nobody really expected it to happen, but the fabled "Snyder Cut" of Justice League was released on HBO Max on this week, and the response has been (mostly) very positive.

It's not hard to see why, because this epic adventure is superhero storytelling on a grand scale, and everything the 2017 theatrical cut should have been.

If you're not a fan of the filmmaker's style, this probably won't do much to sway you, but it's difficult to imagine even the most ardent Snyder detractor failing to admit that this 4-hour cut improves on the original film in pretty much every way. The story flows much more cohesively, the characters are better defined and developed, it's far more tonally consistent, and just makes a lot more sense in general.

Zack Snyder's Justice League won't please everyone, and has no aspirations to do so. The divisive director has delivered his definitive take on the DC Comics super-team, embracing the characters' rich mythology and treating them with the respect they deserve. It's not perfect by any means, but should still be viewed as a monumental triumph for Snyder and his legions of fans.


Image result for joker movie

Joker isn't technically considered part of the DC Films Universe because of its standalone nature, but until Warner Bros. officially confirms that it won't tie into its wider universe in any way, it earns a spot in this list. If you disagree that's no problem... simply count ZSJLas #1!

All of the hullabaloo surrounding Joker in the buildup to its release proved to be totally unfounded, but the movie still remains a controversial and highly divisive film. While I certainly understand some of the criticism that has been leveled at it, I believe Todd Philips' Joker is a stunning achievement overall and the best DC Comics adaptation WB has produced in the modern era.

It is not an easy watch, there's no doubt about that. If you're looking for some comic book movie escapism this is not the movie for you. It's violent, disturbing, and pretty much unrelentingly bleak. But it's also a stunningly shot, haunting character piece with a mesmerizing score from Hildur Gudnadottir and a truly outstanding central performance.

It definitely won't be for everyone and one could argue that Phillips does revel in nihilism to some extent, but at the end of the day this is an R-rated origin story for one of the most deranged, murderous villains in fiction, and the film reflects that. It may not make you feel good, but it will make you feel something, and sometimes that's enough.
WONDER WOMAN 1984 Star Chris Pine On Sequel's Negative Reception: I Love The Movie, So There

WONDER WOMAN 1984 Star Chris Pine On Sequel's Negative Reception: "I Love The Movie, So There"

WW84 Director On Sequel's Third Anniversary: I Love That You Are Thinking Of It As A Christmas Movie Now
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Humperdink - 3/30/2021, 9:02 AM
It was the extremely messy script and scattershot tone for me, Connie.
regularmovieguy - 3/30/2021, 9:05 AM

I thought the tone was pretty consistent. Felt reminiscent of the Donner movies.
mastakilla39 - 3/30/2021, 9:13 AM
@regularmovieguy - It felt more like the lester movies AKA Superman 3 & 4 to me because it was so goofy. It didn't have the heart and charm as the donnor movies because the script and acting aren't as great.

TBH the negative reaction would've been much worst if critics didn't get 1st viewing and scoring. If it was day and date for everyone than the flood of negative reviews would be consistent.
regularmovieguy - 3/30/2021, 9:18 AM

“TBH the negative reaction would've been much worst if critics didn't get 1st viewing and scoring.”

Critics get first viewing with all movies. Lmao. Unless they’re complete piles of shit and the studio decides against it.
Lem1 - 3/30/2021, 9:25 AM
@Humperdink - "Scattershot"! That's good, never heard that phrase b4
mastakilla39 - 3/30/2021, 9:46 AM
@regularmovieguy - I know that. I was just saying that reviews are always going to be inconsistent because of that. WW84 saw 1 of the hugest shift in critical reception because all the top critics saw it a month early and gave it a positive review. Then when the rest of the critics and audiences saw it they all thought it was bad and the ratings plummeted.

I think 1 way to solve this issue is to give it to everyone "all at once".
Goldboink - 3/30/2021, 9:46 AM
@Humperdink -
My wife is all into WW and she found it unwatchable. I didn't even try.
regularmovieguy - 3/30/2021, 9:48 AM

The critics scores aren’t supposed to reflect that of the general audience. I’m sure some reviewers are influenced by studio favors (gifts, premier access, interviews, etc.) but they’re feelings aren’t to reflect that of the general audience or the fan base.
Humperdink - 3/30/2021, 9:51 AM
@regularmovieguy -

I thought the tone was pretty consistent.

The first 30 minutes were reminiscent of the Donner movies then it's a wide imbalanced spectrum. It suddenly shifted from super cheesy action into a romantic drama, then straightforward action film, etc. The problem was the the writing was logically inconsistent and contrived so it's not surprising that the tone was too.
mastakilla39 - 3/30/2021, 9:55 AM
@regularmovieguy - I never said it reflected the general audience, it only reflects the "top critics" which are only about 30 people. The other 180 non-top critics are the ones who caused that huge shift and since they don't get those early access/gifts its probably less bias. If the top critics are favoring the studio then thats already a flaw in its score.

General audiences have another rating system but if you compare/contrast both it equals to a lackluster film in general.
regularmovieguy - 3/30/2021, 9:56 AM

Agree to disagree. I do think the story was a mess but I thought the tone was relatively consistent. Most of the movie was cheesy, corny and leaned into the romance between Pine and Gadot.
regularmovieguy - 3/30/2021, 9:58 AM

“General audiences have another rating system but if you compare/contrast both it equals to a lackluster film in general.”

Haha, is anyone saying the scores are different? Really not even sure what you’re trying to say any more.
Humperdink - 3/30/2021, 10:08 AM
@regularmovieguy -

If you compare the action scenes in the mall with the scenes that take place in Egypt, you can see a clear difference in tonal approached.

One feels like a Donner cheesy action flick, the other is straightforward and more serious.

You can't say that it maintained the same goofy charms it did in the first 30 minutes. Had it done so, it may have been better received but at times it takes itself way-too serious then not serious at all.

That's ignoring all the inconsistent messy parts, and breaks in logic when it IS trying to be serious.
regularmovieguy - 3/30/2021, 10:13 AM

I don't think a movie involving wishing rocks took itself all that seriously outside of the Diana/Steve romance. Haha I'm sorry I just never really thought it was telling us "take this movie seriously."
Humperdink - 3/30/2021, 10:44 AM
@regularmovieguy -

I don't think a movie involving wishing rocks took itself all that seriously outside of the Diana/Steve romance.

That would be a different tone, then. This is what I was talking about.

Haha I'm sorry I just never really thought it was telling us "take this movie seriously."

A movie with magical gems on a golden glove that can do anything with the snap of a finger took itself seriously enough to leave many viewers emotional.

The problem isn't whether it should take itself seriously because it has magical or fantasy elements...it CAN but it doesn't have to, the problem is that it couldn't decided whether to do so or not.

Another example would be the TWO opening scenes.

1. The young Diana in the amazon games scene

2. The silly criminals in the mall scene

One is more serious and direct the other is over-the-top and goofy. Two very different tones. Would someone be able to tell which tone was which if they saw them? I know I could.
aresww3 - 3/30/2021, 11:33 AM
@mastakilla39 - she's lucky. hbo max saved it from being thde next batman and robin.
ModHaterSLADE - 3/30/2021, 9:05 AM
Nah. The writing and story just weren't as good as the first WW movie.
roxas1003 - 3/30/2021, 9:05 AM
I think the third film needs someone with more comic book insight instead of Geoff John’s...Maybe Greg Rucka or Gail Simone
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