DARK PHOENIX Star Jessica Chastain Hopes To Play A More Established Comic Book Villain Next Time

DARK PHOENIX Star Jessica Chastain Hopes To Play A More Established Comic Book Villain Next Time DARK PHOENIX Star Jessica Chastain Hopes To Play A More Established Comic Book Villain Next Time

Jessica Chastain played a (mostly) newly created villain in 2019's Dark Phoenix, and The 355 star has now revealed why she hopes to play an established comic book movie supervillain next time around...

By JoshWilding - Jan 06, 2022 10:01 PM EST
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While you'd think Dark Phoenix would have soured Jessica Chastain on comic book movies, the actress seems keen to return to the genre. In Fox's final X-Men movie, the actress played Vuk, a villain based very loosely on a D'Bari alien who had been largely reinvented for the big screen (the belief is she was originally going to be a Skrull before Captain Marvel beat the studio to it). 

Talking to ComicBook.com, Chastain explained that she'd enjoy playing a more established character next time around, making it clear that a supervillain is far more appealing to her than a superhero. 

"I think that I would be more interested in playing a villain than a comic book hero, because I think villains have more fun, honestly," Chastain admitted. "I would love it to be a villain that's already established in the comic books and not created, like, a new thing. And, also, I would like it to be a villain that you don't have to sign such a long deal for. I'm a one-and-done kind of girl. So it would be great to play a character that was naughty and then would disappear."

With an established character, Chastain would have the opportunity to better tap into a villainous role like this one. That definitely wasn't the case in Dark Phoenix, and her performance as Vuk is considered a career low point. She didn't have much to work with, of course, so that's not exactly surprising. 

We're sure Marvel Studios would be open to working with the actress, though it's possible Chastain could join the DC Extended Universe one day. Do you have any potential casting suggestions? 

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PantherKing - 1/6/2022, 10:01 PM
Sue storm
DrReedRichards - 1/6/2022, 10:14 PM
Ivy, no questions asked.

Stinkor1 - 1/6/2022, 10:19 PM
Ororo Munroe
WruceBayne - 1/6/2022, 10:20 PM
She should’ve stayed away from anything Kinberg signed on for then.
toylled - 1/6/2022, 10:21 PM
tripttwe - 1/7/2022, 1:41 AM
@toylled - 🎯
AnthonyVonGeek - 1/6/2022, 10:26 PM

TheRealMandarin - 1/6/2022, 10:30 PM
Shame, she'd be a good Medusa for the inhumans reboot. How about Madam Hydra?
SummersEssex - 1/6/2022, 10:38 PM
Jean Grey or Medusa, yo.
dracula - 1/6/2022, 10:41 PM
emma frost
TheWalkingCuban - 1/6/2022, 10:43 PM
Loved her on The Help
GhostDog - 1/6/2022, 10:48 PM
Typhoid Mary
OmegaBlack13 - 1/7/2022, 1:29 AM
@BlackBeltJones - I think she'd have a lot of fun with that
GhostDog - 1/7/2022, 7:39 AM
@OmegaBlack13 - exactly
bl0odwerk - 1/6/2022, 11:22 PM
She's a one-hitter quitter.
Repian - 1/6/2022, 11:48 PM
Morgana Le Fay

She may be the villain in a Captain Britain project.
TheUnworthyThor - 1/7/2022, 12:04 AM
Selene or Deathbird maybe.
Lokiwasright - 1/7/2022, 12:59 AM
In the me she u there are endless options.

valmic - 1/7/2022, 1:44 AM
tripttwe - 1/7/2022, 2:23 AM
Make her Lyja or Veranke. Penny, penny.
Corruptor - 1/7/2022, 2:39 AM
zedkate - 1/7/2022, 2:39 AM
Wasn't she already Lois Lane ?
zedkate - 1/7/2022, 2:39 AM
@zedkate - The guy who doesn't get it.
Blergh - 1/7/2022, 3:56 AM
From the header image alone she'd make a great Tzimisce in a Vampire: The Masquerade project.
With her natural red hair she'd be a perfect Toreador.

As for superhero roles, Jean Grey comes to mind obviously. But if it has to be a villain: Poison Ivy every day.
bkmeijer2 - 1/7/2022, 4:09 AM
Whoever decided to make her some random alien and dye her hair for Dark Phoenix really let a massive opportunity go
ElricReturns - 1/7/2022, 4:50 AM
Hm. Idk. I'm sure she could be used for something, but with this response, I don't have faith she'd dive into any role with the respect it'd deserve, this isn't a Halloween costume. I'd seek out actresses keen on the idea of exploring a character arc that's compelling, and if that arc is connected to a story complex enough to require multiple films worth of content and opportunities, why not entertain such a hypothetical with an open mind? Why the need to be "one and done"? Seems like a lack of confidence in her own understanding of the material.
OptimusPrime114 - 1/7/2022, 7:15 AM
I prefer Jessica actually play Jean Grey.
BritishMonkey - 1/7/2022, 7:38 AM
She'd make a good Lilandra.
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