TOP GUN: MAVERICK: Danny Ramirez & Greg Tarzan Davis On The Journey Of Pete Maverick Mitchell (Exclusive)

This week, Top Gun: Maverick hit digital despite still playing in theaters. To promote the small screen release, we talked to Danny Ramirez and Greg Tarzan Davis about outdoing the first film and more!!

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Although Top Gun: Maverick is still available to view in theaters at the moment, the movie received a digital release this week. This allows a short window for fans of the massively successful film to check it out on the big or small screen.

While Top Gun: Maverick is the successor and sequel to the classic '80s film, Top Gun, audiences don't need to have seen the original to enjoy it. This is precisely what we discussed with Fanboy and Coyote actors Danny Ramirez (The Falcon and the Winter Soldier) and Greg Tarzan Davis (The Call of the Wild).

During the press tour, we had the opportunity to speak to both actors as well as other talents. In this conversation, Danny and Greg discuss how Tom pushes the limit to outdo himself, why the film outdid the original and more.

You can listen to our exclusive chat with Ramirez and Davis below, with the transcript included and edited for clarity. 

Greg Tarzan Davis: I did do my due diligence. I've seen Top Gun before, but I did watch it again just to get all of the nuances and everything. Because I really wanted to see how they played it and how I thought I should play it. Which, that's a whole other story on what we all thought and how we should enter the room, but Tom said, 'no, make it your own, make it different.' So I think it's really cool in a way because you can watch Top Gun: Maverick without ever having seen the first one.

I didn't even need to see the original Top Gun in order to bring myself to the character. And I think that's great for all audiences, especially people who are in this generation now who probably never heard of the first Top Gun and so they can go see Top Gun: Maverick and think, 'wow, this is amazing!" Most people who've seen Top Gun: Maverick, they were like, 'oh, it made me want to go see the original,' and then they were like, 'oh, wait, I didn't have to see it.' (Laughs)


Danny Ramirez: Without a doubt. The crazy thing about that narrative that has changed is because of how the romanticism of the first one was beautiful at the time. It was breathtaking in every facet of what they were attempting. Even some of the actual practical shots that they got were revolutionary in and of themselves.

So going in with that notion of alright, we have this massive movie that we're in the shadow of no matter what we do. But once we started doing it and seeing the footage, I was like, oh my God. Even in the opening training sequence, I was like, this is better than any part of that other movie, no matter what it was. Even just the tension of it, even when Jay is saying, 'how about we bet on it?' Even that!


Greg Tarzan Davis: That was the goal, though. To outdo the first one. And Tom doesn't do anything unless he can outdo himself. And he presses the envelope to try and do that, and I think we did it. The difference I see now is how we've seen Pete Maverick change and evolve. So, what I always tell people is the people who grew up with the original Top Gun, they kind of go on this journey with Tom, with Pete Maverick, because now he's into adulthood. Because now he's got to take care of people younger and mentor. It was almost being like a father, mentoring the children themselves. I think that was a great comparison and one of the many reasons why this sequel works.

What do you think of these comments from Fanboy and Coyote actors Danny Ramirez and Greg Tarzan Davis? Did you check out Top Gun: Maverick on digital yet?

Regardless of your take, be sure to watch the full video interview below. And, as always, share your thoughts in the comments.

Top Gun: Maverick is now in theaters and on digital.

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