AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR - Benedict Cumberbatch Talks Deleted Scene With Doctor Strange Wearing Iron Man's Armor

You may recall having seen concept art and behind the scenes images showing Doctor Strange wearing Iron Man's armour in Avengers: Infinity War, and Benedict Cumberbatch has now opened up on the scene.

Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame were two huge movies, and a lot of concepts and ideas ended up on the cutting room floor. Among them were moments like The Hulk breaking out of the Hulkbuster suit and Doctor Strange donning Iron Man's armour on Ebony Maw's Q-Ship. 

We've seen concept art and behind the scenes footage from the latter, and fans have since remained curious about what might have happened with the Sorcerer Supreme decked out in nano-tech armour.

It would have been pretty wild seeing magic and technology collide, and during a recent interview with BBC Radio 1 to discuss the Doctor Strange sequel, Benedict Cumberbatch shared his regrets that it didn't make it into the 2019 movie. "Yeah, I was a bit, we both were, it took a long time to splurge those spliced costumes together," the actor responded when asked if he was disappointed that the scene was cut. 

"It was an amazing moment, and I think I definitely came out of it better than ‘Iron Strange’ or ‘Doctor Man,’ the other guy, ‘Strange Man.’ I definitely came out of it better," Cumberbatch joked. "I mean, having a bit of that outerwear on you, it’s like, it’s very, very, very cool. I would love to have seen what that combination of wizardry and that tech would do. Bring it on."

The door could still be open to us seeing something along these lines, especially if Variants start making their respective presences felt in the MCU on a more regular basis moving forward. Marvel Studios might have missed a trick here, but we can hardly complain about how Avengers: Infinity War turned out. Strange had a key role in the film, though his actions remain divisive among some fans

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is now playing in theaters! 

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