RUMOR: Will INCEPTION 2 Be Christopher Nolan's Next Movie?

Earlier today I received an email from a supposed, 'WB insider' who says that he has information on what Christopher Nolan's next movie project (or should I say projects) will be after The Dark Knight Rises. Hit the jump for the details...

I've always wondered ever since the release of Inception why Warner Bros. didn't immediately announce either a sequel or some other way of continuing the franchise, considering that the movie nearly made a billion dollars, was Oscar-nominated and a critical success. Nolan has often said how he likes to work on one movie at a time, and a question certainly on my head and alot of other people's as well is this: What will be his next movie? Back in February he said that he wanted to make a Howard Hughes biopic next, calling it, "the best screenplay he's ever written" but had to shelve it due to the release of The Aviator and now Warren Beatty is making one, so the chances of Nolan's vision happening aren't very big.

The email I received (the source wishes to remain anonymous for obvious reasons) wrote that WB are desperate for Nolan to film Inception 2 after The Dark Knight Rises, and he said that the movie will kind of be a retcon, as none of the characters from the first movie will return. Instead, it is focusing on the military aspect of dream-sharing. WB want to make a franchise out of it, with the basic plotline of the movies being the military fighting terrorists using dream-sharing. The plot of the second movie would be, "Rumors spread that a group of people managed to pull off Inception, and middle-eastern terrorists soon catch onto the idea and plan to perform Inception on world leaders, forcing them to dissolve law and order". He said that Nolan isn't too keen on the idea because he wants to pursue original material but if he passes on it WB will simply pick a new director and move forward on the project without him.

A supposed idea that Nolan is really keen on is a movie focusing on the current economical depression. It's far more interesting than that, civil wars break out in many countries as the money situation gets out of hand, causing people to fight over simple resources like food and water.

I would actully quite like this to be true; Even though I've never really liked the idea of an Inception sequel, this idea sounds pretty cool and so does his original concept, a completely new meaning to the words, 'post-apocalyptic Earth'. But what are your thoughts on this? True? False? Sound off below!

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