Dragon Ball Z: What I want in a film

I've given my opinion on Superman and Batman, but now I want a DBZ movie, and this is what I want!

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By supyrman - Jul 11, 2011 03:07 PM EST
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I realize that we got Dragonball: Evolution, but I didn't much care for that, and I haven't found many folks that did. It was seriously flawed to say the least, and an outright slap in the face if we're being completely honest. So what do I want to see in a DBZ movie? Here's my list!

1. The look: For starters, the design needs to be right. For Piccolo, I'd like to see his muscular structure fully exposed like in GL. For the Saiyan Armor, I'm thinking something like the armor from The Dark Knight but with the color scheme changed accordingly. Here's a couple of poorly Gimped pictures to get the idea across a little better:

As far as the hair goes, I think the best way to do it is to reduce the size and use CGi. I know it probably sounds like a horrible idea at first, but hear me out. The technology is out there, and with the proper filters, it is possible to make the hair look believable yet still have respect for the source material. Remember, the hair is iconic, and it was originally created as a joke, so why ditch it? Let's see that hair! I'm thinking they could do something like the transition from Final Fantasy VII (the game) to Final Fantasy VII Advent Children. The hair retained the same basic style, but was made shorter to be more reasonable in a more realistic world. Oozaru could be a King Kong style ape with a tail.

2. Plot Changes: This isn't the place for story ideas, but basically the final fight would take place in the city and there would be a battle between Oozaru Gohan and Oozaru Vegeta near the end of the film. Check later in the Fan-Fic section for my ideas on plot.

3. Runtime: DB:E had a runtime of 85 minutes. That sucks. A Dragon Ball Z movie should have a runtime of at least 2 hours so that the plot doesn't feel rushed and viewers don't feel robbed. I'd love to see a 2 1/2 hour movie about Goku and Vegeta destroying each other in an epic battle that leaves my jaw on the floor.

4. Action: DBZ is the perfect movie to showcase balls out action. In the anime, each fighter possessed the power to destroy entire cities (and later planets)! We need a movie based on that kind of power! Let the fighters duke it out with everything they have. We don't need a neutered version of DBZ. Let punches break buildings.

5. Homages to the anime: Characters that couldn't be done in live action (such as King Kai, Shenron or Porunga) could be voiced by their respective FUNimation voice actors (or at least someone with the capacity to perform the voices the way they sounded in the cartoon). It worked in Transformers when Peter Cullen came on board to voice Optimus Prime. It could work here too.

That's just a quick list of what I think could go into making a great DBZ movie. Sound off!
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Vafrous - 7/12/2011, 6:31 AM
DBE was shit. I've done 3 DBZ fan casts so far. Check em out...
supyrman - 7/12/2011, 8:45 PM
Those images are actually some of the first concept art for a fan film I plan to make. I changed the style a bit, but I feel it retains the integrity. Also I'd love to see a Snyder DBZ film. That'd rock!
kong - 2/17/2012, 10:37 AM
This movie would be awesome! Plz post a story or script of something for dis. Check out my article on how i would do Dragonball Reborn
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