Peyton Reed Teases Microverse In ANT-MAN And Reveals His And Edgar Wright's Contributions

With a SPOILER WARNING, hit the jump and check out what Ant-Man director Peyton Reed says he brought to the upcoming Marvel movie, as well as what remained from Edgar Wright's script(s).

Early impressions of Marvel's upcoming Ant-Man have praised the movie for having former director Edgar Wright's fingerprints all over it, despite it ultimately being helmed by Yes Man's Peyton Reed. However, during an interview with Uproxx, Reed had finally detailed his and writer Adam McKay's contributions to Ant-Man, and what remained after Wright exited the production. In doing so, the filmmaker drops somewhat of a spoiler regarding the movie's third act, so you've been warned.

When asked was it a tough decision to take up the Ant-Man director's chair after Marvel Studios and Edgar Wright had parted ways, Peyton Reed said, "I think I just had to really think it through in terms of, regardless of who had developed it before, was just that someone else had developed it for some time." He continued, "or me, it was really only a question of do I have the time and is there a willingness on the part of Marvel to let me make this movie my own. I read all of the existing drafts that Edgar [Wright] and Joe [Cornish] wrote. It was clearly Edgar and Joe’s idea to make this a heist movie and to sort of loosely base it on Marvel Premiere 'To Steal an Ant-Man' that introduced Scott Lang. It was also their idea to create this Hank Pym/Scott Lang, mentor/mentee relationship. And, also, their idea to kind of do a Marvel movie where the third act battle take place in a little girl’s bedroom. Genius. It was great."

Reed was then asked what exactly did he bring to Ant-Man. "Well, I came on about the same time that Adam McKay and Rudd were doing rewrites," he explained. "And I’ve known McKay for some time and we talked on the phone and we were both really jazzed about the idea of, in the third act, in a movie in which we will have seen shrinking a bunch, let’s take it even further in the third act and introduce what, in the comics, was the microverse, in what we call the quantum realm. Creating this moment of self-sacrifice where he has to go into the quantum realm to save his daughter, that was something that was never in those drafts that Adam and I brought to it."

The interviewer then told Peyton Reed that the microverse sequence  in Ant-Man is reminiscent of the final scene from The Black Hole, and in response, the filmmaker said the sequence "owes a little bit to 2001 [A Space Odyssey], and then there’s a The Twilight Zone episode that Richard Matheson wrote called 'Little Girl Lost,' where a little girl sort of falls into the wall." He added, "Something opens up and she’s in this whole other dimension. And it freaked me out as a kid, and I love the idea, so we did an inverse version of that where the dad is now in there and the daughter is back in reality. So, I love that as a science fiction concept and, of course, Richard Matheson wrote The Incredible Shrinking Man, so I love the Richard Matheson aspect of Ant Man. And Adam came up with the idea that in every heist movie, there’s a trial by fire and they’ve got everything in line for the heist, but we need this one thing. Adam pitched that idea of sending Scott on a mission for which he’s not quite prepared and he comes up against another Marvel character. That blew my mind, and particularity with that specific character."

When it was mentioned that the microverse sequence will tease how Ant-Man will fit with the other Marvel characters, Peyton Reed elaborated more on what he brought to the movie. "I love the idea, too," he said of the sequence. "I was banging this drum from the beginning of like here’s the things I want of Ant-Man: I want it to be under two hours, I want it to be tight, I want it to be funny, I want it to be kinetic and move to the rhythms of a heist movie. And it had to work for someone who hasn’t seen another Marvel movie or read another Marvel comic. There were going to be elements of it that, if you know, it will enhance the experience, but it had to work as a standalone thing. That, to me, worked in a really organic way. It wasn’t like, 'Oh, let’s put him up against this other guy.' It served a plot point; a purpose in our story. But the other things that we really brought to it, when we started working with Michael Pena, if Scott’s going to make this decision to turn back to a life of crime and comes in and says, 'Tell me about that tip,' I love the idea of we created these 'tip montages.' That was something that never existed in the original drafts and I wanted to bring to it. And the production writers at the time, Andrew Barrer and Gabriel Ferrari, had been working with Paul, so they wrote those tip montages, which we then reprise at the end to tee up how the movie ends." For the full interview, head over to Uproxx

Armed with the astonishing ability to shrink in scale but increase in strength, con-man Scott Lang must embrace his inner-hero and help his mentor, Dr. Hank Pym, protect the secret behind his spectacular Ant-Man suit from a new generation of towering threats. Against seemingly insurmountable obstacles, Pym and Lang must plan and pull off a heist that will save the world. Directed by Peyton Reed, Ant-Man stars Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas, Corey Stoll, Evangeline Lilly, David Dastmalchian, Michael Pena, Bobby Cannavale, Abby Ryder Fortson, Judy Greer, Wood Harris John Slattery and Gregg Turkington with multi-hyphenate T.I., and the film opens July 17, 2015
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