MARVEL'S AVENGERS Will Finally Add Spider-Man To The Game This Month In With Great Power Hero Event

MARVEL'S AVENGERS Will Finally Add Spider-Man To The Game This Month In "With Great Power" Hero Event

Quicksilver May Still Be Dead In The MCU, But He Is Getting An AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Marvel Legends Figure
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Quicksilver May Still Be Dead In The MCU, But He Is Getting An AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Marvel Legends Figure

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Nebula - 11/16/2019, 12:44 PM
What a bizarre idea. Age of Ultron was really just throwing a bunch of shit at the wall.
Scarilian - 11/17/2019, 2:04 AM
@Nebula -
Captain Marvel is pretty much introduced in a similar way in Avengers Endgame.
Whaley87 - 11/17/2019, 8:25 AM
@Scarilian - Hardly, but keep trying.
HeavyMetal4Life - 11/16/2019, 12:45 PM
Good thing they waited.
GhostDog - 11/16/2019, 12:50 PM
Random as hell

Cap and Widow busting through the double doors like
GhostDog - 11/16/2019, 12:53 PM
@BountyCipher -

hazapez - 11/16/2019, 12:51 PM
joss being a fanboy again
Twenty23Three - 11/16/2019, 12:52 PM
I mean... they put a bunch of pointless stuff into the film anyway so what would have been one more? Haha 😂 but yeah smart to take her out
OmegaDaGrodd - 11/16/2019, 12:59 PM
Age of Ultron is one of Marvel's ballsiest, artistic and most comic booky movies, and much of that is due to Whedon being willing to just go for it with stuff like this.....

....but this would've been hilariously random and definitely confusing
regularmovieguy - 11/16/2019, 2:11 PM

SuperbatSpider1003 - 11/16/2019, 5:05 PM
@OmegaDaGrodd - tbh it’s one of the only movies that look visually different compared to the other marvel films it’s color pallette has rich reds, dark blacks and it had a cold atmosphere! I loved how creepy Scartlet witch was introduced.
MyCoolYoung - 11/16/2019, 10:28 PM
@OmegaDaGrodd - Age of Ultron is a GOAT and the way endgame wrapped up the many arcs started in this solidified it for me
OmegaDaGrodd - 11/17/2019, 7:53 AM
@SuperbatSpider1003 - I think it's style is more akin to what I want the MCU to be, even if it's execution and indulgence is poorer than much of Phase 3. I definitely want more of their movies to have as much visual flare as that one did
OmegaDaGrodd - 11/17/2019, 7:55 AM
@MyCoolYoung - ENDGAME really does feel like more of a follow up to AOU than Infinity War or really any other MCU film, it even picks it's last shot from Steve's dream. Definitely the film that's benefitted most from time and letting the MCU catch up to everything it was teasing
WakandanQueen - 11/16/2019, 1:01 PM
As if it wasn't already overstuffed.
4thMaster - 11/16/2019, 1:01 PM
Thank Rassilon clearer heads prevailed. It wouldn't have made any sense to have her there, it adds nothing to the movie and only serves to confuse anyone in the audience.
KnifeWasTooSlow - 11/16/2019, 1:06 PM
why tho.
OmegaDaGrodd - 11/16/2019, 1:10 PM
Having said that, as a comic book fan I would've lost my shit if she really showed up out of nowhere
parkerray - 11/16/2019, 1:41 PM
That whole scene was built like a drum roll, and here are the new recruits to train... and then there was only four people standing there. Totally disagree it was stronger without her.

After the first Avengers, I was surrounded by people asking about the 'purple guy.' All it did was lead to intrigue and good conversation, the kind of fun move comics are based on.
L0RDbuckethead - 11/16/2019, 1:41 PM
Solid decision. It would've been random and you know people would've been pissed about her not getting a legitimate introduction like in here solo film.

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