AVENGERS: SECRET WARS - 5 More Team-Ups We Need To See In The Multiverse Saga's Conclusion

Following a rumour about plans for a huge team-up in Avengers: Secret Wars, we have some ideas for more crossovers that could take place in the movie when worlds collide. Check them out after the jump...

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Phase 5 launches on February 17 with Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania, meaning we're now in the midst of The Multiverse Saga.

Spider-Man: No Way Home and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness have offered us an idea about the type of storytelling on the horizon, and a recent rumour claimed Avengers: Secret Wars will see Hugh Jackman's Wolverine team up with Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man as part of a ragtag team of Multiversal heroes who assemble to battle The Beyonder.

Only time will tell whether that pans out, but it got us thinking: how many other team-ups like this could we see in the 2026 movie? For that matter, which of those would we be most excited to watch play out when Secret Wars comes to the MCU?

Hit the "Next" button below to check out the 5 team-ups that need to happen a few years from now!

5. Wolverine/Hulk


Mark Ruffalo has been playing Bruce Banner for over a decade now, and following the introduction of She-Hulk and Skaar, it feels like his time as the Jade Giant may be nearing its end. 

While the MCU will eventually get a new Wolverine, that could be a long way off, particularly as Adamantium isn't expected to be introduced until Captain America: New World Order. With that in mind, the sooner The Hulk and Wolverine cross paths on screen, the better, especially if it's the Variants played by Ruffalo and Jackman.

Both have discussed their excitement about the characters potentially crossing paths on screen, and Marvel Studios can make a lot of dreams come true here.

4. Human Torch/Human Torch/Human Torch


Yes, that's a lot of Human Torches, but wouldn't it be part of the fun with a movie like Avengers: Secret Wars? Marvel Studios could enlist Chris Evans, Michael B. Jordan, and whoever plays the hero in the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot to really showcase Johnny Storm's powers in what would be a team-up for the ages!

Rumours of Evans returning to the MCU have persisted for years, and while we hope to see him play Captain America again, it would be nuts for him to not "Flame On!" one final time. 

This admittedly isn't quite as exciting on paper as the three Spider-Men swinging into action together in Spider-Man: No Way Home, but it's an idea that has potential. Remember, in Jonathan Hickman's Secret Wars comic book, poor Johnny was used to power that reality's sun...

3. The Amazing Spider-Man/Deadpool


Ryan Reynolds' Merc with the Mouth will team up with Wolverine in Deadpool 3, and while that's something fans are overjoyed about, there's another Wade Wilson pairing we'd love to see in Avengers: Secret Wars

We are, of course, referring to Deadpool's quirky "friendship" with Spider-Man. However, while many of you are likely thinking how much fun it would be for the unhinged mercenary to cross paths with Tom Holland's web-slinger, it's Andrew Garfield's Amazing Spider-Man who we think would make the best verbal sparring partner for Deadpool. 

Garfield and Reynolds would undoubtedly steal the show together, and a subplot devoted to their team-up would be a spectacular addition to a movie that already sounds incredible.

2. Scarlet Witch/Magneto


Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness missed a trick by not establishing Wanda Maximoff as a mutant and, at the very least, we'd have liked that to be addressed on Earth-838! 

Regardless of whether we head back to that specific reality, Michael Fassbender should definitely reprise the role of Magneto to introduce himself to the Scarlet Witch as her father. While that wouldn't be the case in the MCU, the villain manipulating the Wanda we all know and love for his own nefarious means makes sense, especially if he's looking to save his reality. 

We can't imagine future X-Men movies will focus on the Master of Magnetism in the same way Fox did, so why not give the iconic big bad a fitting farewell by making him a supporting villain?

1. Captain America/Captain Carter


In this feature, we've mostly focused on pairing up characters from the MCU with those from previous movie franchises. There are almost countless possibilities in that respect, but this team-up is one that combines Marvel Studios' live-action with animation. 

Hayley Atwell played a slightly villainous Captain Carter in the Doctor Strange sequel, but that didn't really fulfil our desire to see that What If...? hero in live-action. This Peggy Carter racing into action in Avengers: Secret Wars is a must, and her meeting the MCU's Steve Rogers...well, how much fun does that sound? 

Captain America and Captain Carter seeing each other as Super Soldiers would create a fascinating dynamic, and one we don't think would necessarily lead to romance! In fact, the two butting heads as they attempt to lead this team is a must for the movie. 

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