AVENGERS: SECRET WARS - New Details Emerge About Marvel Studios Plans For A Full-Blown MCU Reboot

AVENGERS: SECRET WARS - New Details Emerge About Marvel Studios Plans For A Full-Blown MCU Reboot AVENGERS: SECRET WARS - New Details Emerge About Marvel Studios Plans For A Full-Blown MCU Reboot

It's believed that Marvel Studios will reboot the MCU after Avengers: Secret Wars is released, and we now have a few additional details about what that movie will look like...and what could come next!

By JoshWilding - Sep 23, 2023 07:09 PM EST
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The Multiverse Saga hasn't been quite as consistent as the Infinity Saga, and it's still not clear where Marvel Studios is taking us with this era of storytelling. 

We've been introduced to the concept of alternate realities, Variants, and even the TVA, but rumours continue to swirl about Kevin Feige's endgame. Piecing together the many rumours, it sounds like Kang the Conqueror will be Avengers: The Kang Dynasty's big bad (no sh*t, we know) with The Beyonder - likely another Kang Variant - taking centre stage in Avengers: Secret Wars

It's previously been said that the latter movie will reboot the MCU, with Earth-616 replaced by a new Sacred Timeline we'd assume will include the X-Men. That's got to be easier than suddenly throwing mutants into the X-Men-less world we've been spending time in since 2008's Iron Man, anyway!

Now, a couple of reliable social media scoopers have chimed in to reiterate that Avengers: Secret Wars is expected to be a star-studded blockbuster which not only bids farewell to the MCU but every Marvel movie that's come before it. 

The result will be an All-New, All-Different MCU, presumably with different actors playing Captain America and Iron Man. Then again, it's possible we'll get a combination of new and returning faces. 

As of now, Avengers: The Kang Dynasty is still set to be directed by Destin Daniel Cretton. Seeing as the Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings filmmaker was working on Wonder Man for Marvel Studios prior to the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, he clearly still has a good relationship with them. 

Whether the same can be said for writer Jeff Loveness (Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania) is another matter. Rumour has it he's been dropped from the movie, while there are even claims Michael Waldron (Loki) is no longer penning Avengers: Secret Wars

Sam Raimi, Alfonso Cuarón, and Shawn Levy are said to be in the mix to direct that movie but nothing has been confirmed. Avengers: The Kang Dynasty was recently pushed back to May 1, 2026, with Avengers: Secret Wars set to follow on May 7, 2027. 

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Feralwookiee - 9/23/2023, 8:03 PM
I think most people are sick of and bored with the concept of variants and the Multiverse at this point, but they're just gonna keep beating it to death.

There's nothing upcoming on the MCU schedule that has me excited
DiegoMD - 9/23/2023, 9:27 PM
@Feralwookiee - For sure. I hate what Hickman's Secret Wars did to the concept of multiverse stories. It made them be huge events that can reshape reality.

I prefer when a story uses the concept of the multiverse to explore one character and tell a simple story like Miles in ITSV learning that everyone can wear the mask or Peter in NWH learning true selflessness. I like it when they use the concept to tell simple, human stories. What I absolutely despise is that the MCU seems to be using the concept for 2 reasons: reusing old IP like the fox characters or Raimi's Spidey to make money out of nostalgia and having an excuse to reboot a universe.
Feralwookiee - 9/23/2023, 10:01 PM
@DiegoMD - I totally agree with you on this, especially the nostalgia bait.
SuperZeroCustmz - 9/24/2023, 3:13 AM
@DiegoMD - so you wouldnt like to see any of those actors or characters in another film? or just not a multiverse film not centered on variants of a character?
ObserverIO - 9/24/2023, 4:47 AM
@DiegoMD - I love Hickman, but saying that his Secret Wars was the thing that made multiverse stories huge events that can reshape reality is giving him a little too much credit. That was probably Crisis. Even Marvel had events like House of M and Age of Apocalypse before then. In fact both companies have even crossed over and done this a few times together. Way before Secret Wars.

In the comics, this is a thing. It's just the movies aren't quite used to it. It does seem like multiverse overload right now. But some like you mentioned are really good (NWH, Spider-verse movies) and some are pretty bad (The Flash). One of them even won Best Picture this year.

Maybe cinema should have stayed away from the concept of the multiverse in general because it reduces the stakes (unless you do a big event like Crisis or Secret Wars) and makes things more messy and confusing. If everything matters then nothing does.

But we're in it now. Deep into it. This is the Multiverse Saga, so the least we can do is get out fanboy/fangirl joneses out. We've only got until Secret Wars and then there'll be no more opportunities for any of this nostalgia bait.
DiegoMD - 9/24/2023, 6:14 AM
@ObserverIO - Like I said, I don't mind the muktiverse concept, what I do mind is what they use it for. If it helps tell a human story then that's great, but if it's JUST a excuse to exploit nostalgia for monetary gain and an excuse to reboot, then I'm out.
KaptainKhaos - 9/23/2023, 8:08 PM
WruceBayne - 9/24/2023, 1:30 AM
@KaptainKhaos - there’s literally nothing else to post
NegativeNerd - 9/24/2023, 8:56 AM
@KaptainKhaos -
MuadDib - 9/23/2023, 8:09 PM
Between standard delays the current strike, and rewrites and pick up shots, I expect this whole era to wrap up by 2030 at this pace. Too many moving parts to wrap this up quickly while still landing the next generation of MCU movies, here’s hoping they don’t stumble and fall flat on their face. There’s a lot riding on this.

So many comic book story’s yet untold, so many characters still not seen, so many crossovers and team ups and versus, the future is bright, but the tunnel is long
DarthOmega - 9/23/2023, 8:19 PM
@MuadDib - 2030. Ffs. Sometimes I forget we are in the future lol. I want my flying cars damnit!
TheLight - 9/23/2023, 9:03 PM
@DarthOmega - And my food hydrating pizza.

thobie1 - 9/23/2023, 8:09 PM
I like the idea of a clean slate after that movie. The MCU is creaking under its own weight at this point.
JonAwesome - 9/24/2023, 8:05 AM
@thobie1 - yeah I wish they would have just rebooted after Endgame. It felt like a great send off for the MCU. Then they could recast and tell different takes on the characters.
Origame - 9/23/2023, 8:22 PM
Burn it all. No copies.
kazuma - 9/23/2023, 8:22 PM
I think they just need to do a hard reboot. Close the book and start on something new. spread out the Avengers movies and don't be so focused on building towards a big threat.
Order66 - 9/23/2023, 9:48 PM
@kazuma - keep the 616 universe intact. Don’t erase phase 1-6. Just move to a new location to a new universe born from the sacred timeline corrected. Now you can start from scratch without having to erase 616.
ObserverIO - 9/24/2023, 4:56 AM
@Order66 - I don't think that would be a very good idea. As thobie1 said, it's already creaking under it's own weight. Even if every Phase 4 and 5 movie/tv show had been of the highest quality, there's still too damn much of it for any new audience member to get into. And there are new audience members. There are people who weren't even born when Iron Man came out now going to the cinemas with their friends. You expect them to do a 50 movie (+ days and days of TV shows) binge to get caught up before Avengers 8 comes out?
Timerider - 9/23/2023, 8:52 PM
The Watcher will have something to do with the changes in the MCU.

Say goodbye to Spider-man 4
Reginator - 9/23/2023, 8:59 PM
Delete captain falcon
TheLight - 9/23/2023, 9:00 PM
"Marvel Studios will reboot the MCU after Avengers: Secret Wars is released."

Order66 - 9/23/2023, 9:05 PM
I totally get the reboot because there’s no way you’re going to let Steve Rogers, Tony Stark and many others sit on the shelf collecting dust for future generations and waste those IPs. I hate the full reboot tho because it basically makes everyone’s lives pointless in the end. That’s kinda F’d up that their existence gets wiped away and replaced with someone new. I think Disney should go to another universe after they fix the 616 sacred timeline and make that new universe the ultimate universe and then you can start from scratch and not let it affect the 616 universe. Like have the watcher look down upon a brand new earth universe after the avengers fix the sacred timeline and then you can have EVERYONE in it, Sony-Mutants-Avengers
DiegoMD - 9/23/2023, 9:15 PM
I'm really not feeling the idea of a reboot. The Multiverse saga was a mistake. If you ask me right after Endgame (when they still couldn´t use the Fox characters) they should have developed Young Avengers (we should've had their movie by now, by the time we see them again they won't be young).

This way they can give the audience who likes the Avengers something similar while not retreading the same ground (it could somewhat work as an Avengers reboot/sequel too). After that they should have released an X-Men project and a Fantastic Four project. Spidey, X-Men, F4 and Young Avengers are the future. We already experienced 3 phases of the Avengers, I don't need them to reboot the whole universe just because some of them are dead.

I'm not sure if people will be willing to re-invest time in a new universe just so that it can retread old ground. Would I have liked that the MCU was more comics accurate and that it had all the characters from the start? Yes. But I don't think that re-starting it from start is the solution!
Order66 - 9/23/2023, 9:16 PM
This is how you do it

Have the Avengers fix the sacred timeline at the end of Secret Wars, keep the 616 universe intact, say goodbye to that universe with a group shot of the New Avengers who will take over the mantle, have the watcher speak talking about the 616 universe has been saved, the timeline has been fixed, the multiverse is corrected, barriers are in place so no more multiversal wars, blah blah blah, then have him look down upon a new earth in another multiverse somewhere, have him talk about a new universe born from the seeds of potential destruction blah blah blah, zoom in on earth and then show WW2 and a young Erik Lensher uses his magnetism in a Nazi camp. Same camp a new Captain America liberates the Jews from a HYDRA nazi camp. Now you just introduced mutants in an avengers world without having to explain.
Comicmoviejunki - 9/24/2023, 1:59 PM
@Order66 - you sir, have given me a complete erection.
Order66 - 9/23/2023, 9:30 PM
I think the key here is keeping the 616 universe not reset, but fix the timeline around the 616 and move to a new universe and start from scratch there without having to “erase”’phases 1-6 like they never happened.
bobevanz - 9/23/2023, 9:47 PM
I'll accept a reboot, if it mixes mutants within society. There's literally no way they can explain that with the current Marvel Universe
Order66 - 9/23/2023, 9:50 PM
@bobevanz - just set the new MCU in another universe and establish mutants exist and you’re all set. No need to erase what has come before. So phase 1-6 is still canon but elsewhere.
knomad - 9/23/2023, 10:19 PM
Yep, reboot and make it suck. Then Marvel and DC can pull the plug together.

The golden age of superhero movies is over.
FireandBlood - 9/23/2023, 10:25 PM
They can reboot all the want. For as long as they tie a characters longevity to the actor, they’re going to keep running into the same problem every 10 or so years. Time to introduce a sliding time scale if they’re can’t help but rinse an IP because there’s only so many reboots they can do before audiences tap out
FireandBlood - 9/23/2023, 10:35 PM
Also, if the next 5-6 years of movies are just filler until they reboot, there’s no point watching any of it, just like the rest of the DCEU or those last few Fox movies. You ain’t wasting my time. If you wanna reboot, just reboot. Nobody gives af about some multiversal sendoff to a bunch of movies no one liked
Razorface1 - 9/23/2023, 11:34 PM
@PlusUltra - yeah, I find it really weird how they suddenly want to fellate all these terrible movies. Like the good thing about the MCU was they were not those movies.
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