SPIDER-MAN Director Sam Raimi Wants To Helm AVENGERS: SECRET WARS But Hasn't Been Asked...Yet

SPIDER-MAN Director Sam Raimi Wants To Helm AVENGERS: SECRET WARS But Hasn't Been Asked...Yet

AVENGERS: SECRET WARS Rumored To Feature A Long-Awaited Reunion For Two MCU Fan-Favorites - SPOILERS
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AVENGERS: SECRET WARS Rumored To Feature A Long-Awaited Reunion For Two MCU Fan-Favorites - SPOILERS

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Matchesz - 11/26/2023, 4:35 AM
This and fantastic 4 casting should have already been had people attached, its taken way too long for them to fill productions that are on an easy bake oven timer. They need to hurry tf up going through all the possible checkboxes
Doomsday8888 - 11/26/2023, 4:57 AM
I wanted Sam Raimi from Day 1, so i hope it's true.
NickScryer - 11/26/2023, 4:58 AM
I don't think Sam Raimi's style fits The Avengers, too campy for my taste.
But I'd rather have him directing the biggest movies of all time than some unproven unknowns.

Moon Knight was mediocre and wasted it's potential. Didn't see Loki, but I doubt it's scope is comparable to a double full feature Avengers extravaganza.
bkmeijer1 - 11/26/2023, 5:00 AM
@NickScryer - out of everything I've seen this saga, I think Loki comes closest to whatever the scope they're setting up with Kang. Double feature adventure though? I'm not sure about that either.
bkmeijer1 - 11/26/2023, 4:59 AM
Don't think Raimi is the best fit. Like I also said earlier, I much rather see Benson & Moorhead take it on instead. Maybe with Sommers & McKenna or Waldron and Martin as writers.

Also, out of those four movies only Doctor Strange 3 really needs to happen this phase imo. Unless Thor 5 adapts Dark Reign, as Secret Invasion could use some redemption.
MadThanos - 11/26/2023, 5:27 AM
@bkmeijer1 - Raimi saved Multiverse Of Madness in my opinion. I was re-watching it other day and I was thinking, "damn this movie is really weak. The plot is awful, Chavez is a dumb character and Strange is a weak as shit in this one, but hey... Raimi made it quite enjoyable."

The issue for me is, Raimi doesn't seem to follow the MCU as he stated that he never watched WandaVision (crucial to this story). Those two movies need MCU junkies to direct it, like the Russos.

Maybe Benson & Moorhead are those people. For now, I just want to save Daredevil.
bkmeijer1 - 11/26/2023, 6:09 AM
@MadThanos - yeah, the direction and style was definitely what made MoM for me as well. Despite it's glaring issues, it was enjoyable.

And you're probably right about why it needs MCU junkies. I didn't mind MoM not directly following up WV, but Secret Wars is the movie that has to wrap up a whole saga, so homework should be done
MyCoolYoung - 11/26/2023, 5:27 AM
Just give it to the Russo's you cowards
vectorsigma - 11/26/2023, 5:37 AM
Feige should say sorry to Joss Whedon and Joss should promise not to be an a-hole. Problem solved.

I still believe Joss is the best man for the job, even IW and Endgame shouldve been made by him. The Russos are hack
NickScryer - 11/26/2023, 5:43 AM
@vectorsigma - Disney won't allow it, wouldn't mesh with their virtue signaling, hypocritical propaganda.
vectorsigma - 11/26/2023, 7:18 AM
@NickScryer - that's the sad thing. I guess they need more flops to reconsider.
Toonstrack - 11/26/2023, 2:22 PM
@NickScryer - you're gonna pretend like those traits don't apply directly to joss whedon himself lol
NickScryer - 11/26/2023, 5:41 AM
Bring back Markus & Mcfeely and fire those Rick and Morty idiots.
Fogs - 11/26/2023, 5:44 AM
"Rumored"... "relevealed"?

I mean, doesn't really make a lot of sense, does it?

SethBullock - 11/26/2023, 5:47 AM
They should hire an experienced enough director that guarantees a good product and a box office hit.

Stop the experiments with unknown people, it worked with the Russos but they had to prove themselves first with the Captain America movies, and iirc in the first 3 phases they hired Favreau, Branagh, Johnston, Whedon, Gunn, Derrickson, Coogler...

People that at least had some experience, they were not Spielberg or Scorsese, but they were not total unknowns with barely any experience to give them a budget of hundred of millions to make movies that they weren't ready to make, nor people who had zero experience with action/terror/fantastic movies or shows, most of them had at least some degree of experience that justified giving them big Marvel movies, however nowadays it seems like if they think they could give these big movies to any unexperienced writer/director and they'll be the new Russos, but it's obvious it's not working, they need to look for much better writers and directors and to be 100% sure they'll make a hit, specially with the Avengers movies (but also the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, etc).
bkmeijer1 - 11/26/2023, 6:11 AM
@SethBullock - I kinda agree. I feel there are a lot of writers and directors that did one episode or show for Disney+ and immediately make the jump to the movies. They could use some more time on the smaller projects I suppose
Origame - 11/26/2023, 7:48 AM
@SethBullock - no joke, I had someone try to convince me at the time Nia decosta had the same level of experience as the Russo brothers when they were hired.

Their reasoning was that tv shows don't count. 🙄
DrReedRichards - 11/26/2023, 6:34 AM
It all depends on what the studio has set as priority; visual style or established lore?

Raimi's style had even some of the DSitMoM's detractors admit that at least it looked good in spite of Waldron's subpar writing. On the other hand, both Loki [S2] and Moon Knight looked incredible, so hiring Benson & Moorhead would make it a lot easier for Feige and co to steer them more easily where they want the story of these movies to go.

We'll seee.
Fares - 11/26/2023, 6:47 AM
Are we seriously not considering bringing back the Russos? The guys who made the best Marvel movies? The guys who know better than any other director how the Marvel machine operates? The guys who explicitly expressed interest in directing a Secret Wars movie? There better be one hell of a reason for not considering them.
NickScryer - 11/26/2023, 7:12 AM
@Fares - money? Or perhaps they don't want to go near this trainwreck.

On the other hand, their post MCU efforts were subpar. The Gray Man just sucked
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