DC FLASHBACK: That Time Batman Married A Pheasant (Really)

We've seen Batman in a myriad of outlandish situations throughout the decades, but did you know that a television series saw the Dark Knight marry a pheasant? Find out more after the jump.

Batman is known as a creature of the night. He stalks criminals and brings them to justice in order to rid Gotham City of the corruption that's plagued it for decades. Yet, the Dark Knight is not all about brooding. Throughout his long-running comic-book, movie and television career, he's been thrown into many outlandish situations. Arguably one of the strangest ones came courtesy of Teen Titans Go!'s seventh season, which saw Bruce Wayne marry a... pheasant. Before getting into the nitty-gritty of it all, allow us to give you some context for the situation. 

A follow-up to Teen Titans, Teen Titans Go! is a parody of its predecessor and the DC Universe. The Titans constantly find themselves in ludicrous situations — such as Robin running over a leprechaun during a driving test, Cyborg revealing his father to be a toaster and the Titans destroying a pizzeria because the delivery man kept honoring the place's 30-minute delivery guarantee. 

Aside from the show's central cast, fun is also often poked at Batman, who's portrayed as an irresponsible adult whose biggest concern is having fun with fellow man-child Jim Gordon. 

Batman's Bizarre Marriage 


That leads us to the 15th episode of Season 7, "Manor and Mannerisms." In the episode, the Titans are invited to a ball at Wayne Manor, an event in which Wayne will decide the heir to his mansion. Robin is excited by the prospect of owning the Caped Crusader's estate, but to his misfortune, Beast Boy also sets his sights on inheriting the place. 

Unsurprisingly, chaos ensues once the Titans arrive at the ball. Robin and Beast Boy compete to see who is worthier of owning the manor, while Raven and Cyborg attend a pheasant race, where they find an out-of-luck pheasant named Thanksgiving Leftovers in the garbage. Touched by the fact that she has never won a race due to nobody believing in her, they decide to make the animal a racing champion (keep this in mind, because it will come into play later). 

Elsewhere in the party, Starfire becomes a superhero matchmaker and quickly finds out she's good at it, having successfully paired Wonder Woman with Aquaman, Plastic Man with Krypto and Clark Kent with a houseplant. Long story short, both Robin and Beast Boy make a mess of Wayne Manor due to their fierce competition. When the night comes to an end, Alfred reveals that Wayne has chosen an heir, but to Beast Boy and Robin's surprise, it's neither one of them. 

Turns out Starfire used her matchmaking prowess to pair Batman up with Thanksgiving Leftovers (the aforementioned pheasant). Wayne and Leftovers hit it off, which led him to marry her and leave his estate to her. Making things all the more disturbing, Bruce kisses the pheasant before they drive off into the sunset. This leaves Robin in tatters, which is understandable. After all, it's one thing to have your adoptive father be an absentee figure, but it's worse to have him cut you off for a literal bird. 


There is little to no continuity between episodes of Teen Titans Go!, so Wayne's marriage to Thanksgiving Leftovers is solely tied to the storyline of "Manor and Mannerisms," and therefore irrelevant to the rest of the series. Still, next time you think about the Caped Crusader, remember that there's a universe in which he left his entire fortune to a pheasant. 

After reading about Bruce Wayne's strange marriage, what are your favorite bizarre moments from the character's history? Share it in the comments. 

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