RA'S AL GHUL: Demon's Head [bio]

"I am cursed with a love for emptiness... desolation. It is a beauty to which my soul responds... as pure, as untainted as the deserts of my birth. I deem it my mission to purify this planet, to restore it to its former beauty... a mission I will brook no interference in. ''

Comic Book History

Who is RA'S AL GHUL?
RA'S AL GHUL is a centuries-old international eco-terrorist. He is incredibly intelligent and agile, having had time to train his mind and body to their absolute peaks. RA'S AL GHUL was created by Dennis O'Neil and Neal Adams and first appeared in Batman #232 (June 1971).
First Appearance

RA'S AL GHUL is born over 600 years ago to a tribe of nomads; he is immortal due to discovering what he calls the Lazarus pit. A pool composed of a unique unknown chemical blend that bubbles up somewhere within the Earth's crust to the surface at key points on Earth. The substance possesses the ability to rejuvenate the sick and injured, and even resurrect the dead.

With the help of the Lazarus Pit, Ra's spends the next several centuries journeying the world. He fought in several wars and became a very formidable warrior.

As the world entered the modern age and industrialization began to cover much of the Earth, Ra's grew to despise the inhabitants who he believed were destroying the world's natural beauty, thus setting him on a path of eco-terrorism.

To further his goal he organizes lethal operatives, which is now known as the league of assassins.

When her daughter, Talia, began falling in love with Batman, Ra's considered Batman as a possible heir to his organization. Ra's with all his resources was able to deduce who the Batman is.

However, opposing views will lead to several battles between both men, often with the Dark Knight gaining the slight upper hand.

The familial ties between Batman and Ra's grew stronger with the revelation of Batman's son with Talia. Which ensures more encounter between these two master fighters?


DC Animated Universe
RA'S AL GHUL has several appearances in the DC Animated Universe, from Batman the Animated Series to Batman Beyond.

Batman: Brave and the Bold
RA'S AL GHUL, voiced by Peter Woodward, appeared in the Batman: The Brave and the Bold episode "Sidekicks Assemble". In this show, RA'S AL GHUL is interested in making Robin his heir rather than Batman or his own daughter Talia. He attempts to infect Coast City with mutated plants using his flying island.

Young Justice
RA'S AL GHUL appears in Young Justice voiced by Oded Fehr. In an episode, RA'S AL GHUL hires the League of Shadows assassins Cheshire and Sportsmaster to kill Lex Luthor and a pair of Asian diplomats.

Batman: Under the Red Hood
RA'S AL GHUL appears in the animated film Batman: Under the Red Hood, voiced by Jason Isaacs. In the film, he is responsible for the resurrection of Jason Todd (the second Robin) who was killed by the Joker.

In Batman Begins, Liam Neeson portrays RA’S AL GHUL. He is the head of the centuries-old League of Shadows, a morally ambiguous organization that is dedicated to keeping order and justice in a world, which it views as decadent and corrupt.

Note: Due to the nature of comicbooks being an on-going tale, the character's powers along with his appearance, is in a constant state of flux.

Lazarus Enhancement: RA'S AL GHUL has lived for several centuries thanks to his use of Lazarus Pits, which he has used countless times replenishing his aged, injured, or even dead body. As a side effect to numerous exposures to the pits his strength, speed, stamina, agility, and durability has been enhanced.

Longevity: extended lifespan using the Lazarus pit, by decreasing his age.

Master Combatant: However even without those enhancements, his long life has attributed him vast wealth, knowledge, and power. This has allowed him to learn numerous fighting styles over the years making him rival even Batman in hand-to-hand combat and sword fighting.

Master Tactician: In addition, he is a brilliant tactician.

Genius-Level Intellect: Ra's possesses a genius level intellect with aptitudes in a wide variety of sciences and medicine, particularly in the field of alchemy.

Resources: Holds several lifetimes’ worth of skills, resources and contacts.

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