WONDER MAN Resumes Filming; New Set Photo Teases Costume Reveal & Possible WANDAVISION Connection

WONDER MAN Resumes Filming; New Set Photo Teases Costume Reveal & Possible WANDAVISION Connection WONDER MAN Resumes Filming; New Set Photo Teases Costume Reveal & Possible WANDAVISION Connection

Despite reports that Marvel Studios' Wonder Man had been scrapped, the Disney+ series is clearly still on track, having resumed shooting in LA. We also have a revealing new set photo...

By MarkCassidy - Jan 13, 2024 08:01 AM EST
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It seems Wonder Man is very much alive!

Recent reports claimed that Marvel Studios had scrapped the project, with cast and crew told to "move on" from the Disney+ series following massive production delays resulting from the SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes.

However, filming has now resumed in downtown LA, and some revealing new photos and video from the set have been shared on social media.

As some predicted, it seems "Wonder Man" is going to be its own film franchise within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and these photos give us a look at the movie's logo. Though the silhouette doesn't feature Simon Williams' (Yahya Abdul-Mateen) likeness, it does give us a glimpse of the character's superhero chest emblem.

Interestingly, the display also seems to include a town or city surrounded by some sort of Hex like the one the Scarlet Witch put up around Westview in WandaVision. We don't know if this is hinting at a direct connection to Marvel's first Disney+ show, but that's the prevailing theory.

Check out the snaps at the links below.

The series will also star Demetrius Grosse as Simon's brother Eric Williams, aka the Grim Reaper, along with Sir Ben Kingsley as the returning Trevor Slattery. We have heard that Ed Harris, Bob Odenkirk, and Courtney Cox have been enlisted for cameos, but that's yet to be confirmed.

Wonder Man has been described as a "superhero satire" and “a love letter to LA and the industry." Producers Destin Daniel Cretton and Andrew Guest are said to be going for a tone similar to shows such as Silicon Valley, Dave, and Barry.

Stella Meghie (The Photograph) had been tapped to direct multiple episodes. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings director Destin Daniel Cretton will reportedly helm the first two episodes and is on board as a writer along with Brooklyn Nine-Nine, 30 Rock, and Community scribe Andrew Guest, who will also serve as showrunner.

Wonder Man doesn't have a premiere date, but we'll hopefully get an official update fairly soon now that production is back on.

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AllsGood - 1/13/2024, 8:05 AM
Great News. I thought Marvel Studios killed the Wonder Man project.
McMurdo - 1/13/2024, 8:02 PM
@AllsGood - this won't do well. I hope I'm wrong but I doubt I am.
tmp3 - 1/13/2024, 8:06 AM
Yahya was so good in Watchmen, but so uniformly bad in Aquaman 2, it was like seeing two different actors. I like Destin Crettin so I’m hopeful this breaks the MCU D+ curse… of all the shows they’re shooting rn, this is by far the most interesting imo
tmp3 - 1/13/2024, 8:08 AM
I think the strangest gap between the two roles has to be that his Manhattan looked awful but had an incredible performance while his Manta looked amazing but had the delivery of a republic serial villain
Scarilian - 1/13/2024, 8:38 AM
@tmp3 -
I feel like his role in Aquaman 2 was 'ok' he's quite clearly not invested as much and he's been given a role where he's pretty much just meant to be getting controlled by another villain so he can't really delve into his characters personal conflict.
WhatIfRickJames - 1/13/2024, 8:07 AM
That’s surprising, I didn’t know this was still in production.
harryba11zack - 1/13/2024, 8:10 AM
keep it in the fcuking bin
AllsGood - 1/13/2024, 8:12 AM
The Far From Dead Marvel Studios NO REBOOT Required or Happening Soon.
Razorface1 - 1/13/2024, 8:21 AM
@AllsGood - lmao who talks like that
AllsGood - 1/13/2024, 8:33 AM
@Razorface1 - 100% FACT!
Scarilian - 1/13/2024, 8:40 AM
@AllsGood -
It's still a 50/50 as to whether we even get to Avengers Secret Wars/Forever for the reboot to happen.

The four films slated for 2025, that's not gonna happen, things are gonna be delayed. If Captain America 4, Fantastic Four and Thunderbolts under-perform then I doubt they'd be able to justify doing Avengers 5, 6 and 7.
AllsGood - 1/13/2024, 9:20 AM
@Scarilian - Keep me UPDATED and let know when that REBOOT happens. :) lol

TheLobster - 1/13/2024, 12:39 PM
@AllsGood - someone is in denial lmao
Scarilian - 1/13/2024, 2:58 PM
@AllsGood -
What makes you think that them adapting a story they used to reboot the Marvel comics at a time when the Superhero brand is declining and their competitor rebooted... won't end up being used as either a soft or full reboot?
ObserverIO - 1/13/2024, 8:14 AM
So glad they finally replaced Gal Gadot.
lazlodaytona - 1/13/2024, 8:18 AM
@ObserverIO -
CaptainCheese - 1/13/2024, 1:42 PM
@lazlodaytona - God damn she is so cute.
lazlodaytona - 1/13/2024, 8:18 AM
...“a love letter to LA and the industry."

The film instantly torpedoed for me after I read that phrase.
Scarilian - 1/13/2024, 8:41 AM
@lazlodaytona -
It's a series, but yeah, that kills interest.
lazlodaytona - 1/13/2024, 8:45 AM
@Scarilian - oh, woops. thanks for the correction.
Scarilian - 1/13/2024, 8:55 AM
@lazlodaytona -
No problem, I also have difficulty keeping track of all the sludge xD
dagenspear - 1/13/2024, 9:11 AM
@lazlodaytona - A love letter is weird.
lazlodaytona - 1/13/2024, 9:11 AM
@dagenspear - definitely
JustAWaffle - 1/13/2024, 9:36 AM
@lazlodaytona - Yeah. Only LA sees the significance of LA.
lazlodaytona - 1/13/2024, 9:47 AM
@JustAWaffle - exactly.
Toonstrack - 1/14/2024, 7:05 PM
@JustAWaffle - yet here you are discussing the industry LA birthed. Day in and day out.
JustAWaffle - 1/15/2024, 1:02 AM
@Toonstrack - #1 it’s what waffles do. And #2


Hollywood is simply a name for what once was at this point.
Toonstrack - 1/15/2024, 4:22 PM
@JustAWaffle - Hollywood is where the movies are put out from even if that's not where they are entirely filmed. It's the hub where all the actors and actresses go because that's where the showbusiness is.
JustAWaffle - 1/16/2024, 1:03 AM
@Toonstrack - My point is it’s been on a downward spiral for a long time now and the city, as well as its culture, are no where near as significant as it thinks.

It’s certainly loud enough to maintain a worldwide ear, but that’s more of an embarrassment.
Toonstrack - 1/16/2024, 12:59 PM
@JustAWaffle - people have been saying that for 40 years, but nothing has sprung up to truly replace it.
JustAWaffle - 1/16/2024, 3:49 PM
@Toonstrack - it’s still a hub for sure (my guess is the convenience and beauty of Cali), but it’s not the primary exporter at this point. Most of the world doesn’t see that city, nor the culture, as something worth emulating or aspiring to.
S8R8M - 1/13/2024, 8:22 AM
Marvel should just focus on the characters they got at the moment. This character will probably be another overpowered cosmic version of cap marvel.
WelcomeBackFrank - 1/13/2024, 8:23 AM
Another character Marvel Studios race-swapped and cast the wrong actor for.

Yahya Abdul-Mateen could've been a handful of other Marvel characters like Young Goliath, Deathlok, Bishop, Young Nick Fury, Tombstone, or Hardcore, but nah. Can't do that. Can't cast an actor who looks like the character anymore. Can't stick to the source material anymore. Nope.
Scarilian - 1/13/2024, 8:36 AM
@WelcomeBackFrank -
Yeah, it's a shame. His performance as Black Manta is one of the best parts of Aquaman (and even Aquaman 2). It would have been nice to see him play a role where he seems antagonistic or stoic. Personally I thought he would be most suited to a character like Brother Voodoo or Blue Marvel or Deathlok (as you mentioned)

Either that or have him play Kang now that Jonathan Majors is gone.

Though I don't think he has the screen presence to keep people invested for a series though. He works best when he's playing off other characters or when he gets to have a short scene and you feel his impact linger on other moments.
dagenspear - 1/13/2024, 9:10 AM
@WelcomeBackFrank - Wrong actor? Not necessarily all by itself. Race changed? Sure.

That actor looks almost nothing like Samuel L. Jackson.
hue66 - 1/13/2024, 10:04 AM
@WelcomeBackFrank - Even Blue Marvel who I'm most looking forward seei
marvel72 - 1/13/2024, 10:30 AM
@WelcomeBackFrank -

newhire13 - 1/13/2024, 12:45 PM
@WelcomeBackFrank - You’ll live.
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