BLACK ADAM: 7 Ways To Salvage The Franchise After A Disappointing Origin Story

Black Adam is far from a flop, but it's clear that there's a lot about the movie that didn't quite work. Now, we're taking a look at the different ways the franchise can be salvaged moving forward...

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Black Adam is the latest DCU movie to debut with a "Rotten" score on Rotten Tomatoes, a sign that Warner Bros. still hasn't quite figured out how to tell stories in this shared world. 

We're approaching a new era now James Gunn and Peter Safran are in charge of DC Studios, and there are definitely ways for the Black Adam franchise to be salvaged. Those box office numbers are solid, if unimpressive, and going back to the drawing board with Teth-Adam would be far from the worst idea. 

With that in mind, we've come up with a number of ways Warner Bros. can fix this promising series. From the crossovers fans really want to changes that need to be made to key characters or the anti-hero himself, we think you'll find a lot here you'll agree - or disagree! - with. 

To find our suggestions, all you guys need to do is click on the "Next" button below! 

7. Overhaul The JSA


While we definitely appreciated the Justice Society making its presence felt in Black Adam, Hawkman, Dr. Fate, Atom Smasher, and Cyclone didn't make for much of a team. Pairing up a couple of veterans with some newbies was a nice idea on paper, but not one that worked particularly well in the movie itself. 

There's nothing wrong with the JSA being part of the Black Adam franchise, but c'mon, let's get the likes of Green Lantern, Hawkgirl, and The Flash in there to make this a real team. 

Black Adam offered no real reason to root for these heroes and little in the way of insights into why we should consider them an important part of the DCU moving forward. If the anti-hero is going to continue clashing with the group - or even join their ranks - it's imperative that some changes are made. 

6. Ditch The Annoying Supporting Cast


We understand that Teth-Adam needed some sort of anchor to the present day and how the world has changed, but why not make that someone like Cyclone in the JSA?

For whatever reason, the movie instead introduced a mom and her annoying son (who we know have ties to Black Adam in the comic books), resulting in a lot of wasted screen time. After all, we have to believe there were better ways to make use of the title character than him mulling over catchphrases with a teenager or having to repeatedly save these two. 

In the next instalment, scrap the irritating comedic foils - like the electrician uncle - and spend more time exploring this character's own journey and how he interacts with the world's heroes beyond just punching them. 

5. Skip The Superman Crossover...


There's no denying that Black Adam's mid-credits scene is awesome, with Henry Cavill's return as Superman a truly welcome sight. However, as cool as that was, it also didn't make a whole lot of sense. 

The Man of Steel doing Amanda Waller's bidding doesn't sit right with us at all, and do we really need a movie with these two squaring off? Somewhere along the line, the narrative has been created that this is a dream crossover, and while we can't deny it would be cool, of what benefit is that to the wider DCU? 

Sure, Henry Cavill and The Rock fighting on screen will be a box office draw, but with little to no history between them and this just being a fight for the sake of fighting, we think there are better uses of Johnson's anti-hero in his magical corner of this shared world.

4. ...Or F*** It, Just Stick Him In A Movie With Superman


We're not looking to contradict ourselves here, but if Black Adam is indicative of the direction this franchise is heading in, perhaps a Superman team-up would be what's best. 

Moving forward, we need more than just a terrible CG villain plucked at random from the comics or generic goons for The Rock to blast his way through in a variety of violent ways. If that's what those working behind the scenes feel is the main draw for this character, then it's definitely in trouble. 

A solo Superman movie before this crossover is a must, and the best possible place for these two to clash would be in a Black Adam sequel. If it's inevitable, then let's just get it over with; we just hope they can come up with a decent story. 

3. Stick To What Works


Black Adam wasn't a total disaster, and there were elements of the movie that worked well. We've mentioned some of them; it was fun watching the anti-hero lay waste to bad guys, for example, and we definitely don't want to see him watered down in any way in future. 

Johnson is also perfectly cast as Teth-Adam, so a greater focus on him - instead of random superheroes like Atom Smasher and Cyclone - would be greatly beneficial to the series. 

Black Adam being a badass is obviously the way to go, while the character finding his place in the world would no doubt continue to be an interesting thing to explore and gives the actor some solid material to work with. So, it's less of a total overhaul and more just singling out the good from the bad. 

2. Enter: Shazam


This may not be the crossover The Rock is gunning for, but the sooner Black Adam and Shazam cross paths, the better. In all honestly, this is the meeting fans want to see on screen, and while you could still throw Superman into the mix, the Man of Tomorrow is far from an essential requirement. 

Black Adam felt completely separate from Shazam!, a baffling decision, especially when we're sure these two - and the entire Shazam Family, for that matter - would have plenty to say to each other. 

Yes, the two characters are tonally very different, but therein lies the fun. Black Adam could lay waste to the heroic team, forcing them to get serious. Of course, once he realises that they're children like his son once was, it would turn the dynamic on its head and hopefully lead to an awesome team-up. 

1. A Battle With The Suicide Squad


We're throwing out an idea of our own here, but if you want to combine two franchises for a big crossover event, why not Black Adam and The Suicide Squad

The latter underperformed thanks to the pandemic and a dual theatrical/HBO Max release, while the former is on track to only make slightly more than Shazam! Pitting Teth-Adam against Task Force X would make for one heckuva blockbuster, and it feels like the logical next step after his war of words with Amanda Waller. 

This would be a great way to revive both franchises, while also giving moviegoers a reason to give them another shot. Shazam and Superman could easily come into play, making this one of the most exciting potential additions to the DCU slate.

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