BLADE Exec Was Reportedly Fired For Not "Sounding Alarm" Early Enough Regarding Script Problems

BLADE Exec Was Reportedly Fired For Not "Sounding Alarm" Early Enough Regarding Script Problems

More drama relating to Marvel Studios' troubled Blade reboot here, as it's come to light that an exec "parted ways" with the project after failing to sound the alarm over script issues...

By MarkCassidy - Nov 03, 2023 08:11 AM EST
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Coming off Variety's recent exposé which outlined some of the (supposed) issues Marvel Studios has been plagued with over the past while, we have some more details on the studio's troubled Blade reboot.

The piece noted that Marvel is having a hard time nailing down the story (which isn't exactly a major revelation given the amount of writers and directors that have been attached at various points), and claimed that star Mahershala Ali threatened to away from the project at one point due to frustrations with the script.

Apparently, some early drafts saw Ali's new take on the Daywalker "relegated to third or fourth lead" in his own movie, and while this has been disputed by a writer who worked on a draft prior to the strikes (more here), it's clear that this production has been anything but plain sailing.

Now, we have some more drama to add!

According to Jeff Sneider on this week's episode of the Hot Mic, one of the movie's executives (he doesn't name them, but there's speculation that it may have been exec producer and one-time director Bassam Tariq) "parted ways" with the project after failing to "sound the alarm" early on when problems started to occur.

Apparently, Kevin Feige was not at all happy with the situation, and one source told Sneider that the ensuing confrontation was the only time he ever witnessed the studio boss get angry and "raise his voice."

Marvel Studios reportedly plans to bring Blade in on a budget of $100 million or under. Oscar-nominated Logan writer Michael Green is the latest scribe to take a crack at the script, and, as far as we know, Yann Demange (who stepped in to replace Tariq earlier this year) is still on board to direct.

Given the violent nature of vampire-slaying hero, there's been some speculation that this reboot might join Deadpool 3 as the studio's first R-rated feature. However, while Blade is expected to be dark and gritty in tone, falling on the edgier side of Marvel fare, it sounds like the aim is still to bring it in at the usual PG-13/12.

Hopefully, Blade is in good hands with Green, and this reboot starts to come together.

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LSHF - 11/3/2023, 8:51 AM
Don't trust Variety.
LSHF - 11/3/2023, 8:53 AM
Why quote bad sources? Just make up your own bullshit; it can be more fun!

Anyway, it's all clickbait in the end, so why make it harder? Just make stuff up! Obviously, others are doing it.
MyCoolYoung - 11/3/2023, 10:19 AM
@LSHF - I'm definitely going to start making stuff up. It won't be made up though my sources are pretty solid
StSteven - 11/3/2023, 8:49 PM
@LSHF @MyCoolYoung - Same here. I'm just going to start posting articles citing my mom. She says some pretty bat-shit crazy stuff that she gets off Reddit, so I'll just quote her and use a pseudonym like "MyTimeToSweepTheFloor" or "CanIMakeSomeToastForTheKids".

Which reminds me: I have it from a reliable source that Kevin Feige originally offered Ali the part of Blade because he was under the impression that Ali was, in fact, a vampire in real life and became physically enraged when Ali made it clear that he was not, in fact, a real life vampire. Kevin has since locked Ali in a sub-basement below Marvel Studios with Morbius (apparently Kevin was so taken with Leto's performance he now believes that Leto is also a real life vampire) watching the original "Blade" trilogy on repeat with nothing for nourishment but rats, homeless people, and the blood of toddlers, until such a time as Ali either becomes a real vampire or at least convinces Kevin that he is one. True story.
LSHF - 11/4/2023, 3:48 AM
@StSteven - I don't believe it any less than the bullshit clickbait articles that keep getting dumped on us here.
MyCoolYoung - 11/4/2023, 4:33 AM
@StSteven - whoa Leto's a vampire? CanIMakeToastForTheKids is extremely reliable. I believe them for sure
StSteven - 11/4/2023, 2:26 PM
@MyCoolYoung - Oh, yeah, totally. Remember all the crazy shit he did when he was playing the Joker? Giving dead rats and shit as gifts to his costars? People say "Well he's a method actor". He's not a method actor he's a f**king vampire. The only reason he got so skinny for "Dallas Buyers Club" is because McConaughey kept following him around all the time so he couldn't get away to feed (according to my sources). Plus he's a rock star and everyone knows that all good-looking male rock stars, except for Jeremy Renner. He simply made a deal with the devil (also according to my sources). I mean, how else to you get run over by your own snow plow breaking 30 bones in your body, and not just survive but be back to normal a couple of years later?
MyCoolYoung - 11/4/2023, 5:10 PM
@StSteven - I didn't know Jeremy souled his soul. You'd think more people would be talking about him being a Satanist. This is crazy good information please keep it coming so I can spread it like wild fires
StSteven - 11/4/2023, 10:57 PM
@MyCoolYoung - Well, to be clear, according to my sources, Renner isn't a Satanist or anything like that. He just knows a good deal when he sees one. I mean, he's been nominated for Academy Awards twice, is a frickin' Avenger, is a professional singer, is a professional home renovator/carpenter, has a show on D+ about said "Rennervations", and is apparently death-proof. I mean who wouldn't go for a deal like that?

Hell, I'd sign over whatever just to have the same libido as I had when I was in my 20's or to stop the bags under my eyes or my jowls from drooping. I mean, to even be able to work out like I used to without worrying about tearing something. Anything! You hear me Dark Lord? I'm open for business!
MyCoolYoung - 11/5/2023, 1:30 AM
@StSteven - lol mann I know these are jokes but after tearing my achilles I be on high alert
StSteven - 11/5/2023, 1:49 PM
@MyCoolYoung - Tell me about it. I'm so damned accident prone I'm constantly hurting myself in one way or another. For example, when I was in high school I accidentally cut my left thumb (almost all the way) off with a table saw and then a little while later stuck that same hand into a deep fryer at the fast food restaurant I was working at. Fast forward 30 years later and all of a sudden the table saw accident comes back to haunt me as that thumb developed "trigger finger" (it's where the tendon in your finger slides through a tendon sheath and that sheath becomes irritated and your finger gets stuck and you can bend it and it's incredibly painful if you try) which requires cortisone injections with a giant f**king horse needle (and may require surgery).

Another example: back in 2008 I was water skiing and I got yanked out of the water before I was ready and only had one hand on the tow rope which I thought dislocated my shoulder. So it Kida bugged me since then, but not enough to do anything about it. The about 2 years ago I fell and landed on it which screwed it up even more (couldn't even lift a jug of milk with that arm). Turns out that the first time I actually tore away 1 of the 4 tendons that make up your rotator cuff and when I fell on it that tore away another 1 and a half. So I had to have MAJOR rotator cuff surgery and the first tendon had retracted too far into my shoulder so they had to use a muscle from my trapezius (should blade) and stretch that up and then add donor tissue to fill in the gap (so I technically have 2 different DNAs in my body). I had to wear this big metal contraption 24/7 that held my arm out to the side of my body and looked like something from a "Saw" movie for 6 weeks and have this 5" scar across my shoulder blade.

I could keep going, but you get the point. So, yeah, I'm accepting offers of divine (or otherwise) intervention. So who will start the bidding?
marvel72 - 11/3/2023, 9:07 AM
They hire all the wrong people anyway,they should hire known directors,producers and writers make quality movies,stop going cheap.
Origame - 11/3/2023, 9:54 AM
@marvel72 - also, ones that value the fans, and don't view being a fan of the source material as a "red flag" when hiring people.
Blergh - 11/3/2023, 10:03 AM
@marvel72 - it’s not about being cheap, I’m actually convinced Disney pays them ungodly sums of money compared to other gigs they would get.

Disney has always kind of pushed for hiring them young (be it actors, singers or directors) and control their rise/fame/power. These people are lab rats to Disney, once they’re famous they’re tied to Disneys whim and feel obligated to the studio that made them.

Mostly seen with actors like Kurt Russell, Hemsworth or Ryan Gosling.
But I’m sure they’re also breeding perfect directors for their purposes.

It’s a cynical process and shown to have long lasting effects on young people (take Disney Channel stars of Club Mickey kids like Britney Spears)
marvel72 - 11/3/2023, 10:22 AM
@Origame - Exactly,they can make slight changes to the source material like they did with the first Iron Man.
marvel72 - 11/3/2023, 10:23 AM
@Blergh - The hire yes men and women,hire people that have experience and a great track record.
Origame - 11/3/2023, 10:25 AM
@marvel72 - exactly. They changed plenty but mostly to make sense in a more contemporary time and streamlining things. Like having it be Afghanistan instead of Vietnam.

But when you make it so taskmaster is now a brainwashed woman using tech for her powers, that's when I draw the line.
bobevanz - 11/3/2023, 10:41 AM
@marvel72 - and you have clowns in the comments saying they dint trust variety, they're literally the one to break news and its ALWAYS reliable. Only the idiots have me blocked lol
marvel72 - 11/3/2023, 12:03 PM
@Origame - Please I am trying to erase Taskmaster from my memory.
Taonrey - 11/3/2023, 12:03 PM
@marvel72 - that would require listening to those voices. They want yes men to do what they want
BillyBatson1000 - 11/3/2023, 9:11 AM
Potential script problems?

1/ Staying true to the character and the level of bloodshed/body count that will entail?

2/ Making it cheap?
Usernametaken - 11/3/2023, 9:30 AM
It's still kind of weird to me how they can struggle writing a script when they have hundreds of comics to take inspiration from.

It's like writing with cheat codes, the character is there, the villains are there, the dialogues, tone, settings are all there, just use that.
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