DC SHOWCASE - BLUE BEETLE Writer Jeremy Adams Teases Fallout From Today's FLASHPOINT BEYOND #0 (Exclusive)

Talking to us about creating the story for DC Showcase - Blue Beetle, writer Jeremy Adams shares some huge teases for what we can expect from Flashpoint Beyond following the release of today's issue #0...

Jeremy Adams' writing credits include SupernaturalJustice Society: World War II, and DC Comics' The Flash series. Talking to us about penning the story for DC Showcase - Blue Beetle earlier today, we asked the writer about Flashpoint Beyond. Issue #0 arrived in comic book stores today, and Adams is working on the highly anticipated event series alongside Geoff Johns and Tim Sheridan. 

In that opening chapter [SPOILER WARNING], Thomas Wayne finds himself trapped in the "Flashpoint" timeline he believed would be wiped away when he helped Barry Allen rewrite history. 

Seeking out the Barry on his world, Batman attempted to recreate the experiment that gave the Scarlet Speedster his powers...with electrifying results. While we'll bring you our full interview with Jeremy soon, we had to ask the writer what he can share about where this story is heading next. 


"I hope everybody really enjoys it. Issue #0 lays the groundwork for everything that comes after. There are a lot of twists and turns and there’s a lot of exploration of this universe and what it is," Adams teased during our chat. "That’s exciting too, because I feel like Geoff [Johns], Tim [Sheridan], and I had a lot of discussions and conversations about what exists here and the mystery of why Thomas is here. He shouldn’t be here. He should be dead [Laughs]. Even in his mind, he thinks that. He escaped from Hell, and now he’s back in it. All I can say is it’s going to be quite the ride."

"The art from Xermanico…I cannot say enough. I hope you guys enjoy the story, but I know you’re going to love the art. It’s outrageous how good it is. Writers get a lot of credit, but as a writer, I’ve got to tell you that the real superstars are these artists," he continued. "It’s a visual medium and when I see these pages coming back from Xermanico, I’m like, ‘What are we even doing here?’ [Laughs] Any letter I put on the page is going to take away from how amazing this art is. I’m always in awe. They’re magicians and wizards and we’re just little peasants compared to them."

"Flashpoint Beyond is otherworldly. Issue #3, some of the things happening that Xermanico draws…every page could be a poster. I’m saying to myself, ‘Holy cow, I wish I could put that up in my room. If I was a kid, I’d be cutting it out and pasting it on something’ [Laughs]. It’s really cool."

The Thomas Wayne version of Batman has emerged as a real fan-favourite character since Flashpoint was first released over a decade ago, and putting him front and centre in this story is very exciting. Today's opening issue made it clear that this Dark Knight is willing to do whatever it takes to fix his reality, and we can't wait to see what Adams and Sheridan bring to the table alongside Johns.

DC Showcase: Constantine - The House of Mystery arrives on Digital & Blu-ray on May 3.

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