SPOILERS: 6 Most Shocking And Unbelievable Revelations In DC REBIRTH #1

You may have seen a handful of spoilers doing the rounds for DC Rebirth #1, but here you'll find an in-depth breakdown of all the issue's biggest reboot reveals, so prepare to have your minds blown...

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A few days ago, someone who managed to get their hands on an early copy of Rebirth #1 leaked a few major plot points on Reddit, prompting DC Comics to allow a handful of websites to publish their reviews and spoiler breakdowns early. What you'll find here is the latter, and if you're curious about just how much the Geoff Johns penned tale shakes up the DC Universe, you need to keep on reading. 

The comic brings back characters like Ted Kord (the classic Blue Beetle) and shakes up the status quos of others like Ray Palmer and Aqualad, while marrying off Aquaman and Mera and reigniting the relationship between Oliver Queen and Laurel Lance. However, those are all minor alterations compared to the shocking relvelations you'll find below in a DC Universe sure to upset Alan Moore...

6. The Three Faces Of The Joker


During the events of Darkseid War, Batman asked the Mobius Chair for the true identity of The Joker. Why he was so shocked when surely the World's Greatest Detective would know that it was the Red Hood who fell in that vat of chemical was hard to say, but Rebirth reveals that there are actually THREE Jokers. Confused yet?

This story confirms that three separate individuals have operated as the Clown Prince of Crime; the classic Jerry Robinson Joker, the Alan Moore/Brian Bolland Killing Joke Joker, and Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's deranged New 52 Joker. We don't learn whether this lot have been working together or are three completely individual characters who have switched places when the DC Universe has gone through any number of Crises, but there isn't one single Joker and it's left a mystery as to what this means for the future of the villain and Batman. It's a pretty bizarre reveal though. 

5. Darkseid Lives


The finale of the Darkseid War has been delayed, so Rebirth features some pretty major spoilers for how that story concludes. For starters, we learn that Darkseid has been reborn as Superwoman's baby, and the Crime Syndicate member's child is now in the possession of his daughter, Grail. That obviously leaves the door open for the iconic bad guy to return somewhere down the line following his death at the hands of the Anti-Monitor.

Wonder Woman meanwhile has learned yet another shocking revelation about her past as it's mentioned that she has a secret twin brother called Jason. This story doesn't reveal whether or not he's the Jason who was a Greek mythological hero famous for his role as the leader of the Argonauts and their quest for the Golden Fleece, but it seems likely. Needless to say, this is something which is likely to be picked up on in the Amazonian warrior's relaunched series. 

4. A New Beginning For The JSA And Legion Of Superheroes

Much to the chagrin of comic book fans everywhere, both the Justice Society of America and the Legion of Superheroes have been absent from The New 52 Universe. However, Rebirth lays the groundwork for both of these iconic teams to return, though how soon that will be following the publication of this game changing tale remains to be seen.

In a scene set in the present, we see a woman approach the police to tell them that she's seen the future and that all will be well before it's revealed that she possesses one of the Legion's rings (it's not confirmed, but I would bet money that this is Saturn Girl). As for the JSA, we get a brief look at Johnny Thunder in a psychiatric ward rambling on about everything from Joe McCarthy to the fact that no one remembers him - this scene homages Geoff Johns' JSA run in quite a few different ways - and while it's hard to say how the team will come back, expect to see them soon.


3. The Return Of Wally West


Seeing as Wally West is to many fans THE Flash after taking on that mantle for decades after the death of Barry Allen, most haven't appreciated him being omitted from The New 52 Universe or the publisher's attempt to bring back a very different version. Well, the real deal returns in Rebirth, struggling not to be consumed by the Speed Force and willed back into existence when Barry recognises him. However, Linda Park - his wife in the original DC Universe - doesn't know him, so it looks like he'll remain in this younger body for the time being.

His future as a speedster is also somewhat uncertain, but we do learn that the new Wally will be sticking around as he's actually a distant cousin of this version who was also named after their grandfather. So, these are clearly two separate characters rather than two versions of the same person existing within the same world now. It's a little convoluted but works. 


2. Superman Is Dead


We don't learn how it happened, but Superman is dead. It's believed that his death will come in this Wednesday's Superman #52, but a news report and conversation between the pre-52 Clark and Lois confirms that, as does a scene which sees the Justice League and members of the public gathered around a crater in a park where we're seemingly supposed to assume that is where the hero made his final stand and met his maker. 

The confusing thing about this is that the pre and post New 52 Universes are the same world, so the bearded Superman currently shacked up with his wife and son aren't from a different reality. Still, they're strangers in this modified universe which had ten years stolen from it (more on that in the next slide), but fans who haven't enjoyed the rougher around the edges Supes who started his career off wearing jeans and a t-shirt will be glad to know that the classic Man of Steel is back.

1. Dr. Manhattan Is The DC Universe's New Big Bad


There are clues which point to Watchmen scattered throughout Rebirth, including the fact that the issue opens with a close up of a watch and Pandora - the face of The New 52 reboot who appeared in every single #1 issue back in 2011 - being killed by an unknown being in a near identical way to Rorschach at the end of that classic tale.

Wally later tells Barry that this mysterious force is the one responsible for ten years of history being stolen from the DC Universe (which created The New 52 reality) and that a war is coming with him. It's then that we see Batman discover the Comedian's blood splattered button in the Batcave, but who put it there is a mystery.

What isn't a mystery is the fact that Dr. Manhattan is the one responsible as the issue concludes with narration takes directly from his final scene in Watchmen. Why he decided to alter the DC Universe is unclear, but the last time we see Dr. Manhattan (at the end of his Before Watchmen series), he created a new world, one which may very well have been the DC Universe. The question now of course is whether or not we're going to see other characters from his world join this fight somewhere down the line.

Which of these Rebirth revelations has rocked your world the most? As always, be sure to let us know your thoughts in the usual place.

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