Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics Marvel Worldwide, Inc., commonly referred to as Marvel Comics is an American company that publishes comic books and related media. In 2009, The Walt Disney Company acquired Marvel Entertainment, Marvel Worldwide's parent company. It began in 1939 as Timely Publications, and by the early 1950s had generally become known as Atlas Comics. Marvel's modern incarnation dates from 1961, with the company later that year launching Fantastic Four and other superhero titles created by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, and others. Among its characters are such well-known properties as Spider-Man, the X-Men, Iron Man, the Hulk, Thor and Captain America.
THE MANDALORIAN: Marvel Comics Reveals First Look Inside Upcoming Season One Adaptation
Marvel Comics will release a comic book adaptation of The Mandalorian's first season this July, and we now have a first look at a whole host of variant covers along with some very cool interior artwork.
AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #900: Marvel Reveals All Variant Covers...And A Closer Look At The Sinister Adaptoid!
Marvel has shared a full gallery of variant covers for Amazing Spider-Man #900 featuring a whole host of iconic artists putting their spin on the web-slinger and his deadly new foe, the Sinister Adaptoid.
Marvel Comics Is Sending CARNAGE To Hell To Challenge Malekith For His Throne This August
Marvel Comics' new Carnage series has taken the villainous symbiote on quite a ride, and this August, the alien is heading to the Marvel Universe's version of Hell to challenge Malekith for his throne...
AMAZING FANTASY #1000 Variant Cover Sees Artist J. Scott Campbell Deliver His Amazing Take On Spider-Man
Marvel Comics has revealed a spectacular new variant cover for Amazing Fantasy #1000 that sees legendary artist J. Scott Campbell put his own unique spin on Spider-Man for his 60th anniversary year...
FORTNITE X MARVEL: ZERO WAR #4 Throws Doctor Doom Into The Mix As The Epic Crossover Continues
This August, the Marvel Universe's crossover with Fortnite continues as Doctor Doom is added to the mix. What is the classic Fantastic Four villain plotting? You can find more details and artwork here.
CONAN THE BARBARIAN Is Leaving The Marvel Universe As Original Owners Regain Publishing Rights
Well, it was fun while it lasted! Conan the Barbarian has starred in his own series and even joined The Avengers as part of the Marvel Universe, but the publisher will soon have to bid farewell to him...
A.X.E.: JUDGEMENT DAY Tie-Ins Revealed By Marvel Comics - Is Gwen Stacy Set To Finally Return From The Dead?
Marvel Comics has revealed a number of tie-ins for A.X.E.: Judgement Day, but the biggest talking point here may be the apparent return of the original Gwen Stacy from the dead. Read on for details...
VENOM #11 Will Give The Sleeper Symbiote A New Host This August...And A Badass New Look And Name
Marvel Comics has released a first look at this August's Venom #11, and the cover puts the Sleeper symbiote front and centre as the fan-favourite supporting character gets a new host, costume, and name.
FORTNITE X MARVEL: ZERO WAR #3: Leinil Francis Yu's Latest Cover Takes Crossover To The Savage Land
Marvel Comics has shared an awesome first look at the cover for Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War #3, and it seems the heroes of the Marvel Universe and Fortnite team-up for an epic battle in the Savage Land...
Marvel Comics Announces AMAZING FANTASY #1000 From Legendary Creators Celebrating Spider-Man
2022 is a very special year for Spider-Man, and Marvel Comics has now announced plans for Amazing Fantasy #1000, a one-shot celebrating everything that makes the wall-crawler so spectacular...