Why The Daredevil Directors Cut Should Be Seen As One Of The Comic Book Movie Greats.

I know this may be a controversial opinion, but its something i feel needs to be addressed. So if you want to see my reasoning for this belief, please come give this a read.

This is an article im a bit scared to write. Cause Daredevil is a movie that seems to get a lot of hate. Hell, even Ben Affleck himself says its the only movie he regrets doing. Your movie has got to be pretty bad for your main actor to say that, and Affleck was in Gili. But we arn't here to talk about the Theatrical Cut, we are here to discuss the Directors Cut, and why i believe it should stand up as one of the comic book movies we remember and remeber fondly.

1.) Almost everybody in the movie was perfectly cast.

Now, i know what you are thinking. "Shouldn't this apply to the theatrical cut as well since no one was recast in the directors cut?" Now while you are partially right on that statement i put that here cause the sad part is is that although the theatrical cut still has the same great cast, the majourity of the casts best scenes are cut. These are included for Affleck, Duncan, Faverau, and while Ben Urichs best scene is still in the theatrical cut it makes more sense here. Micheal Clarke Duncans best scene is his introduction, which shows his strength and how menacing he is, and they do it in a way of show don't tell. Which is what you need in movies and it set up Kingpin perfectly. Ben Afflecks best scene is when he is actualy technically 2 scenes put together, its when him and elektra are on the rooftop during the rain storm, only for daredevil to run off and stop a crime. What makes that scene so great is that it showed how commited Murdock was to being daredevil. And really showed how Affleck can pull the duality of daredevil. And finally foggy nelsons best scene is in the court room, where he is trying to defend coolio, that scene screams foggy nelson perfectly and that along with the other scenes faverau did shows how good he was for the part. I could go on, but i think you get the point, they may have been casted well in the theatrical cut, but the directors cut shows exactly why.

2.) If it would have been released at the time Daredevil could have become a much bigger hero then he is now.

Now im not going to assume anything. For all i know this could be way off, but in my opinion, if the film in this state would have been released in 2003, Daredevil, at least for a short time, could have become one of the bigger superheroes, almost like Iron Man. At the time, superhero movies were more scene as kid fare, something to bring the kiddies along, nothing with anything really adult in it. Well the directors cut of Daredevil is definitly a film for adults through and through, it is not for the kiddies. Its even got the R rating. Sure that might not have helped it much in the box office (although i do beleive that it would have made more money then it did in its current state) But it would have gotten positive word of mouth, instead of what it got. We could have even gotten a franchise out of this. I have no doubts we at the very least would have gotten a Daredevil 2 if the directors cut would have gone to theaters. The film definitly would have been praised at the time for being more adult. And for a hero like daredevil thats kind of the way you need to go about things.

3.) Marvel is going to have to try hard to make their version more faithful.

Now don't get me wrong, i have no doubts that Marvel Studios will do a good job on their Netflix show of Daredevil, Im sure Charlie Cox will do a fine job as Horn Head. But, in almost every regard (with a few exceptions with the designs of kingpin, elektra, and Bullseye) this is one of the most faithful comic book adaptations I have seen. Lets start with the costume, as you can see from comparison, its damn near perfect.It looks like the Daredevil costume lept off the page and was in this movie, perfect material, perfect coloring, everything, props to the costume designer for that. Also, as stated before, the tone is just right too. Daredevil is not a light hearted kiddy fun ride, the comic has had a more adult feel to it for a while, especially the run by frank miller (his being seen as the definitive run of the character). And this film has that tone down, it has grit, its dark, for the most part anyway, and it feels like they tried their best to emulate that feeling from the comic book. Finally like stated earlier with the exception of some of the designs i don't beleive many things were changed, his orgin wasn't changed, Bullseyes way of work didn't change, Kingpin (aside from the skin color) looked and acted excactly like the comic kingpin. The only changes i can remeber were from Elektra, not involving the hand in anyway, but im fine with the changes they did make. People like to complain about movies always changing things in the movies. Well this is one that complaint can't be applied as much.

4.)It took nothing and made it into something.

Now this is the big reason for me, and its one of the reasons why i do hate the theatrical cut. There is an interview which i will link here that i do want you to watch, not the entire thing, just listen to what one of the producers Gary Foster has to say.

You did hear thar right? He said that while a shorter lengthed cut existed that had what was important in the directors cut, he felt it was best that the film move at a fast pace, rather then be a good movie. So its thanks to him that we got the braindead generic action movie that we got. Now onto why this is such an improvement, and why it should be seen as one of the greats for that reason. The theatrical cut of the film has a scene where matt murdock and elektra go out into a rain storm, Matt hears someone yelling for help and then says he has to go, however instead of leaving he sleeps with Elektra. Only to say one scene later that "Shes out of my league, im going to end it before it starts" Um...im sorry, where the hell did you get that idea Matt? You just slept with her, i don't think that means she would be hard for you to get. Now in the directors cut this scene makes sense. We have pretty much the same rain scene except matt actually runs off, and becomes daredevil to defeat the crook this scene with daredevil beating up the crook is still in the theatrical cut just put in a place earlier that makes no sense. After which Matt goes to work and then says "Shes out of my league". Now see? That makes sense within the context of the story. And the directors cut does a lot of things like that that. Theres a reason why everyone now knows who kinpin is, ben urich not revealing daredevils identity makes sense. And we get more of a connection with matts father since we spend more time with him. The directors cut was polished and worked on after the theartical cut came out so it was able to take a movie with no plot, and make it into an actual good movie with an interesting and complleing story, that had a great reperesentation of the property of Daredevil. I could go on, but i think i made my point, you may disagree with me on the quality of the movie but i urge you to at least consider my arguments, and have this cut of daredevil not only be one of the movies we remember from fox fondly, but one of the comic book movies in general we remember fondly and visit time and time again.

I thank you for reading my rambiling, if you liked what you read please comment, any other editorial suggestions you have for me? Please tell me. And now its time i do something else, maybe even watch this film again. 



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