DC COMICS: PUNCHLINE ORIGINS Exclusive Interview With Voice Actress Anna "Brizzy Voices" Brisbin

Anna Brisbin (Brizzy Voices) is best known for her voice work, but she also does cosplay! Hit the jump to learn more about some of her costumes and how she brought Batman villain, Punchline to life!

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Anna Brisbin, aka Brizzy Voices, is best known for her voice work and impressions that can be found on Youtube as well as some video games and web series. Thanks to her impressive voice skills, Brizzy has been able to bring to life multiple characters from pop culture. Her most famous is arguably Pokemon, but she's also known for voicing some Disney characters!

Brizzy is now bringing her many voices to fans in a personal way by doing some cosplay, and one character she has brought to life has been the brand new DC Comics villain, Punchline.

Since Punchline is the newest addition to Batman's long list of rogue, she hasn't had any proper introductions to other forms of media and therefore has never had a voice, per se, to call her own. Brizzy changed all of that with a makeup tutorial which sees her narrating an iconic scene from the comics while in character. 

We recently chatted with Brizzy about that video, cosplay and so much more.

DC Comics fanatics can also find our chat with Red Hood Fan Series creator, actor, martial artist, and Jason Todd actor Ian Lang (Ninja Kidz TV) embedded with the transcript below. If interested, check out Literary Joe's Inner Child Podcast and also don't forget to share your thoughts in the comments below!

12m 9s
Darth Lexii: Did you make your Wonder Woman costume yourself, or did you commission it?

12m 19s
Brizzy Voices: I commissioned it from a very talented creator in Italy.

13m 5s
Darth Lexii: When you do your cosplays at conventions, do you get into your character and do the voices?

13m 12s
Brizzy Voices: Sometimes. Yeah, I feel like when I've done Harley in the past, I definitely have. I'm trying to think though, what else have I done that felt like warranted a voice. I feel like normally I don't. It doesn't feel necessary to be that character at a convention. It's like, you're not fooling anybody that this isn't Disneyland. But sometimes, Yeah, just for fun.

13m 39s
Darth Lexii: Well, I'm sure the kids love it.

13m 43s
Brizzy Voices: Absolutely.

13m 52s
Darth Lexii: Do you have a favorite part of conventions?

13m 56s
Brizzy Voices: It depends because I go to different kinds of conventions. There are conventions that I go to as a fan, like Comic-Con, and then there are YouTube conventions where I go to meet fans. It's different. My favorite things are meeting the fans at the official meet-ups and meeting up with other YouTuber friends who live elsewhere in the country. For comic cons, where I have my cosplay and all of that, I think it's the wandering around with friends and people watching, and looking at other cosplays is my favorite part.

18m 29s
Literary Joe: I watched your Punchline video, and you mentioned that DC liked it. How did you get their reaction?

18m 56s
Brizzy Voices: Punchline is a new character in DC Comics that is Joker's girlfriend question mark? She's confirmed his partner quote: she says I'm his partner", but then there are also images that the comic artists put on Instagram from Future Comics that look like they are pretty cozy. It sounds like a girlfriend and somewhat a Harley rival at the moment. They fought one or two times pretty intensely. She's the antithesis of Harley. They say where Harley is allowed guffaw, Punchline is a creepy smile in the dark. She loves everything dark and awful about the Joker, where Harley loves all of his funniness and silliness and sees the potential in him for better things. I was interested in Punchline because I love clown characters and because she is dark and spooky and had black hair like me. I put together this cosplay, and I have a couple of friends who work at DC Comics. I'd be texting them along the way, and they'd give me little feedback and tips. Eventually, I was like, what do I want to do with this video? Typically my makeup cosplay videos, I'd narrate it as the character, as a tutorial. I don't know how Punchline would narrate a makeup tutorial or if people are even looking for makeup tutorials from Punchline. I don't know if people know who she is unless they're actually into DC Comics. I liked her origin story, which is in the 80th-anniversary joker special. I took that and made an audio drama out of it with my friend Brian Hall, who voiced the Dean at Punchline's college, as well as Joker, who comes in at the end. I asked him to plug in some of the lines for me and where most of it is pretty much a monologue from her. It was perfect for a four-minute video. I did a speed-through transformation of her makeup, which was extra perfect because in the Comic, she is transforming, like she puts on her makeup and puts her hair up, and she changes. It worked so perfectly for this audio drama situation because she literally says something to him, and then she starts transforming into Punchline as he is in pain.

I finally put it out and really loved it. I tagged a couple of the creators, who I am not friends with the actual creators of Punchline. And they responded! I also may have got some help from my friends who work there, who sent it to them. I know that her character creator, James Tynion IV and Jorge Jimenez are her designers.

*All interviews have been edited for clarity and conducted by Literary Joe, Darth Lexii, and Comic Brooks*

Check out more Brizzy Voices on her Youtube channel right here.

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DC COMICS: PUNCHLINE ORIGINS Exclusive Interview With Voice Actress Anna Brizzy Voices Brisbin
Anna Brisbin (Brizzy Voices) is best known for her voice work, but she also does cosplay! Hit the jump to learn more about some of her costumes and how she brought Batman villain, Punchline to life!

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