DEADPOOL & WOLVERINE Stars Ryan Reynolds & Hugh Jackman On Their MCU Future And Upcoming AVENGERS Movies

DEADPOOL & WOLVERINE Stars Ryan Reynolds & Hugh Jackman On Their MCU Future And Upcoming AVENGERS Movies

Deadpool & Wolverine stars Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have addressed their respective MCU futures - specifically in regards to the next Avengers movies - and joke about the threequel's other title.

By JoshWilding - Jul 10, 2024 04:07 PM EST
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Source: Variety

Variety recently caught up with Deadpool & Wolverine stars Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman and wasted no time asking the actors whether they'll next suit up in Marvel Studios' upcoming Avengers movies.

Rumours continue to swirl that Jackman intends to stick around for the duration of the Multiverse Saga, though we've heard very little about where the Merc with the Mouth may fit into those plans. 

Reynolds was first to answer by saying, "I don’t know. Yeah, we’ll see. Yeah." Frustratingly, Jackman was every bit as coy as he simply responded, "Clearly, this is our first major interview of this press tour. I’m not sure how to answer."

Shifting away from a team-up with Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Reynolds was quizzed on whether he believes he'll continue playing Deadpool after this threequel. The actor was first cast as Wade Wilson in 2009's X-Men Origins: Wolverine and later got the chance to play a comic-accurate version in 2016's Deadpool. So, it's been a pretty lengthy stint! 

"I don’t know," the actor admitted. "I could see any version of it. I can imagine a solo movie, being part of an ensemble. I can imagine that this is also the last time. I never feel anything other than that."

Elsewhere in the conversation, Jackman was asked about stepping into Logan's iconic yellow and blue costume. 

"We had a couple of rounds of it. When we first started this in 1999, everyone was in black leather," he recalls. "Part of my brain was institutionalized that that’s the way it is. Then gradually watching the Marvel movies, I’m like, 'This actually looks cool.' As soon as I put it on, I couldn’t believe I never had before."

Reynolds adds, "I’ve never seen a crew reaction like that. We barely talked about the suit in the early development because it was a no-brainer. You don’t do this character now unless he’s in the suit."

The duo also had a fun exchange about whether the movie should be titled Deadpool & Wolverine or Wolverine & Deadpool:

Reynolds: Yeah, is it 'Deadpool 3' or is it 'Wolverine 10'? Certainly seniority, I mean, he’s 34 years older, so you want to take care of your elders.  

Jackman: I don’t care. [To Levy] It was sweet that you called it 'Wolverine & Deadpool.' I thought it was generous.   

Reynolds: [To Jackman] It’s actually called 'Deadpool & Wolverine.' I’m so sorry.   

Jackman: Wolverine obviously cares, because he would never be in a movie where it wasn’t called 'Wolverine & Deadpool.'

Wolverine & Deadpool Deadpool & Wolverine arrives in theaters on July 26.

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Origame - 7/10/2024, 4:48 PM
I'd prefer this being like the end of everything fox related. But then again, they are desperate at this point. The movie clearly was just meant to be a fun goodbye to the fox characters then turned into this massively important film that'll "save the mcu".
mountainman - 7/10/2024, 5:10 PM
@Origame - I can’t imagine they won’t have these characters show up more up to Secret Wars. Same with Toby and Andrew. They need some big names and characters to boost interest since many of the new Phase 4/5 characters haven’t resonated as much with people.
Origame - 7/10/2024, 5:15 PM
@mountainman - isn't it sad? Like we were at the point where we specifically wanted marvel to own everything so we wouldn't have to worry about the terrible fox and Sony characters and Canon. Now we're at the point where we only care about the latest mcu movie because it might have fox or Sony characters.
mountainman - 7/10/2024, 5:28 PM
@Origame - It’s tough to be excited for the new MCU X-Men based on their recent track record. Maybe they see the popularity of X-Men 97 and give us accurate casting and characterization, but they would have to rebuild audience trust in order to receive it.

It will be interesting if this is the 2nd highest earner of the multiverse saga though.

1st place - Sony movie
2nd place - Movie featuring Fox characters

It certainly says something. But are they listening?
Origame - 7/10/2024, 5:37 PM
@mountainman - sony hilariously is doing so much better than marvel post endgame. Venom 2 outgrossed all 3 pandemic mcu movies, no way home was a Sony film and Sony got almost all the money from that, across the spiderverse did incredibly well in relation to it's budget while marvel keeps over inflating their budgets to the point their best case scenario has been to break even, and even the biggest laughing stocks for Sony such as morbius and madame web didn't damage Sony that much compared to quantumania and the marvels because their budgets were basically nonexistent.
mountainman - 7/10/2024, 6:09 PM
@Origame - I’ve been saying this for years, but if Marvel wants to continue making niche products, they need to have smaller budgets. If The Marvels would have had an $80 million budget, it wouldn’t have been such a huge loss.
Origame - 7/10/2024, 6:36 PM
@mountainman - the problem is they don't think it's a niche market. They think the already existing marvel fans will gobble up anything, while they try to usher in a new audience made up of not even just minorities and women but minorities and women who obsess over being minorities and women.

The problem is those people only care that they're being represented on screen. They don't actually care for the genre and just see it as something popular they can be reflected in. And the women and minorities that actually like them don't care if the characters specifically look like them as they can empathize with them in other ways. Then any other minorities and women simply aren't gonna be interested because it's simply not a genre they care for.

It's fiction what they're trying to achieve.
JonC - 7/10/2024, 7:05 PM
@Origame - saving the MCU was a tongue and cheek thing that fits right in with Deadpool... just like killing the Marvel Universe... he's done it all in the comics.
With the multiverse i think Feige always had plans to bring back Fox characters and Sony characters in some way... maybe a cameo... but he Spent a lot of time/love working on those other properties before he became head of Marvel and i think he recognizes they have an existing audience base and it would be a dishonor to simply replace them without thanking them in some way.
Origame - 7/10/2024, 7:06 PM
@JonC - I'm talking out of universe. Everyone is saying this is the last chance to save the mcu.
dragon316 - 7/10/2024, 11:08 PM
@Origame - they where desperate leading up to avengers end game look how many movies they made in one year
HerrmanM - 7/10/2024, 4:49 PM
imagine them tag teaming me, ufff a boy can dream!
Malatrova15 - 7/10/2024, 4:51 PM
Imagine then tag team Kevin Feige AI .
A red cap can drim
narrow290 - 7/10/2024, 4:57 PM
OT: Anyone collect Marvel legends, Mezco or Mafex figures?
HerrmanM - 7/10/2024, 5:02 PM
@narrow290 - my mom does
StSteven - 7/10/2024, 5:03 PM
@narrow290 - I collect the Marvel Legends figs, but only if I find them on clearance at Walmart or Target (I've got a bunch of them stacked up in a corner of my movie room). But I'm not super into them like I am with my Transformers collection. That is getting... out of control 😉.
HerrmanM - 7/10/2024, 5:07 PM
@StSteven - you not a real collector! my mom goes on marvel legend hunts and buys em all!!!
narrow290 - 7/10/2024, 5:11 PM
@HerrmanM - Tell her to hit me up. You bout to have a "Black guy" for a stepdad
HerrmanM - 7/10/2024, 5:13 PM
@narrow290 - mmm step daddy, im stuck in my toy bin again...
narrow290 - 7/10/2024, 5:16 PM
@HerrmanM - 💀💀😭😭
HashTagSwagg - 7/10/2024, 5:23 PM
@narrow290 - They're action figures! but I'll give you a pass because you didn't include Hot Toys.
StSteven - 7/10/2024, 5:54 PM
@HerrmanM - If by "real collector" you mean do I spread them all over the floor and make snow angels in them, then that's only with the TFs. My beautiful beautiful TFs. Mmmmm...
HerrmanM - 7/10/2024, 6:06 PM
@StSteven - 🤣
StSteven - 7/10/2024, 6:15 PM
@HerrmanM - Now excuse me while I strip down, lube up, and go spend some quality time with Prime and Megatron. And Starscream. And Grimlock. Oh! And Soundwave! Man, that voice of his! And the rest of the Dinobots. And the Stunticons. And the Aerialbots. And... 😉
narrow290 - 7/11/2024, 8:24 AM
@HashTagSwagg -Shit! I cant actually afford any Hot Toys. Just bought my 1st Mezco,. I got Bishop, Cap and Classic Punisher witch is a bootleg but still badass
HashTagSwagg - 7/11/2024, 9:09 AM
@narrow290 - Supreme knight Batman and their recent classic Superman are 2 of my favourites. You probably should have waited for their new classic cap.
narrow290 - 7/11/2024, 9:47 AM
@HashTagSwagg - I'm getting him as well. I put a deposit down on him and I also have the ML 85th anniversary Cap on the way too! Love Captain America
narrow290 - 7/11/2024, 9:48 AM
@HashTagSwagg - That classic Superman might be the best figure I've seen from Mezco! He is badass!!
TheVisionary25 - 7/10/2024, 5:05 PM
Idk about Deadpool , I could see Reynolds sticking around post Secret Wars if the MCU does soft reboot or not (even perhaps get more solo adventures?).

However Jackman I think will likely be in Secret Wars in this and that will be the end for him until we get a new actor for MCU Logan…

Wes Chatham please!!.

User Comment Image
bkmeijer1 - 7/10/2024, 5:13 PM
@TheVisionary25 - yeah, I doubt Jackman will stick around as well. Do hope we get to see him share the screen with RDJ and Maguire in Secret Wars before that though
TheVisionary25 - 7/10/2024, 5:17 PM
@bkmeijer1 - I feel like we will
ModHaterSLADE - 7/10/2024, 7:47 PM
I just hope Jackman and Tobey's Spider-Man team up before he calls it a wrap.
JstaKIDfrmBKLYN - 7/10/2024, 7:55 PM
I don't need to see the movie to know they'll be back for one or both of the next Avengers movies.
grouch - 7/10/2024, 9:09 PM
if hugh is still in the role, please have thicker mutton cops and hair in the next outing.
Izaizaiza - 7/11/2024, 9:03 AM
Sweet Jesus, one and done for Jackman please. He's been great, but it's time for a much better version of Wolverine

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