INSIDE OUT 2 First Social Media Reactions Declare Pixar's Latest Sequel A "Masterpiece"

INSIDE OUT 2 First Social Media Reactions Declare Pixar's Latest Sequel A "Masterpiece" INSIDE OUT 2 First Social Media Reactions Declare Pixar's Latest Sequel A "Masterpiece"

Inside Out 2's world premiere took place yesterday evening and that means we have the first reactions from critics on social media! Find out what they're saying about Pixar's latest sequel after the jump.

By JoshWilding - Jun 11, 2024 10:06 AM EST
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It's been a difficult few years for Pixar. During the pandemic, former Disney CEO Bob Chapek decided to drop movies like Soul, Luca, and Turning Red on Disney+, creating the impression that its films were only fit for streaming before Lightyear underperformed at the box office.

Last year, Elemental was quickly written off as a "flop" before proving it had legs (ultimately grossing shy of $500 million), so the pressure is on this weekend's Inside Out 2 to deliver and prove there's still plenty of life left in the studio beyond Toy Story

Following the sequel's premiere yesterday evening, the first social media reactions are in and they're overwhelmingly positive. As you'll see below, it sounds just as good - if not better - than its 2015 predecessor. 

These come just days after Fandango revealed that Inside Out 2 has surpassed the first movie's advance ticket sales, becoming the highest ticket pre-seller for Pixar since Toy Story 4 in 2019. For context, Inside Out grossed $858.8 million and Toy Story 4 made over $1 billion. 

Take a look at the first reactions in the X posts below (via and check back here soon for a review roundup and Tomatometer reveal. 

Disney and Pixar's Inside Out 2 returns to the mind of newly minted teenager Riley just as Headquarters is undergoing a sudden demolition to make room for something entirely unexpected: new Emotions.

Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust, who’ve long been running a successful operation by all accounts, aren’t sure how to feel when Anxiety, Envy, Ennui and Embarrassment show up.

The voice cast includes Amy Poehler, Maya Hawke, Kensington Tallman, Liza Lapira, Tony Hale, Lewis Black, Phyllis Smith, Ayo Edebiri, Lilimar, Grace Lu, Sumayyah Nuriddin-Green, Adèle Exarchopoulos, Diane Lane, Kyle MacLachlan, Paul Walter Hauser and Yvette Nicole Brown.

Inside Out 2 is directed by Kelsey Mann, produced by Mark Nielsen and executive produced by Pete Docter, Jonas Rivera and Dan Scanlon.

The movie features a screenplay by Meg LeFauve and Dave Holstein and story by Mann and LeFauve, with music by Andrea Datzman.

Inside Out 2 arrives in theaters on June 14.

Pixar Returns To The Top Of The Box Office As INSIDE OUT 2 Opens To A Joyous $295 Million Worldwide

Pixar Returns To The Top Of The Box Office As INSIDE OUT 2 Opens To A Joyous $295 Million Worldwide

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harryba11zack - 6/11/2024, 10:08 AM
is this Marvel or DC?
cyclopsprime - 6/11/2024, 10:16 AM
@harryba11zack - marvel
Baf - 6/11/2024, 12:22 PM
@cyclopsprime - Is it connected?
Matador - 6/11/2024, 10:16 AM
User Comment Image
Batmangina - 6/11/2024, 10:18 AM
I've read the comics for decades.
vectorsigma - 6/11/2024, 10:21 AM
Prepare for Riley to be gay
InfraMan - 6/11/2024, 10:33 AM
@vectorsigma - Would it matter? She would still be Riley.
vectorsigma - 6/11/2024, 10:40 AM
@InfraMan - yes it does because it is a retcon and no one like a retcon for representation better than Disney.

Fyi. She had a guy for a date in the first movie. And dont tell me things change and riley became gay because their teacher are shoving nonsense to them
ShellHead - 6/11/2024, 10:44 AM
@vectorsigma -

User Comment Image
Apophis71 - 6/11/2024, 11:53 AM
@vectorsigma - It wouldn't be a retcon if only starting puberty in this film as prior to that she wouldn't have had any sexuality whatever sexuality it is, not that they are likely to cover what her sexuality is at all anyway as I believe she will only be 13 in the second film...

...putting aside she was 11 in the first film, and puberty starts as early as eight for girls thru to around 13 or 14, more the point she was still too young to have any intimate relationship in the first film...

...a retcon is changing something that was established as canon in the past, if it was never established what her postpubescent sexuality would be then this wouldn't change anything and only add an aspect of who a person is/becomes during and after puberty.
Apophis71 - 6/11/2024, 12:16 PM
@ShellHead - Considering the person is posing a question about what the sexuality of a 13yr old will be is that a good idea? Someone thinking about stuff like that should probably stay indoors alone and switch off their internet to my mind, lol.
vectorsigma - 6/11/2024, 12:56 PM
@Apophis71 - i reckon this is exactly the pitch to Disney and why we have a part 2.
Apophis71 - 6/11/2024, 1:06 PM
@vectorsigma - We have a part 2 of anything due to part one of the thing being a hit, your theories beyond that say more about you than they do about anything else, especialy when it comes to a now 13yr old character in an animation for kids.
TheRedLeader - 6/11/2024, 1:16 PM
@vectorsigma - Your father is gay now. Riddle me that.
vectorsigma - 6/11/2024, 1:17 PM
@Apophis71 - you actually are taking my comment seriously. But i mean it when something woke will be present in this movie, not necessarily with riley.

The first movie is 9 years ago. Why wait that long to make a 2nd one. Doesnt make sense other than being a good avenue for the Disney agenda.

But let's see. Im watching tomorrow.
vectorsigma - 6/11/2024, 1:18 PM
@TheRedLeader - get a job for a change
Apophis71 - 6/11/2024, 1:39 PM
@vectorsigma - Considering how long animated films take to make from start to finish (four to seven years) and factor in two or three years lost due to COVID and strikes 9 years only means they didn't start production of a second prior to knowing if the first would be a hit or not and/or giving suffice time to ensure there is a strong enough story to tell in a film.

Not taking any comment seriously, only saying that your theories and need to state them say more about you than anything else at a point before any of us has actualy watched the film when it seems to be getting a lot of praise from critics without giving any such indications.
TheRedLeader - 6/11/2024, 1:51 PM
@vectorsigma - Don't need. Your momma is my sugar momma.
mountainman - 6/11/2024, 10:26 AM
Inside Out is by far the best Pixar movie to come out in the last 10 years. Hopefully the sequel can be more like the Toy Story sequels than all the other Pixar sequels that have come out.
vectorsigma - 6/11/2024, 10:29 AM
@mountainman - im watching tomorrow. I just hope it wont become a Lightyear.
Evansly - 6/11/2024, 10:36 AM
@mountainman - Personally Coco is my favorite. It just hits me right in my heritage.

Still will probably take my kids to see Inside Out 2 this weekend. They have wanted to go to the movies again but I wasn't going to take them to see Garfield
mountainman - 6/11/2024, 10:38 AM
@Evansly - Coco was solid. I’d place it below this, Soul, and Toy Story 4, but it is in the good category. There have been others that have been ok to bad in the last 10 years too.
InfraMan - 6/11/2024, 10:39 AM
@Evansly - Coco was a truly beautiful film.
vectorsigma - 6/11/2024, 10:42 AM
@Evansly - id vote for Coco as well.
DocSpock - 6/11/2024, 10:50 AM

If you are forced to sit through this because of a not-nosed weasel, may God have mercy on your rotten soul.
Shivermetimbers - 6/11/2024, 11:07 AM
@DocSpock - Speaking of rotten, your comments have been extra negative lately. Are you ok?
DocSpock - 6/11/2024, 11:15 AM
@Shivermetimbers -

Get off my lawn!
Shivermetimbers - 6/11/2024, 11:27 AM
@DocSpock - hahaha
TheRedLeader - 6/11/2024, 11:11 AM
Awesome. My fav Pixar. And if upsets the "anti-woke" nuts, even better.
DarthOmega - 6/11/2024, 11:15 AM
@TheRedLeader - Y'all obsess over the "Anti-Woke" more than they even think about you. No one brought that up. No one even eluded to it.
TheRedLeader - 6/11/2024, 11:23 AM
@DarthOmega - well, it's implied
TheRedLeader - 6/11/2024, 11:24 AM
@DarthOmega - When you say "they", your therapist says you mean "you".
Shivermetimbers - 6/11/2024, 11:28 AM
@TheRedLeader - What is the "woke" angle here? I must have missed it
Itwasme - 6/11/2024, 11:28 AM
@DarthOmega - we may disagree on things, but can we at least practice a little self awareness? There's literally a comment just above this already complaining. If we are at all to ever start finding some way to begrudgingly get along around here, we need to begin to acknowledge what goes on around here.
DarthOmega - 6/11/2024, 11:34 AM
@TheRedLeader - No it's not. Y'all have such a hatred for people who don't blindly go along with this new preachy entertainment you bring it up even when no one is talking about it. I enjoyed the first film and I'm looking forward to seeing this with the family. Y'all are just as toxic. Always trying to pick lame fights. It's pathetic.
DarthOmega - 6/11/2024, 11:37 AM
@Itwasme - What goes on around here is the same thing that goes on with Twitter and Reddit, but some of the commenters here as well as the admin will NOT stop engaging in culture war shit. The thing about wars is both sides engage in it.
We can't have a simple discussion without someone coming in to shit on the other side. Even in an article like this that doesn't even feature it. I've heard nothing about this film being woke.
Itwasme - 6/11/2024, 11:44 AM
@DarthOmega - yeah, but someone did say something already, that's the point I'm making. Feel free to call him out for adding kerosene to the flame, but it didn't come from nowhere. That's all I'm saying.
DarthOmega - 6/11/2024, 12:44 PM
@Itwasme - The person before me made a comment about it being woke? What did he say? Something about a weasel?
Itwasme - 6/11/2024, 1:02 PM
@DarthOmega - "prepare for Riley to be gay"

You can scroll up and see it.
DarthOmega - 6/11/2024, 1:29 PM
@Itwasme - You're right I totally missed that. I still think the war is fought on both sides, but I did scroll right past that one.
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