Bill Cosby Says He Wants To Be In A Superhero Film

In what is sure to turn some heads, another actor has expressed interest in the comic book film genre. This time however, it's a highly controversial figure!

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Since the steady rise of superhero films and their subsequent dominance of Hollywood, actors left and right have been clamoring to be apart of them. There are some A-list actors who still deem the material as beneath them (Viggo Mortensen, Javier Bardem and Daniel Day-Lewis to name a few). But for the most part, this significantly popular film genre is a great way for actors to establish themselves in the business or reignite stagnant careers.
Well, it looks as though we can add another name to the list of thespians wishing to clad themselves into some colorful spandex--Doctor Huxtable himself, Bill Cosby. Now I know what some of you are saying. Who is this man? I've never heard of him before. In the 1980s, he was the star of one of the most popular television shows ever to see broadcast. Family Matters. Or was it Fresh Prince? I don't know. I can't remember. I do know that he is also famous because of something else...
You might know him from the critically praised children series Little Bill.

At the Thirty-third Annual Cosby Show Reunion today in Los Angeles, which reportedly only saw Cosby himself attending (there are some media reports saying actor Malcolm-Jamal Warner is outside in a limo, waiting for his TV dad to leave), a representative for Bill came out to greet the press saying "Mr. Cosby is willing to take questions from reporters that will refrain from inquiring about his legal affairs." All the reporters left save me. Seeing as how I'm in the area today because of WonderCon, I  decided to try my hand at interviewing a television legend.
The following is an excerpt from my interview with Ghost Dad:

Cosby: Why hello there!
McGee: Thank you for sitting down with me Bill.

Bill is assisted with his chair by a correctional officer. He smiles his charming fatherly smile at me.
Cosby: The pleasure is all mine young man. It's always nice to meet a fan naaah jello pudding pops.
McGee: Hahaha! I didn't know you actually did that in real life. End your sentences with gibberish and randomly naming the products you promoted in the 80s. I thought people were making fun of you.
Cosby: I have Tourette's. I don't always do it mind you cha-choo razzle dazzle.
McGee: Wow. That's horrible. Making fun of someone with a disability. Those people are monsters.
Cosby: Yeah, there is nothing worse than mocking the handicap. Absolutely nothing. It's like having your way with a person's character without their permission. Doing it once is bad enough, but repeatedly? Well into your old age when you should know better? I don't let it get to me though. 

At this point in the interview, Bill pours some tea and offers me a drink. The correctional officer takes it from Mr. Cosby's hand before I can. I find this to be very rude, but continue on.

McGee: What are your plans in the near future? Any projects you'd like to tackle?
Cosby: You know...I've always wanted to play a superhero in one of them comic booky wook flim flam films!
McGee: Who wouldn't?  They're really--
Cosby: Flyin' around in them capes, savin' the peoples zoop boop babadoop!
McGee: --really popular right now.
Cosby: I love superhero comic book films. Even with the stigma that comes with watching them. Friends will tell people. 'Shut up! You don't know Bill. He wouldn't watch silly superhero films meant for children.' But I have! I've been watching them since the 1960s, starting with the Adam West Batman film. Up until as recently as ten years ago. Over five decades!
McGee: Wow! How many films have you seen?
Cosby: Let's see now...I must have seen 30, no, 50 comic book films! 57 now that I think about it!
McGee: 57??? That's impressive! No one can doubt your fan loyalty with that big a number! Not even your staunchest supporters!
Cosby: Quite right Mr. McGee! Quite right zipple dipple! They express doubt in public, but deep down...they know.
McGee: How does your family feel about it?
Cosby: Every time I watch one, my wife Camille looks the other way. She don't like 'em. 
McGee: What roles would you like to play?
Cosby: I wish I had a chance to play the Comedian in Watchmen, but alas, Jeffrey Dean Morgan got to it first. I can't hate though. He did a fantazzil-mizzle-rific job. With the shootin' and swoopin' and the fightin' and the knifin' splendiferous zip zop zoobity bop taste of New Coke!
McGee: There are plenty of roles that haven't been brought to screen yet, from both DC and Marvel. Let's say each company called you up. What characters would you want to audition for?
Cosby: DC has great villains. If I was in a DC film, I'd like to play Doctor Light.
McGee: Are you screwing with me?
Cosby: Not at all. Also, if I was gonna play a Marvel role, I'd like to play Namor. I'd like to do an adaptation of Fantastic Four #4--where he meets Marvel's First Family.
McGee: That would be cool. Unfortunately, Fox has the rights to the Fantastic Fo....wait a minute....isn't that the issue where Namor snatches up Sue Storm and tries to force her to be his bride???

At this point in the interview, Bill Cosby's attorney suggested that we change the topic of our discussion. If you'd like to read the rest of my interview with the creator of Fat Albert, be sure to head on over to my house tonight, where we'll be trying out a new cocktail recipe that Mr. Cosby has taught me.

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Bill Cosby Says He Wants To Be In A Superhero Film
In what is sure to turn some heads, another actor has expressed interest in the comic book film genre. This time however, it's a highly controversial figure!

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