Fan-Casts: Ideas for Additional MCU Series If Marvel Studios Never Closed Their Television Division

Fan-Casts: Ideas for Additional MCU Series If Marvel Studios Never Closed Their Television Division

Here are my thoughts on Marvel Shows if Marvel Television remained open as Marvel Television Studios while continuing to create MCU shows outside of the MCU Phase sagas.

By brodie999 - Jan 18, 2023 05:01 PM EST
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As you all know, Marvel Television was sadly closed as Marvel Studios quietly cancelled all of their television series(The Defenders, Daredevil, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Punisher, Cloak & Dagger, Runaways and Helstrom) and integrated the Television studio and Marvel Animation as one company, so that they can create MCU series solely on Disney Plus. As a result, this infuriated many fans of Marvel Television who demanded that they bring back all of the MCU series on Disney+ or other networks. That is why I begun to think if Marvel Studios had allowed Marvel Television to remain open as Marvel Television Studios, the MCU would have become much bigger than it already had been allowed to grow and find someone who has worked with Kevin Feige and would become CEO of said Studio

Marvel Television Studios would still be a part of Marvel Studios while continuing to create television series based on obscure Marvel characters seperate from the films and Disney+ series while their series would still be a part of the MCU all the while Marvel incorporates TV characters in every Multiverse Saga film and TV series to show that these characters are still a part of the same fictional shared universe. If I'd guessed what series they would use to expand the MCU on ABC, Freeform, Hulu, 20th Century Television and FX, here are the series and characters I would introduce.

-Most Wanted

-Damage Control: John Porter(Craig Robinson as the main protagonist)


-The Whizzer(Kyle Gallner)

-Golden Girl/Besty Ross(Laura Vandervoort)

-Jack Frost(Gill McKinney)

-The Destroyer(Jamie Nornan)

-The Thunderer(Dan Stevens)

-Red Raven(Freddie Highmore)

-Human Torch/Jim Hammond(Chris Pine)(If the show moved to Disney+ for its second season)

-Toro(Finn Wolfhard)

-The Black Marvel(Dan Lyons)(Chris Wood)

-Brian Falsworth/Union Jack(Ed Skerin)

-Spitfire(Imogen Poots)

-Sun-Girl/Mary Mitchell(Brec Bassinger)

-Miss America/Madeline Joyce(Gina Holden)

-Fury: A prequel series focusing on Nick Fury's father during the latter's childhood before he became director of S.H.I.E.L.D in the 1950s

-Classic Nick Fury(renamed Jack Fury)(Tom Welling)


Luther Manning(Walter Emanuel Jones) as a supporting character


-Elektra(Elodie Yung)

-Daughters of the Dragon: Colleen Wing(Jessica Henwick) and Misty Knight(Simone Missick)

-The Shroud(Jason Smith)

-Teen Hero-Verse:

-With Additional members being portrayed by:

-Shooting Star(Spencer Locke)

-Two-Gun Kid(Rupert Grint)

-Justice(Aiden Ehrenreich)

-Thor Girl/Selene(Sarah Michelle Gellar)

-Big Bertha(Sophia Bush)

-Hummingbird(Ariel Winter)

-Camilla Black(Grace Phipps)

-Gravity(David Mazouz)

-Rage(Michael Luwoye)

Gauntlet(Mehcad Brooks)

-Power Pack:

-Alex Power(Jared S. Gilmore)

-Julie Power(Sadie Sink)

-Katie Power(Alyvia Alyn Lind)

-Jack Power(Ian Armitage)

-Moon Boy and Devil Dinosaur:

-Moon-Boy(Haley Joel Osment)

-Devil Dinosaur(vocal effects by Steve Blum)

-Jack of Hearts(Ben Stiller)


-Super Hero Squad-Verse: 

-Flatman(Jesse McCartney)

-Machine Man(Tom Mision)

-Wundurr The Aquarian(Tyler Hoechlin)

-Captain Ultra(Ed Helms)

-Comet Man(Nick Cannon)

-Thundra(Isabella Miko)

-Marvel's Super Hero Squad


-Tigra(Mandy Moore)

-Dazzler(Taylor Swift)


-Howard the Duck(Seth Green)


-Gwenpool(Meg Donnelly)

-Living Lightning(Aldis Hodge)

-Force Works-Verse:

-Prodigy(Jared Padalecki):With Jack Flag(Aaron Paul)

-Jocasta(Katie McGrath)

-Reptil(Asher Angel)

-Stingray(Ben McKenzie)

-With Rikki Barnes(Britt Irvin)(reimagined as one of Bucky Barnes's great nieces)

-Force Works:

-Additional members:

-Viv Vision(Caitlin Thompson)

-X-23(Meg DeLacy)

-Moonraker(Kaley Cuoco)

-Century(Graham McTavish)

-Forbush Man(Jay Baruchel)

-3-D Man(Louis Cordice)


-Sleepwalker(Oscar Morgan)


-Smasher(Demi Lovato if Marvel could get her out of retirement from acting)

-Starbrand(Kevin Connor)(Walker Scobell)

-Nightmask(Shemar Moore)

-Abyss(Samantha Smith)

-Ex Nihilo(Sean CW Johnson)

-Demolition Man(Michael C. Hall)

-Texas Twister(Jason Lee)

-Solo(Jake Abel)


-Omega The Unknown(Brandon Routh)

-Captain Universe(Taylor Cole)

-Midnight Sons:

Ghost Rider(Gabriel Luna): 

-With Johnny Blaze(Jensen Ackles)

-Danny Ketch(Josh Hutcherison)

-Helstrom(Tom Austen)

-White Tiger(Kristen Kreuk)

-Red Wolf(Michael Spears)

-Midnight Sons

-Howling Commandos:

-Clay Quatermain(Justin Hartley)

-N'Kantu The Living Mummy(Matt Ryan)

-Frankenstein's Monster(Misha Collins)

-Teen Abomination(Josh Herdman)

-Nina Price(Ashley Tisdale)

-Warwolf(Joel McHale)

-Manphibian(Ray Romano)

-The Invisible Man(Bradley James as voice)

-Shiklah(Blake Lively)

-Zombie(Jon Cryer)

-Jennifer Kale(Emily Osment)

-Disney+ Presentations:

-Phil Sheldon(Jim Beaver)

-Nova(Logan Lerman)

-Silver Surfer(Raimi Malek)

-Darkhawk(James McAvoy)

-Ka-Zar And Shanna:

-Ka-Zar(Alexander Skargard)

-Shanna, the She-Devil(Margot Robbie)

-Big Hero 6:

-Hiro Harmada(Ian Chen)

-Baymax(Scott Adsit)

-Honey Lemon(Selena Gomez)

-Go-Go Tomago(Huening Bahiyyih)

-Fredzilla(Jeremiah Daniels)

-Wasabi(Shameik Moore)

-Inhumans Seasons 2-3:

-Inferno(Bobby Coleman)

-Jolen(Franz Dramesh)

-Iso(Inde Navarrette)

-Flint(Coy Stewart)

-Haechi(Caden Conrique)

-Synapse(Lana Condor)

-Runaways Seasons 4-5:

-Victor Mancha(Jake T. Austin)

-Bonus Spin-off series:

-Skull The Slayer(Drake Rodger): I casted Rodger because by the time they introduced him into the MCU, he would be over 25 years old

-Ultra Girl(Willa Holland)

-Red Sonja(Melody Perkins)

-Avenger X(Cressida)(Ciara Hanna)

Agent Carter Seasons 3-5:

Aarkus(Arthur Darvill)

Blonde Phantom(Skyler Samuels)

Would you like to see these characters introduced into the MCU? If so, please post your thoughts in the comments section.

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