The Batman FANCAST!!!

The Batman FANCAST!!!

A fancast on the caped crusader, because everyone's done one and i feel left out.

By DumbledoreCalrissian - Jan 21, 2013 12:01 AM EST
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The Batman/James Wolk

James Wolk : (Age: 27/Height: 6' 4") I wanted to cast a relatively unknown for the role and someone original, and I thought he was perfect for Bruce. He has the right look and charm Bruce processes, and also the physical stature to be Batman. Definitely a good up in coming actor evident by his performance on Political Animals.

Alfred Pennyworth/Christopher Plummer

Christopher Plummer : (Age: 83/Height: 5' 10") Wanted someone who had the right look for Alfred, but i also didn't want someone too frail looking like John Hurt for the role. Great actor who's been around forever and definitely has the acting chops to pull off the role.

Lucius Fox/Andre Braugher

Andre Braugher : (Age: 50/Height: 6' 0") I always envisioned him as Lucius after watching him on Last Resort. A very good and underrated actor whose been almost in everything. I believe his take on the character would be a terrific one.

James Gordon/Jeff Bridges

Jeff Bridges : (Age: 63/Height: 6' 1") Jeff Bridges is one of my favorite actors around probably best known for playing The Dude in The Big Lebowski. Solid actor with a proven track record has been in a lot of film these past years with Crazy Heart, Tron Legacy, and True Grit.

Nightwing/Anton Yelchin

Anton Yelchin : (Age: 23/Height: 5' 9") I wanted to cast someone original and i think Anton Yelchin is a great young actor he was amazing in Fright Night and Star trek. I also chose him, because i felt he has the ablity to bring Dick's funny cocky charm to the big screen.

Batgirl/Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts : (Age: 21/Height: 5' 3") Beautifully talented young up in comer Emma Roberts has the right look and tenderness for Barbara, and the acting ability to bring her character to life. Might be a little short for the roll, but that's why they created heels.

Red Hood/Nick Krause

Nick Krause : (Age: 20/Height: 5' 9") I haven't really seen anything he's done besides The Descendants, but from what I've seen i think he's a decent actor who has the right look and age for the character.

Red Robin/Callan McAuliffe

Callan McAuliffe : (Age: 17/Height: 5' 10") Hasn't really been in a lot of movies i first saw him in Flipped and he was fantastic in it . Has a role in the upcoming The Great Gatsby with Leonardo DiCaprio. Great young actor who has the right look fore it.

Robin/Asa Butterfield

Asa Butterfield : (Age: 15/Height: 4' 10") Awesome young actor and quite good just saw him recently in Hugo and thought he was amazing. He looks how i always imagined Damian Wayne would look like.

Thomas Wayne/Clive Owen

Clive Owen : (Age: 48/Height: 6' 2") I think Clive Owen is a awesome actor and would be perfect for this role. Loved him in Sin City and he was fantastic in Children of Men. It also doesn't hurt that he kinda looks like the lead actor.

Martha Wayne/Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock : (Age: 48/Height: 5' 7") I think she's a really good actress she was amazing in The Blind Side and was hilarious in The Proposal. I was trying to cast a well known good actress who would resemble the character the most.

Harvey Bullock/John Doman

John Doman : (Age: 68/Height: 6' 3") First and foremost i think Mark Boone Junior is perfect for Harvey, but since he's already played him i went with John Doman. Was great on The Wire and has the right look for Harvey.

Allen/Morris Chestnut

Morris Chestnut: (Age: 44/Height: 6' 0") I think Morris Chesnut doesn't get enough credit as an actor. He's probably best known for his role in Boyz n the Hood.A small role like Allen i think he can really shine and make it his own.

Renee Montoya/Morena Baccarin

Morena Baccarin: (Age: 33/Height: 5' 7") Probably best known for currently starring on Homeland where she's quite amazing in and cult favorite Firefly. Shes a very gorgeous and talented actress who has the right look for the role.

Aaron Cash/Cress Williams

Cress Williams : (Age: 44/Height: 6' 5") I know him best from Friday Night Lights he currently stars on Hart of Dixie as Mayor Burton. Casted him as Aaron Cash because i think he's a decent actor and a dead ringer for the role.

Mayor Hady/Brendan Gleeson

Brandan Gleeson : (Age: 57/Height: 6' 1") Probably best known for playing Mad Eye Moody in the Harry Potter films. I think he's a terrific actor who i believe would be quite amazing in a small villains role right here.

Charlotte Rivers/Jessica Paré

Jessica Paré : (Age: 30/Height: 5' 9") She's a beautiful actress who currently stars on Mad Men. I think she's a underrated actor ,but when given the opportunity to shine has the ability to shine and i think would be perfect for the role Charlotte.

Vicki Vale/Alice Eve

Alice Eve : (Age: 30/Height: 5' 5") Beautiful actress best known for her work in She's Out of My League, Men in Black 3, and the upcoming Star Trek 2. I think she's a great actress with tremendous range and has the ability to play Vicky Vale.

The Joker/Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix : (Age: 38/Height: 5' 8") Great actor who been nominated for multiple oscar's in his career. He's probably best know for his work in Walk the Line, Gladiator, and recently The Master. His work as the villain in Gladiator was amazing and i think he's a great enough actor to play The Joker.

Harley Quinn/January Jones

January Jones : (Age: 35/Height: 5' 6") Was recently in X : Men First Class and currently stars on the hit show Mad Men. She's a very beautiful actress, and i think she's a tremendous talent who i believe has the ability to pull off the role.

Two-Face/Patrick Dempsey

Patrick Dempsey : (Age: 47/Height: 5' 10") Currently stars in Grey Anatomy as Mcdreamy sure it's a crappy soap, but the guy is a decent actor . When i was casting Two-Face i wanted someone who was believable as a charismatic lawyer. I think he has the ability to play a very intriguing Harvey.

Poison Ivy/Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks : (Age: 37/Height: 5' 7") Yup i know it's not a original choice, but seriously if Poison Ivy ever made it back to the big screen Christina Hendricks as the titular role needs to happen. She's everything i imagined Poison Ivy would be from her looks to the way she talks.

The Riddler/William H. Macy

William H. Macy : (Age: 62/Height: 5' 9") I love this guy he currently stars in one of my favorite shows in Shameless. Great actor i always see him get picked for Gordon, but me thinks he would kill it as The Riddler he has the right look and charisma to play the character.

Catwoman/Gemma Arterton

Gemma Arterton : (Age: 27/Height: 5' 7") Probably best known for being in the upcoming Hansel and Gretel and also Clash of the Titans. She has this very seductive look that i think is very essential to the character. I think she's a great beauty and a terrific actress and my top choice to play Ms Kyle.

Ra's al Ghul/Christoph Waltz

Christoph Waltz: (Age: 56/Height: 5' 9") Great actor who was amazing in Inglorious Bastards and again in Django Unchained. Has tremendous range and ability as an actor and also possesses the charisma and imposing figure that Ra's carries .

Talia al Ghul/Olga Kurylenko

Olga Kurylenko : (Age: 33/Height: 5' 9") Very beautiful actress she's best known for her work in Quantum of Solace and Hitman. She isn't a well known name , but i think she's a decent actress who i believe would make a good Talia.

Dr Hugo Strange/Stanley Tucci

Stanley Tucci : (Age: 52/Height: 5' 8") Probably best known for being in Captain America and The Devil Wears Prada. Great actor who's excelled in small strong roles. A tremendous actor who i can see easily playing Hugo Strange in a movie.

Scarecrow/John Hawkes

John Hawkes : (Age: 53/Height: 5' 10") Great actor i first came across him on Eastbound and Down. Has the perfect creepy look for the character and he can also act.

Mister Freeze/Ralph Fiennes

Ralph Fiennes : (Age: 50/Height: 6' 0") Probably one of the best actors around today. The guy just plays great villains from Lord Voldemort in Harry Potter or a Nazi soldier in Schindler's List. I think his take on the character would be an amazing and interesting one.

The Penguin/Timothy Spall

Timothy Spall : (Age: 55/Height: 5' 7") Got this pick from SAT's Young Justice fancast he's a great actor best known for his work in the Harry Potter films and his work with Tim Burton. He also looks like he was born to play the character.

Bane/Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson : (Age: 40/Height: 6' 5") Who doesn't love The Rock the guy is just pure awesomeness. He would actually make a very good imposing Bane. He's a decent actor who has the acting chops to knock this roll out of the park.

Black Mask/Mark Strong

Mark Strong : (Age: 49/Height: 6' 2") I'm not sure if this is an original choice, but who cares because Mark Strong is an awesome actor. Was awesome as Sinestro in Green Lantern and he was amazing in Kick-Ass.

The Ventriloquist/John Lithgow

John Lithgow : (Age: 67/Height: 6' 4") I mainly chose him because he's a dead ringer for the character, and also his work as serial killer Trinity on Dexter.

Killer Croc/Terry Crews

Terry Crews : (Age: 44/Height: 6' 2") I wanted to cast Kevin Grevioux because i think he's perfect for the role, but i was trying to be original so i went with Terry Crews. He has the right look and physique for Croc and he's also a decent actor.

Hush/Joshua Jackson

Joshua Jackson : (Age: 34/Height: 6' 2") Great underrated actor who's probably best known for his work in Fringe and Dawson's Creek. I think he would make a very meticulous and interesting Hush, and also he has the perfect look for the role.

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123Avengers123 - 1/22/2013, 1:50 AM
This is pretty nice Fan Cast.
ForeverPowerful - 1/22/2013, 12:16 PM
I agree. Nice choices. I'm tired of seeing the same 4 people for Batman. Jon Hamm, Michael Fassbender, Ryan Gosling, and Matt Bromer. Hamm looks like he's pushing 50, Fassbender is already doing everything, Gosling doesn't really deserve it because he feels like he's above it (whatever the hell that means), and Bomer looks like a frat boy who should be throwing frisbee on a campus somewhere. My personal pick for Batman is Jeffrey Donovan. Amazing actor with martial arts experiance. Nice fancast man.
Kakarot - 2/23/2013, 7:43 AM
Sorry I'm late but this cast is absolutely phenomenal and should've gotten more love. I'm not sure on your Batman but the rest are top notch! Bravo.
Jzoole - 4/30/2013, 4:00 PM
What I really like about all of your fan casts: You pick good, bankable stars who really are well-suited for the roles you've cast them in. Too many fan casts are filled with no-name actors in lead roles (and then A-listers in tiny roles.)

What I hate about all your fan casts: You seem to be under the impression that you need to include every possible character in each film. Why on earth would a Batman film need 17 villians?? Why does a Wonder Woman film need every god and goddess on Mt. Olynpus?? Trim the fat.
DropDeadDream - 10/1/2013, 9:03 AM
This cast is very, very nice! I especially like Waltz as Ra's, great idea. Also liking your choices for Jokes Bats and Alfred a lot. The only won I have any significant gripe with is Roberts as Batgirl, a big N.O. to that, at least from my point of view.
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